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3DLeviathan Class Carrier for Main SGC Thread



  • DarkElfaDarkElfa331 Posts: 0Member
    Wow, I love the back story, especially with the janitor, elite. :) The design of the F-327 is spectacular as well, what kind of weapons load out does it have? Integrated railguns? I was curious of 2 things. Is the F-327 using Asgard tech as well to make for any short coming of the previous generation of fighter and does the Leviathan use or have the ability to incorperate ZPM's?
    yeah; that design hasnt really been used since WWII. and why you need a third "wing" if you're in space? :)

    I'd imagine that like the previous gen fighter, it also has atmospheric flight capabilities, and that probably used for stability in that situation.
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    thanks for everybodys comments, and thank you on the storyline for the leviathan, i love/like telling stories, and i love to put them into my models as well, so expect a nice little story to go with it. Yea janitor was a nice touch lol. Might make a short story for the leviathan and 327, as well as the battlecruiser im going to design with no pods for a fighter to go with the group, look for submarine and battlecruiser ideas throughout the design...

    the design is outdated abit, mainly due to current aircraft design and engine limitations, as well as atmospheric flight ;)...

    with this design, the "thrusters" or "sub-light" engines are not in the middle of the aircraft, but instead are on the pylons for the wings, and pushed back. Why? in a traditional craft you need the wings to turn, for they provide the torque(force) to turn the aircraft, and the closer it is to the center of gravity the harder it is to turn a craft or lift the surfce, hence a aeroline is much larger near the center of the craft.

    with this a non-atmospheric flight, with the thrusters being on the end, during flight they have to emit LESS engery to turn the craft than one designed with two engines side by side in the center of the craft, and now it has to put much more force to turn the craft. Even though in space and it has no gravity, it traditional action reaction force laws are still in effect, meaning 1kg of force towards the center of gravity is less effective than that same force towards the outer edges...

    now why so far back? well, has to turn up and down as well right ;)...

    but the third wing well although does help in atmospheric flight because of the thruster has a secondary/third functions...

    the shield emmitter is housed there, as well as sensoring equipment.

    as for weapons: Right now it will be designed with a f-14 idea in mind, fleet defense, as such it needs one type of armanment to be its focus, and that will be centered around a shield phase flack missle, designed to not destroy a ship or massive damage a cruise/capital ship, but instead take it out of commision, the shield phase will help/allow it to penetrate a enemys shield, and the flack idea is designed to damage a ships systems by having a cluster effect on the ship, or shotgun effect, spray it with small pieces of flack in hopes one strikes a component that takes down the shields, life support, engines, etc well as a mini-gauss/rail gun idea, 4 to be exact, two on top of the ship near the noses...

    as for the leviathan carrying the ability of zpm's, yes it can, the main function is to have huge shield capabilities over all else, and will use the zpm to futher that function of defense.

    as for asgard technology in the 327, yes but centered around defensive ideas to help pass on the idea and moralism of the asgards. This involves the propulsion technique (redesigning the rear for a round square type), as well as the functional hyperdrive (the rear wing houses this sensor as well), and a different energy asorbing material for the hull so it can survive a few wraith dart attacks before damage occurs to the skin of the craft without shields...

    sorry i havent had anymore updates, been out of town, but there should be some for the new engine on the 327, and maybe a leviathan update...oh yea and probably a storyline for the 327...
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    phew, courts well they suck lol, but finally have some free time without being barried in legal paperwork...

    and before i start the nice little details of the underside engines etc, i wanted to know what ya think of my current engine idea for the overall shape etc...

    as well i started paneling on the 327, but not at that paticular pc to do any render updates on it...
  • Dr LeeDr Lee2 Posts: 0Member
  • Very nice.
  • DarkElfaDarkElfa331 Posts: 0Member
    phew, courts well they suck lol, but finally have some free time without being barried in legal paperwork...

    and before i start the nice little details of the underside engines etc, i wanted to know what ya think of my current engine idea for the overall shape etc...

    as well i started paneling on the 327, but not at that paticular pc to do any render updates on it...

    Are those forward firing thrusters to slow forward velocity, like a brake?
  • mikalamikala176 Posts: 440Member
    Really like what you are doing with the engines.
    Dr Lee your sig kills me.:lol:
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    DarkElfa wrote: »
    Are those forward firing thrusters to slow forward velocity, like a brake?

    thank you for your comments everybody as well...

    and shhh its a secret lol jk, yes thats what they are for, this thing was huge so i decided that i needed a little extra mmmphhh in the other direction

    well if everybody likes it ill continue on to detailing the wing around the engines and the engines themselves...hope to have that done tonight considering im off tomorrow muahaha
  • how did i miss this?! damn nice update
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    working abit on the wing of the leviathan, hit a small nurnie creative block so thought i might show you abit of my initial engine light setup for my 327

    plus its my first attempt at engines lights in all reality, but so far its decent imo
  • BarBar171 Posts: 0Member
    Looking good!
  • looking good
  • Nice lighting
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    thanks, well modeling abit between football games, got more work done on the engines, and engine paneling, almost done to mirror it over, but as you wait for that engine update, here is just a fun little picture to provide you with...

    its large, some 3000+ x guess beware dialup lol
  • boberth2oboberth2o0 Posts: 0Member
    thanks, well modeling abit between football games, got more work done on the engines, and engine paneling, almost done to mirror it over, but as you wait for that engine update, here is just a fun little picture to provide you with...

    its large, some 3000+ x guess beware dialup lol

    I've read every page of this thread and all i can utter to say is OMG
  • Wow, looks amazing!
  • all i can say is that she is one beautiful ship!
  • DarkElfaDarkElfa331 Posts: 0Member
    Eilte, I really love this ship, it's such a great idea and you have yet to do anything on it that I haven't thought was brilliant. I'm curious, Is that a 304 bay in the rear and if it is, is it an airtight environment for full outer body repairs?

    I don't mean to sound like a suck up here, those kind of people drive me nuts in the CS:S community and it's not the model work I find entertaining here, it's the design ideas, not that the modeling is shabby, because it's far from it.

    Like I said, I'm a whore, sorry. ;)
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    lol its all good whores are great lol

    well after this next little shot, just for ya darkelfa since you asked about it while i was working on it :p, the rear section is going to be used for rapid cargo transport and holding for the entire ship, ie food and supplies...

    later maybe tonight or in a few, ill take a side ortho and wire frame shot kinda put them together maybe or find a way, and show how the ship works from the of right now there is 5 open interior sections that would be considered cargo/hangar/repair sections of the ship, and in all reality probably make up a good 80% of the ships internal structure with a open air idea inside to allow rapid transport from within the ship....think luxor casino in lasvegas for open inside idea....

    the front section houses three of the main hangars/cargo/repair, bays, all three are of open air design, meaning you can fly threw the top hangar opening under the bridge area (ill post pic) fly down into the deadalus bays, and then fly into the 327, hangar and the ships repair bay...the top hangar serves as civilian or personal craft storage and flight operations with each side of the ship having two entry points next to each other with each side having their own airtraffic controller that relays to the main controller aboard the ship. So there is 4-ways to get up top in the civi-hangar...

    go one deck below and you have the daedy bay/repair area, from the daedy repair bay you can actually look up and see the civi-bay on top of you and all the traffic the back of the deady bay, you have a gateway to the 327 hangar facility, as well as access to the ships internal repair bays for all 327's and civi transports...

    because there will be so many people, and probably tons of traffic, between 327's praticing, science ships exploring and personal craft for off-shore leave, i needed another place for un-interuppted cargo flow and storage...enter the back side...the entire back side that sits atop the rear engines is the cargo facility, with a upper and lower deck as well, its still open between the two, but its more of a drop down deck open like on aircraft carriers, so that there is enough floor space for cargo purposes...on the top section there is two entrances, and on the bottom section its one large opening for larger cargo ships...

    in emergencies a 327 or similar craft can land and be semi repaired there, but the cargo repair facility is limited and not its main focus...

    lol dont worry questions are great, the more the merrier, the more questions i have to ask, the easier it will be on me when/if i decide to make a simple technical layout of the ship for like a quick reference guide....

    oh yea the rear cargo pic that is in its current wip stage for ya dark and well anybody interested...
  • this is wicked good.
  • DarkElfaDarkElfa331 Posts: 0Member
    Very cool idea Elite. Have you thought of it having a Stargate located in the hanger bay so that it can sling in around a planet, open it up and offload and upload supplies and ships right into the bay? Just curious, as I imagine this ship does already have it's own on board gates, probably one from the Milky and one from the Pegasus depending on where it's at.

    Also, I might have already asked this question, but was this ship designed from scratch with ZPM's in mind and if so do those just benefit the shields and Hyperdrive or the weapons as well and can it take more than one like Atlantis?

    With a 3 pack of ZPM's backing all 3 systems, this would be a beast to try and stop. ;) I was going to as something else about the internals...oh yeah, with this thing being as large as it is, will it be using the internal transport system similar to Atlantis to get around faster?
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    as for zpm usage, im going to say yes, because of the late integration of asgard tech that caused it to be delayed for a year. Although i would love to say this thing can take some 10zpm's i want it to be a pratical ship without that kill switch kinda thing. So for zpm's im going to say the original tech specified for one to help with the shields, and then with asgard implementation after the season ending, going to say it was retrofitted properly with 2, one for hyperspace and system internals and one for shields. To keep with asgard tradition i didnt want the zpm to be used for weapons, especially since this ship is mainly defensive and has very limited offensive capabilitys (saveing that for the battlecruiser idea im drawing up).

    for internal transportation, the main front hangar facility will be combination of light service vehicles for up to 5 people, and like floor move alongs you see in airports...same thing with the rear hangar facility. As for other ship transportation, it will probably be a mix of atlantis/daedalus like movement, since you wont be moving to far up and down...

    Stargate in the bays: didnt think of that, if you can use one stargate for both then i guess you could, if not then there is a idea i have for putting two inside the bays of the cargo hold (not enough room in the other bays).

    might have a pic or two for tomorrow on the rear cargo area and some more of the engines...also thinking of doing a generic internal floor plan (just like some planes and boxes etc, maybe use it as a very simple technical readout/floorplan...

    and thanks for all the comments for far everybody keeps me going lol
  • DarkElfaDarkElfa331 Posts: 0Member
    Well, remember that you can pretty much have as many gates as you want, but you can only dial out of one at a time.

    As for it being mainly defensive, I dunno man, those cannons look mighty nasty. ;)

    Yah, you should make a Battle cruiser whose main weapon built using plans for the Ancient defense satalite. That way Asgard ethics aren't a problem and you could use the plans for from the Ancient database on Atlantis. ;) Yeah, it could have standard heavy guns and that huge thing that would require the ship to divert all power, kind of like the Excalibur in B5 Crusader before it could fire again. That would give you the balance between awesome power and being left defensiveless if they use it for a few minutes with no weapons, shields or propulsion including Hyperdrive. Kind of a last defense weapon and not something you'd fire off unless you were in the clear. See, you build it and have the official story that it was successfully fired once, but the firing blew out all the relays and a feedback fried the hyper drive so it's in perpetual review status for the next 2 years until the kinks are worked out.

    See, just do what the show's writers do, create an amazing ship or weapon that you can fire once and then figure out some retarded way to blow it up or lose it right afterward to maintain continuity and such. ;)
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    well after a few days of not update, here is a small one, pretty much done with the engine sections, i have a few more ideas for it, but, going to wait untill i get more of the ship done to go with some of the ideas i have...

    as for the weapons zpm idea, i thought about something like a last ditch effort, that the zpm's could fire the weapons, but when doing so, creates some sort of system overload, and renders all but hyperdrive and other things inoperable, say by like a system override etc and found out the hard way etc...

    hmmm gotta think more about that...

    in the process of doing a simple block like diagram of the inside front hangar bay, im not going to detail it etc, just be used for references etc, i have enough to worry about detailing the ship and all, but if the ship gets done soon, i might do a simple interior hangar thing (simple being the key word here lol)
  • looking good man looking good
  • DarkElfaDarkElfa331 Posts: 0Member
    Man, I am so freaking jealous of your abilities. I've had the idea for a small fighter type craft forever and I have no ability to draw or model it so it remains stuck in my imagination only. I hope those who can model and draw really appreciate the ability they have to bring their imaginations to life.
  • Free-LanceFree-Lance0 Posts: 0Member
    Man I want to see more!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    any new updates ewolf?
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    yea few more coming tomorrow probably, havent been on the pc in a few to model that is...

    started the interior simple floor plan just for kicks, and to show how things are kinda stored internally

    worked abit on the back cargo doors as well as that top section area, so a tid bits here and there, i probably shouldnt have done fun glass material renders, and made real ones instead but, dont worry ill have a few up soon...

    i tried to render a full ortho scene ie front back sides top bottoms etc, but the poly count was up to 6mill in the scene and took 1.7gigs of mem, and after the scene setup during the render it would crash lol

    and thanks for the nice comments, the new updates, really bring the backside of the ship together nicely imo, and cant wait to post them up
  • XRaiderV1.7XRaiderV1.7226 I have absolutely no ideaPosts: 1,074Member
    try rendering individual parts of the ortho, i.e. top is an individual image, side is an individual image, render one view at a time.
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