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  • USS Jaeger - Akula Class

    Just a render to showcase the Akula Class I finished a while ago. More views and higher resolution render on my artstation:

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  • Voyager HD

    I've been working on this for a long time, I hope you like it

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  • Ships of the Line 2020 Desperation, Struggle, and Death

    Preorders open on Amazon (US)

    Probably not much to explain on this one other than it is a scene from one of the novels. I am sure plenty had guessed with me building a TOS Miranda. The Tholian ships were a coincidence and were quite handy.


    Some cropped closeups.





    As with everything I look at this and have better ideas how to do it, hindsight I guess lol.
  • USS Enterprise in orbit

    I wanted to do something to mark finishing the first stage of my Constitution project (there's more coming). I have a bunch of ideas for renders, but they all require other assets that I don't have. Anyway, here's the ship in orbit. Fun fact, there's only one light in the scene :tongue:

    And here's a couple of download links:
    4k resolution
    Alternate version
  • Scirocco Class Fast Attack Frigate and Okuda Class Destroyer Variant

    Bow of the Okudaca8t3jku5v11.png
  • Constitution Class Refit

    So, this is just an initial tests for a raw metal, before the ship is painted. I want, at some point, to do a construction scene for this ship, similar to what was done in the construction sequence in Star Trek Beyond. I am not planning on doing an animation because I just won't be able to render that, but a few still shots should be doable. Anyway, this is just a quick test with some drydock lighting and the new material.

  • Howie's Star Wars Project Thread

    Viper: Hadn't planned on it, since I didn't know they existed. ..I'm not thinking I'm going to need that level of detail. trying to fake it till I make it. :grin:a9d3wy5cy5zx.png
    Coolhand: Oh! yeah, her helmet is way WIP, just threw a texture on it. Gonna be more like the MonCal version, with kill markings and stickers on it when I'm done. :D

    I spent some time last night doing #A(original),#B(4-engines), and #C(2-engines) variations of Randy Cooper's original Corellian Gunship. I finally made weapons, dishes, proton torpedo launchers, etc. This will make finishing the Bigger Corellian Frigate easier. I also finally actually just gave them an interior with lights, switches and seats and crap, and watching that parallax shift around as the thing spins is just lovely.

    They're currently the equivalent of "unpainted" and I'd love suggestions on how they could be painted - colors, examples, etc.

  • Classic Lost in Space Project

    Prompted by the comments at the Lost in Space Forum, here's another batch of images of the Main Deck. This is complete except for some minor tweaks. I will be moving on to the Lower Deck. I've also changed the camera response curves to give the images a bit more vividness.

    And, for those of you interested in such things, that seemingly odd, intensely colored, floor material in the original Jupiter 2 set apparently was Marmoleum.



  • Howie's Star Wars Project Thread

    Heyooo! Loving the new forum, glad to see it back up and running. So, here's what I've been working on:
    A short animated film set in the Star Wars universe, taking place about 3 weeks after the evacuation of Hoth, with the rebels still on the run desperate for resources. A strike/raiding team is sent on a mission to steal some rumored, juicy resources from an Imperial Transport. Here's the first couple of scenes, with temp music, very much WIP.
    After investigating the (apparently) derelict Freighter, things rather predictably go wrong.
    Then there's quite a bit of swashbuckling combat, we finally get to see some B-Wings kicking some ass, Quite a bit else goes VERY wrong, and our plucky rebel group escapes with some damage and a single casualty.
    The B-Wings return to the fleet-in-exile:
    So. Got a plan for this one. I've been working on this for a while, picking away at it, and made a ton of progress.
    You can see my Big folder of images here:
    I'll keep you guys posted on updates here, but I'd love to answer any questions you have, or respond to critique. :D
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