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  • Star Trek Interiors

    @BlueNeumann: Like @StarCruiser said, it's the seat portion that's angled down towards the back, thus creating that optical illusion.

    @seanr: Thanks! That lift literally is the battle bridge one, it was reused a ton on Voyager, including as the Prometheus' lift. :)

    @BolianAdmiral: I personally never liked that replicator there in Nemesis, gotta stretch your legs once in a while while you fill in that paperwork! :p

    After thinking about it some more, I wasn't totally happy with that replicator placement either, so I took a page out of the Enterprise-D ready room, and moved it to a little alcove, with the toilet door now further down that little corridor.

    I lowered the intensity of the ceiling lights and added some spotlights, alongside a beam going across the ceiling in the same style as the ones on the Defiant mess hall/sickbay/transporter set (aka the Saratoga and Odyssey bridge). I also modeled a little side table from Voyager's mess hall, which I think fits the style, to have the ship model on. Right now I'm using Marc Bell's Akira model, I'll probably do my own simplified model later. Then again I might remove the ship model entirely and put something else there.

  • Excalibor's little corner

    Well, some interiors!

    I fixed the Briefing Room viewports and there are several plants now, I just need a food replicator and some decoration... And carpets!


    And, well, here are the carpets, in FliOps! :-)

    A bit basic but the second third of the XXV Century has much better technology and this is a destroyer with just some crafts, not a big capital ship that might also need to coordinate other ships and their crafts. The Aux Hangar bay is quite basic, as it's Cargo bay Control Room, not shown in these pictures. But we have an exterior and then x-ray view, with the carpet, lol. Interiors are definitely not for me! :lol:


    Finally, some docking ports. 2, actually, on the port side. Because, well, it's the port side... :-)


    And, well... Most big things are already done. Little details here and there, maybe pushing it further, but it's over 10 million triangles now, taking a toll on the rendering, I have to learn to simplify a bit, I guess... Next up, probably, some details and greebles. Cheers!
  • Excalibor's little corner

    OK! Ready room with a bit of decoration, and auxiliary hangar bay... First steps... :-)

    Lame plants, I know, but the table is walnut! :-) One leaf is through the hull, I know, it's stubborn... Sigh.


    And aux hangar with Runabout and self-illuminating... Might need some more lights but it's a beginning...

  • Star Trek Interiors

    I like the table design and the new sofa. One small suggestion would be to move the replicator t the wall behind the desk, on the right side, that way the Captain doesn’t have to get up and walk across the room for a cup of coffee. IIRC, Picard has a small replicator in the wall unit behind his desk on the E. I’d put the monitor/screen on the wall in front of the desk, so the Captain has only to look straight ahead and address whoever is on the other end.

  • Star Trek Interiors

    Maybe it's distortion from the camera, but it feels like the sofa is slanting downward, anyone else seeing that?
  • Star Trek Interiors

    It's the angle of the outer walls (aka. bulkheads) and the camera angle combined.

    The seating portion of the sofa is angled downward towards the back, and that would be proper...
  • Star Trek Interiors

    Really good stuff here as always. Love the corridors. That square turbolift reminds me of the Battle Bridge lift, or the Excelsior one from STIII.
  • Enterprise B Bridge (Generations)

  • Star Trek Interiors

    @BolianAdmiral: Thanks! IMO the TNG ready room would've have a less optimal use of space that way, as the natural place for people to stand in when they come into the room would've been further away from the sofa. Might have been weirder to film too. As for the view screen, yes, I intend to add it probably on the wall to the right of the desk.

    @richiewilch: Yeah I've been thinking about the corridors, I have some ideas in mind using angled walls, but it's gonna be a while until I tackle that anyway. :)

    Only worked on this for over an hour today, so just a slight refinement of the room shape. I ended up adding another half a meter to the room's width, plus I added another door at the back for a small toilet, something most ready rooms have. I moved the replicator and will be placing a model ship where the replicator was before.

    I also started blocking out a basic shape of the sofa, which is a Brigadier Sofa aka the one used on Voyager's mess hall. To me it's perfect for this location as it sits very low, thus it doesn't block out the windows. Plus because of its deep shape, people won't be hitting their heads against the angled wall.

  • Ad astra per aspera

    Nice - love the 60's aesthetic. Also really like that mess hall interpretation of the big round windows/lights at the front of the saucer.