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Picard [Spoilers]



  • FreakFreak1073 Posts: 4,345Member
    Okay I'll give you Hugh death could give growth to Elnor, but for the moment it was wasteful.
    So where the death of the four other Borg. Elnor was not there to witness it, he only turned up after.

    I not saying that the Riker's story was pointless, it was just dragged out to long.
    As for their son. He died from something that was easily cured. But due to the ban of Synths, they where unable to get him the cure.
    What does the cure have to do with Synths. Nothing. This positronic matrix would have nothing to do with positronic Brains.
    Does that mean that ban on synths include anything to do with positrons? That will throw a lot of engineering problems. It was a pointless story point linking it to the Synths.
    They could have still done the Dead Son angle, but have illness no way connected to the Synths storyline. It could have been another rear illness where their was no know cure and the Riker's came to that planet hoping the healing factor of the soil would help or at least extend his life longer.
    They still would be in the same place we saw them. The writers are just trying to connect everything, which does not need to be connected.

    While Season 2 has been announced it has not yet gone into production. just because it announced does not mean it will happen.
    It starting to become common for shows to be announced that they are getting a new Season only to be cancelled.
    Until they have actually started filming the next season anything can happen.
    Discovery has been announced for season 4 & 5 and season 3 has not yet even come out. It also RUMOURED that the show rating is the lowest for any CBSAA shows, which can't be good given the money they are spending on it. Doug Jones has even stated they have not contacted him for those season yet. He has also stated that Pinewood Toronto has started to pull down sets. Weather that is the permeant sets is unknown, but if it is, the show not coming back, only time will tell.
    If it does not come back after season 3 what the betting Kurtzman will come out and say it was always meant to be three season long.
    Then why announce Season 4 & 5? One reason to get more investor to invest.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th444 GermanyPosts: 335Member
    @Freak ... those rumors are definately wrong. Firstly, it‘s pretty much the same chanels spreading them and they are pretty open on hating the shows for whatever reason.

    But more importantly the shows are huge successes for netflix and Prime respectively. Socialmedia engangement (engange, get it?! 😁) for picard is massive. Second probably only to Mandalorian, while not having the same pop culture penetration. And while netflix isn‘t realeasing many viewing numbers, the discovery premiere is one of the most watched episodes on the service. Meaning the whole of netflix. Same with season two.

    CBS AA also reached its subscriber goal way before they orginally planned on it.

    So: yeah. Those rumors are 100% false. Just like that 25% Licensing Thing has been debunked by countless lawyers (I never got, how that thing gained traction at all but then again IP law and litigation used to be my field when I was still teaching at the university)
  • FreakFreak1073 Posts: 4,345Member
    Actually the rumours did not come from a YouTube channel. I got them form different news web sites.

    I won't disagree that Picard and Discovery first very episodes did very well on Netflix and Amazon, but just because the first episode was successful does not mean the rest are.
    If the rest of Discovery was doing so well, Netflix would never have turned down Picard. Even without the viewing figures, with them turning it down does not send a good message.
    while with Picard, we can only go off the viewing figures coming out of Canada. They are not good and are going down (They have lost over 1/2 a million viewers.) It will be the same sort of drop on CBSAA and Amazon. The Difference with Canada and Amazon Prime is viewer number. More people are watching on Prime than in Canada, so the drop will be larger.

    As for CBSAA reaching it goal, they have included subscribers form Showtime and NFL games and they have also included people that have signed up for the free trail but did not commit. Their active Subscriber numbers are actually a lot lower than what they are saying.

    With them announcing season 4 of Discovery and Season 2 of Picard, it was done to drum up more investments. We seen this a few time with the 4 film in the Kelvin series. Each time they where unable to get the money needs so the project was canned, then a year goes past and we hear it back on. a few months go past and it dropped again.
    CBS really needs investment at the moment as in the last two week their stock had dropped form $41 a share to $32 a share. This week it has dropped again down to about $27 a share. That nearly half the value of a share gone in two weeks.
    Investor have come to realise with at least current Trek is too expensive to make. There are other sci-fi show currently being made cheaper and are a lot better. So the investors don't want to put their money in something they will not get a good return from.

    Unless a show is actually in production, it not happening. So all these announcements of more Trek made at the stockholder meeting, don't count on them for now.
  • ViperViper1185 Posts: 677Administrator
    This really should be in the other thread. But just because they are not filming doesn't mean things aren't in motion. You need to write scripts before shooting anything. You usually don't start shooting before the current season ends either, as most probably the actors will be doing promo work at that time. I would guess season 2 of Picard will start shooting in late April, early May.

    Those same rumors, btw, were also saying season 3 of Disco would never happen, and that Picard was going nowhere. Yet, here we are.
  • FreakFreak1073 Posts: 4,345Member
    @Viper your right this should be in the other thread.
    So I will move my answer over to there.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th444 GermanyPosts: 335Member
    My little review for the newest episode ... it doesn‘t read like it, but it‘s actually positive. I‘d say, 7,5/10 😁

    I really enjoyed that one. The dialogue and acting were great and since it was mostly character-based, there wasn‘t too much of that stupid story to get in the way. And the new warp effect is growing on me. Though the best version, in my mind, is still the one from Beyond.

    Some minor nitpicks though:

    The intercuting of the A and B Story felt a little clumsy. They didn‘t really fit. Though I didn‘t hate the Borg Cube stuff as much as the last times, it really did nothing for the story. Also: can you really vent every inch of the cube into space? Sees like a design flaw to me. Especially, since they actually show, there‘s a sphere - meaning a separate ship - in there.

    And I still hate that the writers are unable to write scifi dialogue. The sentence „He put the phaser in his mouth and pulled the Trigger“ is just bad. It‘s a sentence you‘d see in any other TV Show with the word „gun“ replaced. And sure, at first people use analogues to talk about new technology. For example, a Tesla has a „gas“ pedal and and you can „hang up“ on an iPhone. But four- fucking - hundred years in the future, those things die out. A phaser has no trigger and why would you put it in your mouth? You‘d never even have seen a projectile weapon. When you can desintegrate people, it does not make sense, to aim for the head ...

    It must seem like I‘m really hung up on this, but it it always was a subtle little thing that set StarTrek apart from other scifi shows. It was that litlle extra mile they went with the dialogue. Now if they at least showed that Starfleet is that way and use it to contrast it to civilian life, that would be something you can work with. But the Admiral we see curses like a sailor (pun intended) in every conversation.

    Just think about it for a second: If you were to meet someone, who lives in the year 1720. You could probably talk to him/her. But it would be difficult because pronounciation changes over time and your common frame of reference would be a lot smaller than the one you have with contemporarys. Now imagine the same thing the other way: you meet someone from 2320. Why would that be any different? And StarTrek used to actually care about that fact. The language was really clean and deliberate. Almost like it‘s meant for someone, who is learning english and who couldn‘t handle colloquialisms or regional dialects. To me that always made sense as a direction, language-developement would take, as the world becomes more and more globalized and distances become smaller and smaller, so regional differences in language would die out over time. Or you could say: the universal translator always delivers the cleanest possible way to say something.

    Second thing is, that a Borg Cube with tactile - though holographic - controles doesn‘t really make sense. But to be fair, a lot of StarTrek - looking at you, voyager - acually faild to think about that. But they at least used a neural connection eventually. Though I always thought that the Borg worked better as a hive mind that with a Queen controling the hive, but that‘s another story 😁

    Thirdly: Those french fries just looked sad 😅

    And finally: why do all the pictures we see from the past, when someone is wearing a uniform, look like really terrible photoshop-jobs? I mean oviously they are photoshoped but why so badly, when you know, they‘ll be in a closeup?

  • kadenkaden645 JapanPosts: 202Member
    I liked the episode too, but a few things.

    I am sure it has been established that Borg can operate in space.
    Also sometimes it is like they forget the technology they have, transport them back into the cube? lol
    I am sure that would have been much cooler than the xbs showing up and attacking like zombies. Have all those drones transport in and just overwhelm the Romulans.

    Also more curse words..

    But all in all it was a good ep, but it has been slow to get to this point.

    Looks like Rios' last ship is an Emmet Till type.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th444 GermanyPosts: 335Member
    kaden wrote: »
    I am sure it has been established that Borg can operate in space.

    Yeah, I thought about that too 😁 ... then again they‘d be kind of useless, just floating 🤔
  • FreakFreak1073 Posts: 4,345Member
    I am not going to lie, I enjoyed this episode as it had a better flow to it.
    But it still seem like two sperate episodes mashes together.

    Why does everything have to linked to the bloody synth storyline? Troi and Riker Child, Rios Captain/father figure killing myself.
    I also hate the part where Rios say that Starfleet ordered them to kill the Synth Ambassadors, if they fail to follow the order their Starfleet will hunt down and destroy the ship and crew.
    I am sorry what? Your telling me Commodore Oh going to give this order and none of the captains she gives it to are going to question it?

    @kaden, As for your question regarding the Borg Drone, yes they can survive in a Vacuum. We saw this in Frist Contact with the battle on the deflector.

    @P5ych0p4th yeah they are floating in space, but 7 of 9 could have used some of the transporter to bring them back onto the ship.
    Once she had got enough drone back, they could then use the big transporter (the ones used for assimilate cities.) to beam the rest back.
    The only people that would have die would have been the none Borg Drones and maybe most of the Ex-Drones that had that part that kept the alive in a vacuum removed.

    Did anyone else notice when 7 of 9 removed herself for her mini collective, there was no holes in her clothing where she was connected.

    Not only is it terrible writing, but it's not even original. This whole plot is a Mass Effect ripoff. Ancient beacon from long dead alien race warns of coming cataclysm involving synthetic creations. They hired a Pulitzer prized writer only for them to copy other better series.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th444 GermanyPosts: 335Member
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    @Freak ... never played Mass Effect but good to know.

    I must say, I'm kind of coming around to the synth storyline. A Planet of synthetic lifeforms, that have reached a point of sentience and aren't distinguishable from other humanoids except for maybe telepaths ... yeah ... that is an interesting first contact scenario. Not too original, but you can work with that. If you have to tie it into Star Trek Lore, why not use Data and Maddox? ... at least it makes sense and isn't a fate-storyline. Then Picards involvement also works, as it makes sense that he would be interested in researching it. It also wouldn't be fate.

    What I don’t need, is the reason for him going of on a civilian mission being that starfleet is dictatorship run by a foul mouthed woman and a romulan Agent. Also that "ancient beacon" thing is competely useless even if it were orginal (hell, they did that in discovery a year ago) ... and most of all, I could live without that whole romulan and borg plot. The Borg should never have come back after First Contact unless there's a really good reason for it (Dark Frontier was a Story that justified their involvement for example)

    Why not have Picard drop out of Starfleet to become a Diplomat or Archeologist even. That way there would be no need, to engeneer a troubled past, we know nothing about. He would ACTUALLY be the same character, just older and not a broken man for no reason at all. There would be an actual reason for him to be a civilian and rely on civilian means and you could do a lot of the stuff they did without assasinating the returning characters (quite literally in part).
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  • FreakFreak1073 Posts: 4,345Member
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    I don't like the synth storyline, it been done to death and far better.

    I was hoping that Picard was going to be a show where he was a Diplomat or Archeologist. Could have done some great stories with either of these.
    Even the Brxit and Tumpisum with Diplomat angle and most likely better than what they are doing..
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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801843 Posts: 9,995Member
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    I just glanced through the commentary in this thread so far. However, one thing I don't understand is this: Why do people continue watching a show they don't like? I give a show an episode (sometimes less) or a few episodes to grab me. If it doesn't, I don't continue watching. I don't understand why people stick with a show they aren't enjoying. For me, there's not enough time to watch stuff I'm enjoying without wasting time on stuff I'm not. But, maybe that's just me.

    So, I just got caught up on episodes. Watching them once a week was getting on my nerves, so I let them build up until I had a few to watch. I'm finished with episode 8, so I guess the wait is back on. I will say I'm enjoying the show overall. For me, it's not the worst thing Star Trek wise, but it's pretty far from the best. I won't nitpick anything. 10-15 years ago I probably would have, but these days I can't be bothered. Besides, I recently watched (and enjoyed) all live action Transformers films and I'm currently watching through all of the Marvel cinematic films. If that doesn't lower your bar for what good Sci-Fi storytelling is, I don't know what will. I know those movies have made boatloads of money, but 8 out of 10 Marvel films rely less on great storytelling and more on fun, exceptional action and effects. So, I can watch this show with that kind of view: if it entertains me, I'm going to at least enjoy it.

    There's one thing I will comment on, and it's not a nitpick as much as pointing it out as an observation I've made. Every character we're supposed to care about has suffered a loss of some kind that affects them as the show goes on. Picard, Raffi and Rios all lost Starfleet. Picard also lost Data, which we knew about and is the only loss that isn't an invention of the show's writers. Raffi also lost her family due to her obsession with the fact that the Romulans were behind the Mars incident (which the were) and not synthetics, which is also what presumably killed her Starfleet career, rather than the fact that Picard resigned. (makes more sense) Rios also lost his captain and father figure. Agnes Jurati lost her optimism and joy in what she did. She also lost Bruce Maddox, twice. (yes, the second time was her fault) Elrond Elnor lost his home and his family. He also was abandoned by Picard, which was yet another loss. Soji lost the most. She lost her sister and her career. She also lost the illusion that she was human and the illusion that Narek cared for her. Now she's in risk of losing her home planet. So, basically, this crew is hauling around a lot of emotional baggage from the start, more so than any other Star Trek main cast to date. Even our familiar guest stars have suffered losses, none of which had happened last time we saw them. Seven of Nine lost Icheb, the only other former Borg to return with Voyager. Riker and Troi lost a son, one that we never saw before and have absolutely no attachment to. But, it's there and it's frequently mentioned in the episode with them. So, yeah, I don't know what they're thinking. Do they think all of this loss will make the characters more relatable? Essentially, all of the characters are "broken," which usually isn't the case for Star Trek characters. There have been a few. Sisko was kind of broken at first, but being assigned to DS9 and becoming the Emissary for the Prophets gave him new purpose in life. Anyway, that's an observation of mine.

    Another thing I'll comment on is agreeing with whoever said a lot of the props look really cheap. I actually commented on this when I saw the first trailer with Seven of Nine and Data. The props and makeup are clearly not up to the standards of other Star Trek shows. The Romulan ears are one of the worst things. They don't fit right or look right, they look more like elf ears. Some of the costumes look like they just walked into stores and pulled them off of racks. The whole series has kind of a fan film look to it, but it's not a fan film. It's a show where they're spending way too much on production for it to look how it does.

    Anyway, that's my commentary on the show. I'm mostly enjoying it so far, despite the issues.
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  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th444 GermanyPosts: 335Member

    I usually give a show 3-4 Episodes. And there‘s a lot I only got into the second time around: Bojack Horseman, Rick and Morty, Breaking Bad, just to name a few.

    With Star Trek I tend to give the shows a little bit more of a chance because of what came before. While TNG had some great episodes in the first season, overall it was hard to watch. Same with Voyager and to a certain extent enterprise. So there‘s that. Also I feel like I criticised Enterprise way too much, when it came out, when looking back, I really enjoy it ... especialy those first two seasons. So I‘m carful not just to criticise something because it‘s new and different from what I would have wanted.

    When I didn‘t like Discovery Season one, I still gave Season two a show because, I liked pretty much all of it, except the Setting and the terrible terrible writing. And Season two actually started of promising, but then they doubled down on everything that didn‘t work for Season one. So for Season 3 I’m out.

    As for Picard. I guess I‘m still hoping, that it‘ll go somewhere in the end. It has pretty much the same problem as discovery, where the actors and the characters work und die effects are okay (though way worse than discovery) but the writers can‘t write a decent story to save their lives. So I will see, where it goes, have a look if there‘s any improvements for season two and if not, I‘m out.

    I‘m currently rewatching the second Season of the Orville and it‘s amazing how they pretty much listend to every criticism of the first season. For me it‘s still nowhere near good Star Trek but it‘s getting closer with every episode.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801843 Posts: 9,995Member
    Well, I can certainly see giving a show a chance, especially from franchises you like. I've actually quit a on film series before, such as Transformers. I gave up on that series after Dark of the Moon, but came back to it for Bumblebee. I recently decided to watch all of them, even the two I'd never seen, and I actually enjoyed them. But, I almost gave up on that series entirely. I also almost gave up on the Star Trek reboot film series after Into Darkness, which I've still only seen once. But, I decided to try Star Trek Beyond because Simon Pegg wrote it. I'm glad I did, I really like that one. But then, a film series requires less of an investment than a TV show.

    I just find it interesting how people seem to not like a show and continuously complain about it but still watch episodes. And this isn't limited to this show, TV shows, or even Star Trek, or people on this forum. It seems to happen a lot, actually. But, I guess they're clinging to hope that the series will get better.

    I actually really like Discovery, in fact I just bought Season 2 on Blu-Ray. But, I don't consider it anywhere near the same quality as TNG, which is the best Star Trek show ever, in my opinion. But, to be fair, it does have a somewhat rough start and some bad episodes. But then it has some fantastic ones too. TOS and TAS are fun, but majorly goofy. But, it's got a lot of great ideas and was ahead of it time in a lot of areas. Plus, there are some excellent episodes. DS9 also had a rough start and, dare I say, actually needed a galactic conflict to keep it going. Voyager actually started off pretty strong for me, and I like most of the first four seasons. Unfortunately, it gets weaker as the show continued. Enterprise was actually a really good show to me. As far as I'm concerned, all of them are better than Discovery. Still, with a franchise as great as Star Trek, sixth best still isn't bad.

    So, where does Picard rank for me? Honestly, right about there with Discovery. It's good, but not great. The premise is strong and Sir Patrick Stewart is still at the top of his game. The rest of the actors are competent. But, the story is just so-so. They do a lot of things that annoy me with the writing. I just try not to dwell on them.

    I still haven't finished Season 1 of The Orville. I like it, but I just haven't had the time. I really should watch it, since I have it on DVD. ;)
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th444 GermanyPosts: 335Member
    I don’t really have a lot to say about this one. Things happened but I wasn‘t really invested in any part of the story or the characters. It‘s always nice, to see Seven again. However I‘m pretty sure, they‘re going to kill her in the finale.

    On thing, that I noticed was: They come to a planet of synthetic life in hopes of a first contact situation (Picard even says so in his call to Starfleet) and then the synthetics want to kill all organic life in the universe.

    Maybe it‘s because I‘ve watched it right before, but that‘s the Plot of „Identity I & II“ of the Orville. The only difference is, that the Vfx in Picard are actually worse 😅 (I mean, come on! The keying on the green screen elements was terrible!)

    Also I figured out, what all this new Trek (Discovery and Picard) reminds me of: There‘s a scene in Donnie Darko, where the teacher explains, that basically everything in life is the result of either love or fear. It‘s a simple dichotomy. There isn’t anything more to live. Intonations movie it‘s obviously criticised, but I feel like Alex Kurtzman actually believes in this.

    If anyone hasn’t seen it:
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801843 Posts: 9,995Member
    I'm going to watch the latest episode later tonight. I hope they don't kill Seven, she's always been one of my favorite characters. Kes was just an OK character, but it was a total upgrade when Jennifer Lien left the show and they brought in Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine. They were able to do some really cool stuff with her character being an ex Borg. And, they're still able to do cool stuff with that, like her taking over the Borg cube in episode 8. That was really sweet. Anyway, I'd like to see her come back in season 2. Though, I guess it depends if they're finishing the big plot for this season at the end if that's even necessary.
  • FreakFreak1073 Posts: 4,345Member
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    @evil_genius_180, though I can't stand STD or Picard. I watch because I am a fan and I hope the following episode would be a great Trek Episode, but so far I have been let down with the exception of STD Season 2 Episode 2.

    While I was a fan of DS9 when it first aired, that was not the case with VOY or ENT. But I watched the episodes and even though there was things I did not like about both of the show, the stories where good and I came to love the shows. That is not the case with STD or Picard, but I will keep watching and hoping that we will get good Trek.

    Now with that said this episode was an Fing joke. An Android who has learnt to Mind Meld? WTF it an machine it can't Mind Meld with an organic unless there some new Technology let machines read an organic mind. If that the case, it did not learn how to do it, it upgrade itself to do it.

    The flower in Space is ripped for a Game, just like the Warning is rip of form Mass Effect.

    Putting a glass bird into an eye kills and android now? blind it yes kill no.

    One moment the android are peace loving, then they get the message and now want to kill all life. Seriously WFT!! This has to be one of the worst episode of Trek of all time.

    I could go on, but the writer has lot the plot, nope that wrong. They have stolen and plots form some many different things they have no idea how to put it altogether so it will works.
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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801843 Posts: 9,995Member
    I'm not going to lie, the latest episode was bad. Even ignoring the stuff you mentioned, what I got from the episode is this: the Romulans are right. They were right to take that alien thing as a warning, because it's a promise by synthetic beings to do what they feared would happen. And now the androids and Noonien Soong's heretofore unmentioned son want it to happen. So, exactly why are we supposed to feel sympathy for or be on the side of the androids? It seems to me that the Romulans' plan is the way to save organic life in the Alpha and Beta quadrants. I don't know what crack the writer(s) smoked, but this isn't how you make your audience like characters, it's the opposite of that.
  • FreakFreak1073 Posts: 4,345Member
    Yeah the Romulans where right, though they where wrong to lunch their plan when they did. By stopping the Android that was building the fleet around Mars when they did, they also helped the Androids get rid of Organic life.

    If they had waited until after the fleet was built. Billions of Romulan and Remons lives would have been saved. But no lets help them by stopping the fleet from being built.

    I do have one question. How will this Android that has been waiting outside the galaxy for Androids to get point of progression. How are they going to react to the Borg? After all the Borg is a mix of Organic life forms and Machine.

    As for Noonien Soong's unmentioned son, I hope the theory that he is Lore is true. But that raises the question, who put him back together and modify him so that he looks human.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th444 GermanyPosts: 335Member
    @evil_genius_180 ... maybe I‘m reading too much into this but ... the speech at the end by golden Soji ... a leader pretending to have all the answers, exploiting the fear of the others to get his way ... and that leader has a weird golden (almost orange) skin color ... get it? Get it?

    Not exactly subtle symbolism, if that’s what their going for.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801843 Posts: 9,995Member
    Sadly, I can pretty much guess how this is going to end. Soji is still going to be on Picard's side. She's going to help them escape and stop the signal and she's probably going to have to kill the other android that looks like her. (hence, her questioning killing on to save many) Picard is going to go into Speech mode, and convince everyone to cool down. That's my guess on the broad strokes of how it's going to go.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th444 GermanyPosts: 335Member
    I really do not have the strength, to talk about that show anymore. However, „A butterfly, that lives forever, is no butterfly at all“ must be one of the stupidest sentences ever written.

    But it was nice to see some Starfleet ships at last. They actually looked quite nice, though a little tiny. And Rikers uniform looked a little better, than the ones seen throughout the show. Wouldn‘t actually mind a show with him in the captains chair after this. Though, thematically it would have made a lot more sense, to have Worf or Geordi in that chair. Or someone from the other shows.

    Well it‘s over. I for one won‘t be watching the adventures of Robo-Picard 😅

    PS: anyone thought, that Discovery Ad at the start was part of the episode at first? 😅
  • FreakFreak1073 Posts: 4,345Member
    @P5ych0p4th are you watching on CBSAA?
    We don't get any adds for Discovery here on Amazon Prime given that Discovery is on a different streaming service.

    Also was the episode an hour long or did it run longer?

    Still got to wait until tomorrow when it drops on Prime.

    One thing I never got is why they never dropped it at the same time around the world. So if it drops at 9pm on the eastern coast of the States, I could watch it at 2am here in the UK. They did that with Game of Thrones when it was on.
    Would save on spoilers or stop me from sailing on the high seas. Not something I do, but it is an option so that it not ruined for me.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th444 GermanyPosts: 335Member
    @Freak ... let’s say, I watched the CBSAA Version 😁

    Yeah, wouldn’t make sense, to have the Discovery ad in the prime version. But it was just a glorified teaser poster anyway. It was just weird, to start the episode that way.

    It was about an hour long. I believe around 56 Minutes.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th444 GermanyPosts: 335Member
    That’s the teaser I was talking about:

  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish3497 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,514Member
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • FreakFreak1073 Posts: 4,345Member
    Well I watched the last episode and my god I can't decided if this or Discovery is the worst Trek show of all time.

    The plot is so bad Sci-fi Channel would have turned it down in the 90's when they where do those really cheap and cheesy Z level TV movies.

    Also see a major plot hole with this story. There is a multiple galaxy spanning AI lifeform that is watching the Galaxy so they can save AI life when the get to a certain level of evolution. The Romulans super secret organisation has been trying to stop this is the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Basically The know space the main races of Star Trek know.
    But what about the rest of the galaxy, are you telling me that there are no other races making AI because that would be compilate and utter BS.

    We know from Voyager that two alien races built Android's to go to war with each other. The androids turned on their maker and wiped the them and continue to war. However they where unable to make more of themselves. They have the ability to learn and Tories helped them get around the block that was stopping them. So what stopping them evolving and calling this AI race that is sitting outside the galaxy? The Romulans and everyone else would not know that this had happen as on the other side of the galaxy and take at least 70 years to get to that part of space.

    One final thing, I thought this show was meant to be about Picard, he was just a passenger for this crappy story, and it could have been told with any of the TNG cast members or even some new Characters.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish3497 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,514Member
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    It is just the retelling of the holo lifeforms episodes from Voyager. It is out of place in future tng era where hard holos were common and used pretty much like slaves.

    The real failing of these people is writing in a franchise or universe without shitting on it. You do not take huge major level events and drop them without really mulling over what your doing and verify all known stories of said canon or universe.

    Doing a story with the origin of the borg like in the novels, that was creative and a world spanning idea that did not break anything.

    [snip] so much wrong with this even a casual should be able to see issues. Most issues are not even franchise/universe related. Some are basic physics and science or even chronological.

    and talk about them droid sheeple.

    As for why I watched it. What else was on? really. hate to say it Picard was probably better than most of what was on US tv at that moment. Cannot count West World or clonewars as those had yet to air. I also did want to like it. Hoped it would work itself out but meh. Only take away is redvelvet spew. Best thing about the show.
    BLEAHHHHHARRGHHHHH well maybe those bodum tea cups. that was a nice addition and something I would have liked to see more of. Less of everything else.

    As for STD. . . I might not bother with it either. Just wait for Orville and other shows. Stick Trek where Doctor Who is, in the toilet.
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    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • FreakFreak1073 Posts: 4,345Member
    One thing is for sure, we now know why "I'm a true Trek Fan Chabon" has left the show as showrunner and writer.

    As he is now working on a show based on his own book. All I can say is good luck to him, I won't be watching and I doubt it will have the budget that Picard has.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th444 GermanyPosts: 335Member
    @MadKoiFish ... yeah, I was thinking about that Voyager episode too and how it did basically the Sam plot a lot better. And that‘s not even a very good Voyager episode.

    Also: Hard Holos sounds like a program you‘d have to pay Quark for 😁

    And since you used a picture of her: I really enjoyed Alison Pills acting. It‘s a shame, they didn‘t give the character a good story. Same goes for pretty much all returning castmembers.
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