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3DHowie's Star Wars Project Thread

Howard DayHoward Day587 Posts: 423Member
Heyooo! Loving the new forum, glad to see it back up and running. So, here's what I've been working on:
A short animated film set in the Star Wars universe, taking place about 3 weeks after the evacuation of Hoth, with the rebels still on the run desperate for resources. A strike/raiding team is sent on a mission to steal some rumored, juicy resources from an Imperial Transport. Here's the first couple of scenes, with temp music, very much WIP.
After investigating the (apparently) derelict Freighter, things rather predictably go wrong.
Then there's quite a bit of swashbuckling combat, we finally get to see some B-Wings kicking some ass, Quite a bit else goes VERY wrong, and our plucky rebel group escapes with some damage and a single casualty.
The B-Wings return to the fleet-in-exile:
So. Got a plan for this one. I've been working on this for a while, picking away at it, and made a ton of progress.
You can see my Big folder of images here:
I'll keep you guys posted on updates here, but I'd love to answer any questions you have, or respond to critique. :D
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  • ViperViper1022 Posts: 634Administrator
    Damn Howard. That is absolutely stunning work. I follow you on youtube, so I had seen a couple of those animations already. But it's great to see the stills as well. Shaders and lighting are top notch. If you told me those were miniatures in a studio, I would have believed it :tongue: What are you using to render these?

    Also, can you give more info on the character? He looks really good :o

    Can't wait to see more :)
  • StarscreamStarscream229 Posts: 1,049Member
    You had me at that MonCal pilot! *swoon*
  • RekkertRekkert1745 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 1,987Member
    Incredible stuff! The framing, the length of the shots, everything looks juuust right.
    I love the little details like the cruiser's engines near the hangar being off while the B-wings go inside.
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  • tricky2ktricky2k7 Posts: 9Member
    Amazing, I have no words
  • Howard DayHoward Day587 Posts: 423Member
    Thanks guys! So, I'm using 3dsmax 2018.4 x64 + VRay NEXT 1.1 to render these out - with color corrections done in AE. The mon-cal character I actually snagged from scifi3d and heavily modified - It was originally Admiral Akbar. I'm now working on a B-wing cockpit interior as well - it's very much WIP.
  • ViperViper1022 Posts: 634Administrator
    edited March 2019 #7
    Looking good :) Girl looks a bit too pale right now. Are you going to use maps for her?
    Post edited by Viper on
  • CoolhandCoolhand241 PhobosPosts: 1,273Member
    Spectacular. Maybe the flight helmets look a little too dry/need more reflection? Mon cal & cockpit looks like its out of a movie for sure.
  • Howard DayHoward Day587 Posts: 423Member
    Viper: Hadn't planned on it, since I didn't know they existed. ..I'm not thinking I'm going to need that level of detail. trying to fake it till I make it. :grin:a9d3wy5cy5zx.png
    Coolhand: Oh! yeah, her helmet is way WIP, just threw a texture on it. Gonna be more like the MonCal version, with kill markings and stickers on it when I'm done. :D

    I spent some time last night doing #A(original),#B(4-engines), and #C(2-engines) variations of Randy Cooper's original Corellian Gunship. I finally made weapons, dishes, proton torpedo launchers, etc. This will make finishing the Bigger Corellian Frigate easier. I also finally actually just gave them an interior with lights, switches and seats and crap, and watching that parallax shift around as the thing spins is just lovely.

    They're currently the equivalent of "unpainted" and I'd love suggestions on how they could be painted - colors, examples, etc.

  • CoolhandCoolhand241 PhobosPosts: 1,273Member
    edited March 2019 #10
    The gunships look good enough to steal for an official publication...
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  • liam887liam887242 ViperPosts: 564Member
    wow you really nailed the ROTJ look in that animation work, perfect! Always wondered why you made that cruiser all those moons ago and then nothing!
  • Howard DayHoward Day587 Posts: 423Member
    The answer is boredom!
  • ViperViper1022 Posts: 634Administrator
    Those ships looks really nice. I thought orange would look nice on those. I don't like green or blue for those ships.

    As for the character, I guess it might be overkill. I did some tests with and it definitely looks really nice, but you can't see the effect in a mid distance shot. Only close up portraits. But she needs proper textures. Did you model her yourself? Or are you using a 3rd party model?
  • Howard DayHoward Day587 Posts: 423Member
    Well, I'm definitely throwing blue and green on some..but adding orange! Wheeee! The girl model is a free, rigged model from CGtrader, and the hair is like a 5 dollar model from the same. I'm going to be upgrading the textures as I go, but yeah, I'm not much of a character modeller, and I'd rather do the fun shit like lighting and animation than try and re-invent the wheel.
    Anyhow, here's a 4K turnaround of the original, Type #A:
    God, it looks good! :D Very happy with it. So, I'm rendering the turnaround of the Type #B right now, and it's also looking pretty good - in Blue and orange. :D
    And I also made a Type #D last night, with 3 engines.
  • RekkertRekkert1745 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 1,987Member
    Interesting engines... It's weird seeing those Y-wing fins on a Corellian corvette, but it certainly adds variety!
    For my finished Trek bridges and other works of mine, visit my portfolio
    Feel free to contact me if you're interested in commissions!​
  • ViperViper1022 Posts: 634Administrator
    edited March 2019 #17
    Howard Day wrote: »
    But yeah, I'm not much of a character modeller, and I'd rather do the fun shit like lighting and animation than try and re-invent the wheel.

    I've come to the same conclusion. I've tried doing organic stuff a few times, but I get tired quickly. I'd rather build technical stuff that requires precision :p And I also like rendering more. BTW, I know this is generally considered blasphemy, but I had relatively good results with the latest Daz stuff. Not sure about the rig though as it doesn't play very well with max. I would post what I've done, but I don't want to hijack your thread and I'd rather not get thrown tomatoes =)


    Post edited by Viper on
  • PixelMagicPixelMagic382 Posts: 647Member
    Man, I'd be very interested in your lighting and post workflow. The way you match the motion control look of Return of the Jedi is insane.
  • Howard DayHoward Day587 Posts: 423Member
    Star Wars Project update! Gunship types A,B, and D turnarounds and a GR75 done with some new Color correction. Still working on Type C, and the Frigate. I'm extremely happy with how the new CC is looking, and I've applied it to a bunch of test cases.

    Here's the 4K versions of those tests:
    Viper - you can see I directly did your Orange Collar in the Type #D. It looks stellar!
    And an old, pre-feedback version of the Type-B Gunship.
    Pixelmagic - Okay, cool - I can definitely run through that at some point. The renders out of MAX are very simple - I do it in 3 passes, RGBA, Glare, and Global Illumination. I Then comp those back together in AE, doubling the Global Illumination to simulate more bounce light than reality, etc.
    Anyhow, progress continues! I'm working on the first B-Wing combat shot right now. hopefully it goes fast. :D
  • ViperViper1022 Posts: 634Administrator
    Yes, that looks amazing :) Nice work. I wish I had some Star Wars models to try and replicate this rendering style with Corona. I guess I'll have to model one at some point :tongue:
  • Howard DayHoward Day587 Posts: 423Member
    I'd be happy to share! Hit me up. :D
    Bwing combat test:
  • ViperViper1022 Posts: 634Administrator
    edited March 2019 #22
    Very nice :) My only issue is that the motion of the camera once the ship explodes seems a bit weird. I think it should stay following the B-wing. Changing focus to the explosion mid way seemed off.

    Also, I sent you a PM through the forums. Not sure if e-mail notifications are working.
    Post edited by Viper on
  • RodavanRodavan227 Posts: 66Member
    Very cool B)
  • RekkertRekkert1745 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 1,987Member
    I agree with Viper on the camera, such a fast movement makes it clear as CGI and breaks the illusion, in my opinion. :)
    For my finished Trek bridges and other works of mine, visit my portfolio
    Feel free to contact me if you're interested in commissions!​
  • Howard DayHoward Day587 Posts: 423Member
    Thanks, Viper, Rekkert, Rodavan: and agreed on all the above. :grin:
    Here's an update!

  • ViperViper1022 Posts: 634Administrator
    Yes, that looks much better!
  • Howard DayHoward Day587 Posts: 423Member
    And some late night dialog tests, trying to pace out this thing. Obviously first-pass, will improve it as I go!

    And here's the script for what I'm going to be working the next few nights on:
    Star Wars Side Project Script Ver 1.1
    Strike force hypers in, 3 X-wings, 2 B-wings and a GR-75 Transport. The right-most X-wing is noticeably out of position.
    Blue Leader: “Sigh. Blue Rookie, Form up.”
    RB: In Rodian (Sorry, Lead)
    BL: “You'll learn. Hmmrpgh, all groups, we're approaching the intercept point for the Imperial Freighter.”
    DL: "Blue Lead, I've got it on long range."
    D2: "It looks...unpowered. No engine signatures."
  • ViperViper1022 Posts: 634Administrator
    I would change the line from Blue Leader to remove the "You'll learn" part. Dunno, just feel like the leader wouldn't directly acknowledge the excuse from the rookie in a situation like this.

    Also, from your animation, it's not clear that the x-wing is out of formation, but I guess you know that already :tongue:
  • CoolhandCoolhand241 PhobosPosts: 1,273Member
    maybe the freighter should be more stationary, giving the scene a little more solidity & parallax depth, its almost looking like its moving in formation with the rebels.
  • StarriggerStarrigger88 Posts: 617Member

    Dialog.. Not bad, One thing I always find frustrating, is that when alien races are talking in allot of films, there is so much processing of the voice, I have no idea what they are saying... In this case I had to read the scripting to know. Maybe just my bad hearing though.

    Animation.. The drop out of Hyperspace is spot on. I am finding something wrong with the implied size of the transport though... It seems to be far too maneuverable, keeping up with the small adjustments of the fighters, giving it the feel that it is the same size, perhaps delaying it's jump just a little more, and having it over shadow the fighters could improve that?
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  • Howard DayHoward Day587 Posts: 423Member
    Viper: Hmm. yeah, good point! And I'll shove the Xwing more out of position - in the shot after he calls it out you see the right most xwing scootling over into position. I'll make the disconnect more obvious.
    Coolhand: Oh, yeah - good call. I moved the frieghter waaaaaaay back into the distance, and killed the relative parallax with the stars. Looks much more convincing as a distant object.
    Starrigger: I will try and clean up the audio - it's first pass with..just me. and I'm no VO artist. :grin:
    On the GR75 scale - it's a lot smaller than people think - it's 90m long. I will delay the jump some, and try and make it feel a bit more ponderous.
    Anyhow, last night I got the Rook in, and started on his custom rebel Rodian helmet.
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