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  • -= MKF random trek thread =-

    Another RCS style, eh maybe the first slot shoulda gone horz vs vertical? fff


  • Star Trek Interiors

    @evil_genius_180: Yeah, Voyager's engineering was designed with them because production designer Richard James wanted the crew to be able to walk around the warp core with the camera following them, for more dynamic shots. I guess I understand that but they could've added them to the second floor or something.

    @BlueNeumann: Glad you think so!

    @BolianAdmiral: It's not a particularly complex material, but I added some radial anisotropy to it to better match what was on set.

    @ashleytinger: lol, that's the most important aspect! :joy:

    @DoctorShmullus: Thanks! Yeah I'm worried about it being so cramped, it's hard to get good angles to render the room at, between the glass divider and the columns around the core; but I like the look.

    @Warp Propulsion Laboratory: Yes, I intend to add details on those walls to indicate the conduits continuing below them.

    Added a small metallic grate texture on top of all the floor lights, just as the Voyager ones had. I tested some sort of elevated grate for crew members to walk on above the plasma conduits, similar to these on the Defiant, but I didn't like how any of them looked.

    I reversed the colors on the aft walls, so the plasma conduits now end on dark walls, with a lighter segment at the center (you'll notice it was the other way around on the previous renders). I intend to add detailing on these darker walls to indicate some sort of engine component on top of the plasma conduits.

    On the remaining empty wall opposite the door I added yesterday, I placed two standing consoles which were used all through TNG and on Voyager's engineering. I've been meaning to model these ages ago, but I never did, so now they're finally done. I obviously plan to now use them on several TNG era ships going forward.

  • Reclaiming the Reliant Name

    Been working on this for a while, but hopefully getting close to completion. I'm open to any feedback or tips; this is my second starship model.
  • -= MKF random trek thread =-

    I have been thinking of some sort of pennant marking outside of the pod one for a while. I was thinking of having it inline with the arboretum windows. Anything below the waist line would look silly as the nacelles have it on them as well. This is where I was in a debate as the nacelles contain what is usually on the ships belt line.

    edit: ah saw the other post just now it could work just above those windows. Anything higher and it would duplicate the pod pennant though that one is more like the D belly one just the logo.

    also had a render to post but decided to hold off as I might not go with that solution or option.
  • Star Trek Interiors

    I like the conduits in the floor as well, although I think it's awkward that they just end at the wall. Maybe there should be access panels? Grating over the conduits would be useful as well. I'm loving the intimate, utilitarian feel of this engine room.
  • Star Trek Interiors

    Having the conduits run under the floor was genius! It frames the back of the room really well. At first I was a bit unsure about the glass divider but I’m sold now, it makes the area more cramped but that works well with the utilitarian feel of the Budapest.
  • Star Trek Interiors

    Love the conduit's in the floor. Makes it easier to have them explode for the big screen too!
  • Star Trek Interiors

    I can’t get over that beautiful brushed nickel look to the core housing. How did you get that effect to look so good.
  • Star Trek Interiors

    Oh yeah, the glass divider actually works real well in engineering.
  • Star Trek Interiors

    I like how you hinted at the plasma conduits in the floor. I never noticed that Voyager doesn't have them. I'm going have to watch some episodes now.