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3DLeviathan Class Carrier for Main SGC Thread

elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
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Well i guess it was time to post some wips of my StarGate Carrier idea for the calling all stargate thread we have going on in here...

Inspiration: Tatics from a game called mankind, where i used the games carrier to be my main tatical advantage over the much larger bigger fleets, also pissed them off :flippy:, Also the real life tatical advantage a real carrier group has at sea, being a command ship and fighter support/group support ship.

Proposal: Idea here is to make a Carrier based operational Ship for the SGC. The Carrier will implement new Multi-Staged designed shields that only a ship of such size could carry the neccessary power output for such a idea. Each subsection of the ship will carry its own shielding along with one big shield for the entire ship, greatly reducing enemy fire effectiveness, greatly increasing fight staying power. More than likely being able to take multiple shots from the ori with minumial damage compared to the 3shot kill of the deadalus (about 12 to kill this thing or so)

Project: The Carrier will be designed as a fleet support ship, not money or power feesible to carry more advanced big gun all out power weapons, instead the ship is fitted with more of a i can do this all day long till the real fighters get here (deadalus/fan based cruisers/ well as its own advanced fighters 'something of a xf-320'). As the fleet support ship it will be able to dock two deadalus class size ships for repair or tow in hyperspace to save power consumtion fuel and resources. It will have the Cargo space to carry out long extended missions with the deadalus previously never thought of, including deap space exploration outside the gate network setting up a true alpha-beta earth site. As well as fleet support its main attack/defense capabilities lies in the fighters it can carry. A bay capable of maintaining and supporting over 200 advanced fighters, as well as being able to launch in upwards of 20 fighters in a single launch with 20 fighters in a 5 minute stand-bye launch mode.

Result: A Minature Floating SpaceStation, that is the Carrier, The City at Sea for the navy...The Movable Station for the SGC. In the end earth based tatics meets 21st century space combat exploration.
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  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    some more shots that didnt upload with the main intro
  • Dark AngelDark Angel331 Posts: 1Member
    Nice! More more more!!
  • peter_leadpeter_lead0 Posts: 0Member
    very nice, cant wait to see more
  • NevetsNevets201 EarthPosts: 134Member
    Nice 'City in Space'. Very nice.

    Are the ventral bow 'holes' the fighter bays?
  • KadaeuxKadaeux0 Posts: 0Member
    Very reminiscent of the Vengeance Class Battlecruiser from Star Wars.

    Vengeance is on this page too.
  • <ORI><ORI>0 Posts: 0Member
    yeah thnkin of star destroyers, could see it as a cousin to the venator, loviin it so far:thumb:
  • jutaujutau0 Posts: 0Member
    nice work, i'm intrigued.
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    Nevets wrote: »
    Nice 'City in Space'. Very nice.

    Are the ventral bow 'holes' the fighter bays?

    well since my last post to this got stuck or something...

    yes the holes are the fighter bay door openings, each bay can hold 10 fighters across side by side with room to spare 15 max launch side by side in emergencies can be done....somewhat safely ;)

    the ship is almost hallow in a sense as the inners is mainly to house the 200-250 fighters...there is things and what not around but it is one big cargo bay down there...

    there is also 4 cargo bay doors up top on the the ship for the secondary/main cargo holdings and repair ship holdings, for the deadalus and things alike that are docked up top...

    well so not to double post here is the armor plating test i am doing for the bridge area, that will be the theme of the ship...making it very earth like imo with a hint of the orion in it...

    tell me what ya think took time to model and knife all that damn armor plating...its also part of the actual main mesh so it would be a small gripe to undo if you dont like it lol so like it darnit...also a wire mesh for fun...and the engine pylon where i started to play with armor plating as well
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804463 Posts: 11,127Member
    This is cool. Is this a Stargate ship? (sorry if it's blatantly obvious to SG fans, but I know nothing about Stargate that wasn't in the movie.) As others have commented, it reminds me of a SW ship, especially the Venator-class.
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    well here is two renders of the armor plating i am playing with and liking alot personally specially the bridge area makes it look like the ship has veins imo in a good way lol...

    changed the back of the bridge area, going to turn the back section into a part somewhat resembling the orion triangle looking back side and see how it turns out for the cargo bay area

    any how gotta run to bed before the kids wake up in a few hours let me know what you think...

    and i know a few people just love wires so here is one just for you guys (the engines are not in the scene (or it would probably just look like a white thing instead of a wire render)

    oh to whats in the render...the bottom bigger rectangle inset is the reacreation/cafeteria area...the Bridge is the upper smaller inset
  • wow that looks awsome! more for the love of god!
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    well been fidiling with the engine pod armor plating abit and decided you know what this would be a kewl little place to put the main missle pod on, capable of firing about 20 missles in the end at once...all automatic no human loading, a reload hatch/pod area is located under it...the missles are huge and made specifically for the Leviathan Carrier Class

    Or now in effect its proper designation LCC-501 with the name of "Mjolnir" in honor of Thor from the asgards as "Mjolnir" was his hammer that he used to slay all or bring lightning...

    LCC-501 Mjolnir
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    well another render before i go to bed...dont know if i like the very bottom plating or not, i might change it just a tiny tiny bit who knows...but its coming alot done today after spending the whole day with family and then the inlaws...

    tomorrow? more work on the plating and then some actual detail work on the missle launch tube covers, think your gonna like what i have in mind for those, a mix of old tech in the works...

    well enjoy and just for a fun a wire render as well...oh yea its only half the ship in the render, had to cut the other half off to work much quicker without bog downs in my laptop...
  • freekzillafreekzilla2 Posts: 0Member
    Elitewolverine, thanks. "Hearing" someone call my thread "the main stargate" thread gives me quite a bit of pride!!!:thumb: :thumb: I'd like to think I have been faithfull to the franchise and helped instill some creative inspiration for my favorite show. Thanks again for those nice words. :thumb: !

  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    well its not much of a mesh update as a progress update....unfortunately my computer fell victim to a quick reformat and in the process lost virtually all my 3d wips including this Levithan Class Carrier of mine...

    although with small hope of doing a data recovery i was able to recover some files of this ship, and sadly only one worked, and it was one that has set me back about two weeks or so unfortunately...

    but out of the ashes The Leviathan will not rest till completed ;), the dragon of the sea will rise like the phoenix of the air ;) (for all ya mythology guys like myself hehe)

    at any rate in a few i will post a new wip, and actually one i like abit more, after studying the work i did and all the pics i had of my current design i noticed one huge huge flaw that i am going to adress in my newer build, or in which puts this carrier and idea of a city at sea or dragon of the stars idea more of a foothold and more than just a fighter holder...stay tuned....I think this reformat happened for this very reason, and idea to be birthed...
  • JustinDixonJustinDixon0 Posts: 0Member
    most of the paneling ROCKS but on the main body, not so much - seems a little too much like square polygons. Also nice mix of Stargate, Galactica and Starwars! :D
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    well here is my latest update of the mesh before i head off and crash hard into bed...

    paneling test of the deadalus hangar or battlecruiser hangar if you will since its big enough to fit a prometheus as well or ships of various sizes...

    at any rate it also shows the gauss guns (refit of the rail guns much bigger slugs for the gauss)...along with the ships two guess ill nick name them for now destroyer class energy weapons in the pylon support area...the attenas are just place holders untill i actually get a comunications array setup behind the bridge

    more detail will be added in the areas that are kinda missing paneling, some form of widegts that will be something of the deadalus thingys...but thats for tomorrow...also here is a close up of the unfinished gauss guns and thier details as well

    and of course if ya missed it in the main SGC thread here is a fullscene render i did earlier for size references (credits for the models in other thread).
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    how are you doing your panels? just curious
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    Dallidas wrote: »
    how are you doing your panels? just curious

    are they bad? lol

    i have three ways to do it...

    1: is using the ctrl-r button or i guess knife loop cut in blender, and i select the face loop i want to knife up and it shows that purple line to where its going to cut, and i cut two lines very close together leaving big panels...So after i cut up the face i want, i select all the faces using the b button and design the panel layout selecting them...when i get what i want from the that i then hit extrude, and extrude the amount i want, and walla i have panels

    Pros: very quick and easy to do multiple big faces fast and easy without having to worry to much, and can produce panels in no time at all, hitting ctrl-r and guiding the lines where you want is extremely extremely easy

    Cons: Very messy mesh producing verticies you might not want, or extends the cuts to faces you do not want to cut up just yet, in the end a high poly count when it might not be needed....BIGGEST con, once you have done say a whole side there is no just selecting the panels and erasing, its part of the mesh and as such modifies your main mesh as well...meaning save often and create multiple saves...

    2: Same idea as above but i select the faces i want to work on, or the section i want to chop up...i duplicate them not moving them one bit so to get a exact duplicate in location etc. I then hit Shft-H to hide all the other faces not selected. Since my new selection is not attached to anything i can knife up the selection all i want without modifying the main mesh. I proceed to knife up the selection. I select all the faces i want to keep making a panel pattern, when i am happy with it i then hit H to hide all the faces i have selected, leaving all the faces i dont want, i then hit A to select all thats left, hit X select delete faces and then i UnHide all the panels i selected to be my pattern, hit E to extrude and walla panels...

    Pros: Not part of the main mesh, so messing up is never a issue, and you can move the verts around freely or the new panels freely without touching the base mesh....if you dont like what you have just delete and start fresh no need for back up (the panels you see above were my 6th panel configuration, and all 6 done in under 20mins). Also a much much cleaner mesh after paneling a entire hull. Lowering poly count and upping performance.

    Cons: A little slower than method one, and Hiding Un-Hiding faces can sometimes be tricky if you get interupted or etc, but it doesnt leave you lost...Other than that no real con to this method

    3: Is one i dont use, but but, is making a tuxture file of a 2d representation of the hull paneling, Select the view you are looking at ie Top Side Front, Load it as a background picture, trace and extrude the design.

    Pro: If you have texture files you like that want to be your paneling, this is perfect, or reference pics of panels main hulls schematics, this method is the only way to go to get a exact match. My 20% complete million poly march Ent-D model is done in this fashion from reference pics (currently at 300k polys)

    Con: Slow, if you have rotated surfaces this method can be tricky and funny, causing you to switch rotations match then rotate back or work in a rotated enviorment etc. If you have different pictures of the same view that are not exact your paneling will be off

    You can mix and match those to get the paneling style you have, but in the end from what i have found those are the main basic styles imo.

    On small details like guns or radar dishes or something small and simple and easy to do, then method one is quick very quick because you can cut the model entirely and then panel entirely in two steps...

    On a big ship where details cant be messed with or certain faces have certain cuts you want etc etc, then option 2 is a must and by far the best choice...

    Currently its a mix of 1 and 2, like guns in the picture are done with one, while the big ship paneling is done by method 2...

    LOL phew that was a mouthfull, guess there is more than one way to skin a cat!
  • wow you realy get a size comparison with the 2 deadelus classes docked with room to spare! :devil:
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    wow you realy get a size comparison with the 2 deadelus classes docked with room to spare! :devil:

    muahaha:devil: when i saw how much bigger the deck got by widening it to the same size as where the hangar was without tappering off like the last model had...

    the thoughts of six daedalus laying on the top deck rotated looking fowards basically like a aircraft carrier would, and with one exiting the hangar...hehe oh the thoughts the thoughts...

    lol i was thinking to get my mind off things cause day in and out modeling the same piece is hard for me with two kids and wife...So my next modeling idea was to create a startrek like space construction dock for this carrier with a platform on each side that could hold and construct and repair multiple daedalus size ships...put this thing in orbit around the alpha site or maybe even in asgard space for big protection bonus...hehe the thoughts of what could be in say 2020? thats just ten years, 2 years to build the space port and in 8yrs time you know how many daedalus that thing could turn out at say 10 daedalus a year and a carrier to go with them? It could be SG-1's first drydock construction yard aimed at in one years time completing a full 10ship Carrier group....muahaha :devil:

    ah damn just thinking that has made me get out my pencil to start a rough sketch...i never get that thing out unless me excited lol...grrr this carrier was just supposed to keep me occupied untill my new pc arrived looks like its going to Lead me into developing a SGC stardock/yard...
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    Well here is a concept idea for my missle silo's onboard my carrier that will compliment the smaller pod missle housing that will adorn the wing tips later on...

    as you can count from the screen yes there is 300 of those bad boys on each side of the ship for now :devil:

    i already think i know how i am going to change it abit but those are what the doors of the silo will look like if nothing more and the approximate placement on the side as well...hehe

    Current thinking of mine is that they will be a little smaller than the ones on the daedalus, but strength in numbers, thats what this whole ship is about...its not the one bee that will kill you its the 100 friends he has waiting for you that will
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    christ, 300 missile tubes? with 3 reloads each im assuming? that 900 missiles, on one side!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    hmm nice design

    but i dont like the pattings they looks too constantly
  • holy crap! *laughter of insanity* dont forget a carrier on patrol at the midway station and ANOTHER dry dock in orbit above atlantis :devil: your getting me excited about it LOL
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    well started her up again today, did small mesh clean up, added that missle pod sides instead of just laying the sylo doors on the edges of the mesh, adds more bulk and style and can even do manual loading from inside the daedalus bay if if and when i get to that bay interior there will be a huge multi-crane type system for loading of missles manual style as well as from the side of the pod area (shown later tonight)

    But i just had to post this render, i tried a new filter setting, went from gauss to Catroom with gamma control turned on...imo gave a nice here ya go another render :cool:

    still thinking of ideas for a dry dock station for this thing....sadly enough the one from starship troopers keeps coming into mind so i think ill have a stab at making it like a horse shoe setup idea, with flat slim dock panels surrounding it...hehe now im thinking if this thing should have its own fighter designed for it instead of using the 302..hmmm :devil:
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    Did someone say atlantis dock? hehe

    10 daedalus or such size starships can be built, hangar area resembling PitCar style bays etc...with the main construction area resembling some startrek hehe, with crane to be added as well as engines in the back on the pylons that got asgard influence...but hey i just couldnt help it anymore so here is the quick 20min scene i built for all ya :devil:
  • GrzesiekGrzesiek0 Posts: 0Member
    Intresting design.

    And the Deadalus look like a toy compared to that carrier of yours.
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    Lol now you guys got me started doint all kinds of models and idea for this carrier...had this nice looking idea for a tauri fighter to proceed the 302...abit larger for it favoring shield technology over hyperdrive technology, although the naquada will be used to drive the main engines and shields.

    when designing it, i have always love that weasel look of the su-29's and 27's so i thought why not the new fighter? And being bigger why not two Engines to compliment the single engine in the rear of the 302, with the side engines going over to a square type of vector engine design that is used for vector thrusts on the f-22? hmmm and well this new fighter was born...designated the FX-322 (reason for this designation will be talked about later if all you nut heads want to discuss future designation ideas for Fan Based models, including a Fleet Repository that is assigned designations by a group of people based off certain rules etc.)

    -Midway Space Station designed around the Stardock to include up to 6 Stardocks?
    -New Fighter

  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    Grzesiek wrote: »
    Intresting design.

    And the Deadalus look like a toy compared to that carrier of yours.

    yea know what you mean, everytime i do a fullscene render with the daedalus, it makes me think of episodes where the alien ships always outsize ours by a huge that one episode with the purple alien ship and the gas cloud making sam go a little nuts...that ship was huge
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