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3DLeviathan Class Carrier for Main SGC Thread



  • colbmistacolbmista2 Posts: 0Member
  • Dr LeeDr Lee2 Posts: 0Member
    Ooooh.... nice :D
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    partial update as i go to bed, reblocking out the rear, trying to keep the overal shape, i tried to save the original but it to had some messy parts that i wish to redo

    i think these side wings (pylons?) have a more asgard tau'ri feel that the previous ones, although i really like the old ones well some parts to it that is

    again old (without all the details) and new setup...old of course in the background


  • Dr LeeDr Lee2 Posts: 0Member
    Really liking the new look....
  • Kenshin_TakaiKenshin_Takai0 Posts: 0Member
    Interesting turn. I'll be keeping an eye on this closely, mate.
  • colbmistacolbmista2 Posts: 0Member
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    well another update, worked out ruff shape of the wings up front, fixed some overall geometry and intersection of pieces so they look like they belong there. Some geometry cleanup will wait till i get there and decide how to detail it...

    but for now its the front landing area, the panels are a different color for not only visibility but are to show that they are of a different material to handle the constant stress of deadalus's coming and going, as well offering structural support for below it is many many hollow decks.

    suggestions and C&C are always welcome...

  • Kenshin_TakaiKenshin_Takai0 Posts: 0Member
    Very interesting take! It's very Star Wars-esque, but also retains some of the features of SG...I like it!

    Will you be keeping the broadside turrets idea from the older version?
  • mbradshawmbradshaw0 Posts: 0Member
    Nice! I like how you blended in the pyramid! reminded me of the system lord's ships, and Destiny. What mod are you working on?

    Can't wait till you get to the insane amount of detail I know your capable of. :thumb:
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    Yes the broadside turrets will still be placed on this model, i love those things :), i did some hand sketches on whether to go with 3 or the same 4 style. and how i should block it out as well, since the old front wings dont align with the new hull all that much.

    The mod i started helping on is MWLL (mechwarrior living legends). I havent done much yet as i just started on and getting the hang of the crytek tools for crysis, and having to learn how to use Max for compatibility sake, but in the end i still prefer my blender...

    here is another small update as well for the ship, some paneling done on the wings, goal is to plan out what i can so that i can do it much faster as i go along. Also getting as many pictures of atlantian ship design as possible, to make it look like it used some techniques from them to build this massive thing...(also if the renders are to big just let me know and ill dial back the res)

    [IMG] height = "400" width = "400"[/IMG]
  • Kenshin_TakaiKenshin_Takai0 Posts: 0Member
    Loving it! And I rather enjoyed the 4-gun turrets, they're not commonly seen. It added a unique flavour to your design, which I appreciate deeply. This work proves that Blender is an amazing tool, not just some "open source junk". I assume you're using 2.5?
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    actually there is things in 2.5 that still crash on me that i tend to use, one is some window opening/closing, there is some tools like mirror as well (everyting except the main hull is on a mirror modifier currently, wings plates etc) and spin, that are either 'hidden' or not fully suported or can crash sometimes. So for now 2.49 is what im using. One gripe i have about 2.5 is the interface. I like the new text and buttons, but the overall feel and design of it is well for lack of a better word 'turning me off'. I dont like side bars, something i hate when using maya or max, and the setup just feels clusmy and cluttered vs the older style. Although from what people tell me using it for a few weeks it becomes natural, but its already natural in 2.4 lol...

    for the guns though i was thinking of having 3 guns instead of 4, but of course keeping the 4 barrel design, just wondering if i should plop 4 a side or 3...maybe ill do both and see what they look like, doesnt take long

    Blender does some crazy stuff that i love. Like right now im currently streamlining on how to make seemless textures in blender from a existing non-seemless texture. As well as using the procedural texture to do the same seemless thing. As well as making very high poly bump/ambient occulsion maps from them. As well as making my own personal brushes for texture painting from 3d objects via rendering. And other fun texture tricks.

    The reason for this, is that i hate using photoshop or gimp, and im trying to find a quick and efficient way to make a nice hull texture and apply it, and have the ability to change it on the fly with procedural settings etc. Hopefully if its easy, and people like the effect, ill make a tutorial out of it...
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    i didnt enjoy the that 'observation' deck all that here is a another version of the same area

  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    sorry for a slow update, mod taking up lots of modeling time last week but here is another simple little update...

    did abit more paneling on the wings as well added little end wing flares that i dont know if i will keep. Also i started to do more to the pyramid part and getting that shaped out. enjoy


  • BrianSzepBrianSzep187 Posts: 115Member

    I am really liking your design. Very cool. :thumb: On another note, I use Blender too and I would be interested in how your going to do your texturing as I don't want to use gimp if I can get around it!:p

  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    brianszep, well it really depends on what type of texture your going for. If its the 'blocky' panel like texture that you see on these ships, then i use a combination of the cellnoise setting for either distorted noise or cloud textures. And use the color ramp to get solid colors. I use that to layer them. For bump maps from that same texture, i use the displace modifier with the texture as the displace modifier on a very hi poly plane, the plane is usually in the 500k+ range because of subsurfing. If others are interested in well, i can always post a small 'tut' on how i go about some of the methods.

    another small update, changed the engines from underneath, i thought i had posted them up with the other update but guess i forgot (lol and then i post again without the pics..edit now with pics). the last pic is the old style that im deviating from



  • Wilson359Wilson3590 Posts: 0Member
    I'm really loving the remake, it's looking awesome :D
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    thanks wilson

    here is another small update, this one although not hugely noticable, has some 'cleaner' lines resulting in a much easier mesh to work with, as well some more wing paneling and some 'greebles' starting to take place on the wings.

    as well the upper rear wing has been updated and 'redesigned'. with the way it is now, each step in the upper wing is 2 decks high.

    oh yea one more added part was in the rear i added a aurora like back plating below the pyramid, hopefully some nice pipes and greebles can fill that space soon, or maybe a rear hangar in part of it...hmmm any how here is the pic

  • AresiusAresius359 Posts: 4,171Member
    Looks impressive.
    At times a bit inspired by the Destiny..
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    phew havent posted in a few weeks, finals kept me going as well as helping with a mod. At anyrate here is some new images. Some of the greebling is giving me some second thoughts of overall im happy with them. Maybe once i fill in some more of the 'dead' areas it will look more come together, but its something about them, if anyone else gets this feeling do feel free to point out what makes it feel odd...

    and another pic just to show size compared to a aurora, that ship is not mine i got it here in the downloads section


  • stephan_skastephan_ska171 Posts: 0Member
    I really like this two guys even if i'm not really a fan of SG .
    Keep on with this great work !!
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    community input time, while modeling i noticed that a part of the mesh that looks ok but i also had other ideas for it, so let me know what you guys think of these ideas...

    1st idea is what it currently is right now

    2nd is a simple idea to make that odd trianlge face more pleasent:

    3rd a further step from the 2nd idea to make the progress from skinny to large more easy:
  • Wilson359Wilson3590 Posts: 0Member
    I kinda like the 3rd idea :D
  • BrianSzepBrianSzep187 Posts: 115Member
    I like number 3 or number 2

  • gusdorfgusdorf175 Posts: 51Member
    Great concept. Looks fantastic! Any plans on showing the main hanger bay interior?
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    thanks for the input, keep em coming the more the merrier...

    as for doing a interior of the main hanger, i dont know, would definately be a challenge. But the idea of a main hangar for this beast is a bit different as well, as i believe the main hangar probably encompasses 70% of the ship. Because the 'bottom part and the top part' are all open concept design. Meaning a fighter could fly through the deadalus hangar up top, and fly down below to the fighter bay hanger all without being interupted by interior space...

    then again the challenge of modeling 400 fighter bays and the misc envior parts and i just i just 'faints'...but anything is possible

    and some more tinkering here is another variation of that side from the 2nd one, i guess this will be labeled "option 4"

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