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3DLeviathan Class Carrier for Main SGC Thread



  • Dr LeeDr Lee2 Posts: 0Member
    Ho-Ly F:eek:K...!
  • ElowanElowan0 Posts: 0Member
    wild-wing wrote: »
    stop badgering him he will release updates on his own terms man

    It's called a 'sharp stick'. Most of us do not resent the stimulus.
  • i come from a different school of thought.
    its cool to have people say i cant wait for the next update but .....

    EWolf the new updates are SICK as hell man.
  • wow, thats quite a ship.
  • Wow! Thats an amazing ship, I can't wait to see more! I hope you don't mind if I try and use your design as something to help me get an idea of what type of ship to make? And keep up the detailed work:thumb:
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    Wow! Thats an amazing ship, I can't wait to see more! I hope you don't mind if I try and use your design as something to help me get an idea of what type of ship to make? And keep up the detailed work:thumb:

    nah be my guest, considering i borrowed the main hull idea from a real carrier ;) the greatest form of flattery is mimicrie in any form...

    plus, ill be releasing this to the public once its done, no textures those, cause well i dont want to be the one texturing a million poly model lol, maybe a simple texture can suffice but i need tons more work in that area
  • Thank you for letting me and :eek!::eek!::eek!::eek!::eek!::eek!:seriously!? Wow, now I really need to get my blender working, if only I knew what was wrong with it:confused:..........and hopefully a million polys won't lag me.
  • i do have to give elitewolverine props for doing this in blender. just goes to show a free app can do the great stuff as good as paid progs
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    thanks :)..also blender to me is just so fun and easy, ive tried lightwave and max (had like 3versions), but in the end, i just liked the way blender felt, one hand on the keyboard and one hand on the mouse, and for about 90% of the model you will never need to look at the keyboard, i know youcan do the same in max, lightwave etc, but setting it up is a pain imo, blenders that way out of the box, and made to be a one hand on the left side of the keyboard and other on the mouse...

    theres things that i think blender should have or maybe a easier way of doing it, and then theres things i think lightwave and max can learn from blender, so to me it goes both ways
  • Fenix86Fenix860 Posts: 0Member
    Definantly like the new design you have going, awesome work! this one definantly has a "earthier" feel to it. Great job! wanna see more for sure. ^^
  • mikalamikala176 Posts: 440Member
    I absolutely love that last pic.
    Really grand scale project. Hopefully you will texture this up sometime or get someone to do it for you. The clay renders are nice...but with some decent plating bam! It will really kick butt.
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    well this is about as detailed as i will probably get with the textures for this model, but i guess i could apply the material throughout the paneling surfaces if nothing else...hmmm well see buddy well see, out of all my models i have finished and not finished, ive never textured one, and to be honest would be looking threw noob tutorials of blender texturing to get anywhere near decent...

    but like i said if someone wanted to texture the finished product, like front page quality texturing, i could have a wait release on the model, meaning the texturer would have dibs for a few before the release, like a few weeks or days or something who knows
  • mikalamikala176 Posts: 440Member
    Give it a try you'll be happy you did. Nothing like the whole deal being your own.
    By the looks of it you're off to a good start. Just keep in mind that those panels are going to be tiny due to the sheer scale of this beast.
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    true, did a small test render with the panels being textured, and the under hull just like a dar cloudy texture (so its not flat colour), didnt come out to bad, but with all the nurnies still in clay form does kinda look abit off to me lol...

    well any how, i did more work on the wing lots more nurnies, but before i post that update, i moved over to the engines for a few...have two designs i need to choose from...each one will be greebled/nurnied the same way, just the exhaust ports are different...the top being more human current tech, the bottom resembling more atlantis tech...

    so which ones you guys like more? the atlantis style or earth?
  • i like a mix but thats my personal preference

    elite damn good work man.
  • BarBar171 Posts: 0Member
    Although i like the Atlantis variant engines, i say go with what YOU like.
    This is your baby, after all.
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    hmmmm go with what i like, well i like the mix, but it might seem out of place making it feel like a frankenstien lol, i alreadly have like 5 different weapons arrays....

    i think i know how to keep the mix i like, but keep it leaning towards atlantian feel, because after all, from its size this is the fleet command aimed at intergalatic travel and saving the daedalus down time by carrying them onboard, so they dont need the down time at atlantis as stated by the show

    ill post a quick update soon
  • Dr LeeDr Lee2 Posts: 0Member
    What about having the outer engines the normal Tau'ri style and the inner blockier ones as Atlantian style?
  • Yea, that would be a good idea! But I didn't know that Atlantian engines had that type of style.
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    well heres my most recent test render of the new center rear engines and where im going with them...there is going to be a tons of pipe work, well maybe not a ton, but alot for me...
  • Cool! Are there going to be 4 of the Atlantian style engines?
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    yea they will, but not as efficient or powerfull as the atlantian engines, but backwards engineered from the auroa class ships kinda of idea
  • Oh, I forgot that we can't reverse engineer stuff perfectly. Oh well, I wonder if it's ok to skip that process altogether in something I make(hopefully soon)?
  • BarBar171 Posts: 0Member
    Maybe with the help of the Asgard computer core, and knowledge database, they can more effectively reverse engineer now?
    Or even better, maybe they can just install Asgard tech on this baby.
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    couple more pics to hold you guys off with, one wide ortho again, and pic of the wing...

    almost done with the front part of the wing, not really stuck, just trying to find the right nurnies to go with the ship, and what else to put in the open front part of the wing, hopefully have it done soon so i can work on the underside and engines more...
  • JustinDixonJustinDixon0 Posts: 0Member
    I'm impressed... but some of those big panels are too... they are odd looking. Looks like all you did for them was take the existing wireframe and selected polygons. I'd recommend cutting them yourself to make them look more functional.
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    yea i noticed that once i got more experienced in paneling, there is about 4 areas that im going to redo completely, and thankfully they are seperate from the main hull so i can redo it over and over till i get the desired result...two of the obvious ones to me are the ones one the main hull that look very odd, and some of the wing pylon panels they to fell to my very very first paneling of the ship...

    lol i was actually going to redo it before this render but fell alseep lol thanks for the comments everyone, another update soon, in the middle of the night as usual
  • tight work there
  • DimitriyDimitriy0 Posts: 0Member
    Engines look like they have a lot of potential...
  • any new updates?
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