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3DNCC-1701 Refit Ver. 3.0

edited July 2013 in Work in Progress #1
So, I posted a long time.

This model is a challenge of me three times, and aims to be definitive.

Several years, we have continued to struggle with it, shape, and for the balance is achieved in terms of thinking it's not the answer.

For modeling work has been posted near the end of it.

Unfortunately, I can not post very often.

Since I am not good at English, if you have strange expression, I'm sorry.
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  • JennyJenny0 Posts: 0Member
    Nice work... a lot of people would be satisfied with it at that level. You say you're using this as the starting point of your third attempt?

    Great airlock. I see you got the hand-holds and the power coupling, which are details a lot of people overlook when they do the Trek style airlock.
  • tobiasrichtertobiasrichter172 Posts: 0Member
    Looks great - and I love the airlock! The only thing IA’m not sure is the size of the secondary hull compared to the nacelles. But that could be a camera issue (or my imagination), as IA’m sure youA’ve checked that during modelling.
    This is my third Refit.
    Please note especially the shape of the secondary hull.
  • wjasperswjaspers171 Posts: 0Member
    Looks like the secundary hull is too big in diameter, can't imagine that it is, seeing the earlier builds, maybe it is the lens or because there are no textures on?
  • halhal190 Posts: 157Member
    It does look a little more like a more streamlined version of the Enterprise, I like it though. Not to sure about the arboretum but as this is in the early stages I'm guessing the objects inside are just place holders. Can't believe you modeled a manual release on the airlock, that is insane detail.

    Excellent work.
  • StarshipStarship287 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,851Member
    Welcome on board Ryutaro!
    IA’m a fan of your work from a long time. There a lot of good work at your site. Keep doing the great work. :thumb:
  • Kains LegacyKains Legacy0 Posts: 0Member
    Excellent model.:thumb:
    That really is a good looking ship!
    Great detail.
  • BuckaroohawkBuckaroohawk2 Posts: 0Member
    I think this is coming along very nicely, and your attention to the smaller details (like the open space in the airlock mechanism for the pressure doors of a docked shuttle) are astounding. It's obvious you've spent a great deal of time studying this version of the Enterprise. The shape and the details look great, so it will be the material maps that make or break this model. If you put as much attention toward them as you have the model itself, then I'm certain the results will be impressive.
  • BartolomeusBartolomeus171 Posts: 0Member
    Excellent work! That model looks awesome!
  • Dr-TimelordDr-Timelord0 Posts: 0Member
    Sir, i cannot wait to see you continue your work on this model, i've never seen such microscopic details of this level, i look forward to reading more and following this thread and your work
  • publiusrpubliusr279 Posts: 1,372Member
    The secondary hull doesn't look too large to me--but even if it were--it would be an interesting modification. I have fond memories of the tiny FASA refit (1701-A) The primary hull seemed a deck thinner and the secondary hull looked huge--and yet I rather liked that look, even as I liked Franz Joseph's drawings which saw life in the very large white Franklin Mint release. Not what we saw on TV, but a unique design all the same.
    Have not posted so busy, sorry.
    To add a bridge and V.I.P. lounge.
  • BasillBasill171 Posts: 0Member
    Great stuff. Have always loved your work. :D
  • BuckaroohawkBuckaroohawk2 Posts: 0Member
    I am officially FLOORED! I thought I was a stickler for detail, but your work makes me look lazy. This model will be a thing of beauty when it's finished. I can't wait to see it with all the material maps and lighting in place.
  • Dr-TimelordDr-Timelord0 Posts: 0Member
    :o wow..... and is this before the model is even textured??
  • Kmpr´rakKmpr´rak0 Posts: 11Member
    I think he exactly knows what he is doing - A FINE JOB! More, please! :o
  • ChanurChanur191 53.33° N / 10.00° EPosts: 305Member
    Amazing work!!!
    Your airlock is absolutely fabulous!!!!
  • Shadowknight1Shadowknight10 Posts: 0Member
    Very nice VIP Lounge, especially considering that I don't believe there is any reference for it.
  • BuckaroohawkBuckaroohawk2 Posts: 0Member
    Very nice VIP Lounge, especially considering that I don't believe there is any reference for it.

    The VIP Lounge is something of a point of contention is Trek fandom. You do get a quick gimpse of it when Spock's shuttle arrives in TMP. Later in the film when, Spock reveals his reasons for coming aboard the Enterprise to Kirk and McCoy, they are supposedly in the VIP Lounge, but the set in completely different from the one shown earlier. This is further complicated by the fact that in the original theatrical release of TMP, nothing but a warp speed starfield can be seen through the windows. When the movie was re-edited for "The Director's Edition" DVD, Foundation FX placed the starboard warp nacelle outside the window; apparently changing the room from the ship's VIP Lounge at the back of the saucer's "bridge bubble" to the upper level of the Recreation Deck (the eight square windows at the rear of the saucer's starboard side). The problem with that is that during Kirk's address to the crew on the Rec Deck earlier in the film, you can clearly see the upper level of the Rec Deck and no such room exists there.

    So there has never been an easy answer as to exactly what the VIP Lounge looks like, or where Kirk, Spock, and McCoy had their conversation. Shane Johnson, author of "Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise," placed the room in a different part of a larger VIP Lounge within the "bridge bubble" and postulated that the windows were actually viewscreens that could be programmed to show any variety of images, including shots of the ship's exterior. That explanation never quite worked for me, but I like Ryutaro's solution in the pictures above. They clearly include the area where Kirk, Spock, and McCoy were speaking while showing how we might be able to see the exterior of the ship through the VIP Lounge windows. This kind of stuff falls very clearly into the "artistic license" category for 3D modelers, and I think Ryutaro's idea is as good as any.
  • Shadowknight1Shadowknight10 Posts: 0Member
    Hm, I always figured that the VIP lounge were for visiting dignitaries who just arrived, sortof like the observation lounge at the back of the Ent-D's bridge, and that Kirk, Spock, and McCoy were in an officer's lounge in the rec room. As for Kirk's address to the crew, well...I don't recall seeing windows at all, which considering how big the main windows are, you should be able to.
  • BasillBasill171 Posts: 0Member
    You never saw those windows? Well I'll admit, the windows on the lower level are difficult to see because of the crowd, but they are more noticeable on the upper level even though there are still a number of crew members looking over the railings down to the lower level. Take another gander. Those people are standing right in front of those rec room windows and you can actually see the dry dock elements outside the windows. There is simply no area on that upper level that actually lines up with the Kirk/Spock/McCoy lounge as it was seen in the movie. The windows are seen again when Decker and Ilia Probe visit the rec room later in the film, though in the original release they aren't well focused on. The Director's cut actually puts some V'Ger interior outside the window as Ilia Probe stands in front of it.

    From what I've read and seen the Kirk/Spock/McCoy scene was always conceptually intended to happen in that VIP lounge under the bridge but they simply didn't have the budget to do it. I've also read that the windows used in that scene were re-uses of the windows in the rec-room set.

    I always liked Shane Johnson's approach though since it at least tried to explain away the inconsistencies.
  • BuckaroohawkBuckaroohawk2 Posts: 0Member
    If you go to Andrew Probert's website he has a whole area dedicated to the VIP Lounge/Rec Room confusion, complete with ideas he submitted about how to fit the large Rec Room into it's assigned space at the back of the saucer. If I remember correctly, he also has a drawing depicting how the Kirk, Spock, McCoy scene was originally supposed to play out in the VIP Lounge.
    VIP lounge Update.

    VIP Lounge designers intended location is here.
    The same is true for prop model.

    Retractable Wall and Monitor screen camouflaged to window.

    This is an idea that makes up the difference between the set and the model.
  • BasillBasill171 Posts: 0Member
    Pretty brilliant stuff. :D
  • BuckaroohawkBuckaroohawk2 Posts: 0Member
    Son of a....This is just amazing. Your attention to detail and the references you've found to support your ideas, well, they are unmatched in my experience. If you keep this up you may well surpass all previous 3D versions of the TMP Enterprise, and that's really saying something. I'm really looking forward to seeing how far you take this project.
  • BrianSzepBrianSzep187 Posts: 115Member
    This a great model. Wished I'd modeled it! ;)

    Some Details...
  • Shadowknight1Shadowknight10 Posts: 0Member
    Wow, that's some great detailing there!
  • EBOLIIEBOLII177 Posts: 326Member
    Really looking good here
  • BuckaroohawkBuckaroohawk2 Posts: 0Member
    Okay...I am sufficiently awed and humbled. You really are going for the definitive CGI model of the TMP Enterprise. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with the hangar bay.
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