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Star Trek News and Rumours



  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
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    @P5ych0p4th, watching Picard, I am starting to think that Kurtzman is more the 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist, than Orci.

    ST:VI is my second favourite film in the series.

    As for wearing the uniform to work, if a Woman can wear one, as a jury member in the States. I can't see why you can't ;)
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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
    P5ych0p4th wrote: »
    (while I do believe, Kurtzman gets a little too much hate for that one, since that whole 9/11 Stuff is all Orci)

    Wait, what? I've watched Into Darkness exactly twice (the second time was earlier today) and I didn't realize that Khan wanting to fly a starship into some buildings to do maximum damage as it was destroyed was "9/11 stuff." I thought the whole reason the movie got so much hate was because the writing was flimsy, much of the plot and dialog was a direct ripoff of TWOK, and the fact that they cast a white British man to play a character who was supposed to be Middle Eastern. Now, having said all of that, I didn't hate the movie on my second watching of it, but I feel those are the weakest parts of the film. Though, I believe Kurtzman, Orci and Abrams all share the blame for that mess. People just want to act like it's all Kurtzman's fault because they don't like the newer Star Trek stuff that he's behind.
  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    Not offical news out of ViamcomCBS or Secret hideout.
    But I thought I would post it here instead of giving it own thread.

    A Star Trek Fan in the UK has recreated the Bridge of the Enterprise-D in full loving detail.
    This is not CGI, watch the video for the twist.

  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member

    Star Trek: Lower Decks final get an air date.
    The show has been set to premiers on CBSAA on Thursday, August 6.
    The show will be shown weekly on every Thursday and it is comprised of 10 episodes that are 30mins in length.

    The Show will be shown in Canada on the same places that show Star Trek Picard and Discovery.

    As for those of living out side of North America, there as been no news on who will be showing it. Though rumour has it both Netflix and Amazon Prime has turned it down. (I don't know what that means for Strange New World if it get made?)
    It could be some time until it is seen in the Rest of the world.

    As for Discovery Season 3, Still no news on when that will be Realised on CBSAA or Netflix. However I heard that Post Production is now completed and it is ready for broadcast.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
    Thanks for the update, I'll have to check out Lower Decks when it starts airing.
  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    So this weekend is the SDCC Stay@Home.
    There are not been anything of interest. However Star Trek did have a panel that latest about 90mins.
    This was not live but pre-recorded and it is very badly edited.
    Listening to Kurtzman I almost punched my monitor screen in pure anger. This is not the man that should have anything to do with Trek let along shape the direction it should go in.

    We did get one announcement though and that is the name of the Nickelodeon Cartoon which will be called.


    There it nothing else.

    Anyway, Midnight Edge has done a breakdown of the panel and gives there take of where Trek currently stands. (Yes I know a few you don't like them, but it still an interesting watch as they do give you all the information that is know.)

  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
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    Star Trek Discovery Season 3 get a realises date. Thursday October 15th, with new episodes released on subsequent Thursdays.
    At this moment Netflix has not yet announced when it will be showing it.

    Normal when airdate has been announced Netflix would also be included in the announcement and showing it the following day.
    However has Netflix is not mentioned in the CBS announcement, this is adding more fuel to the rumour that is current doing the round that Netflix has got out of it contract.

    There was a rumour flying around just before Picard was announced to go to Amazon, Netflix was trying to get out of their contract and was going to sue Kurtzman and Secret Hideout for spending funds Netflix had given for Discovery on other things that was not related to the show.
    This recently changed to Netflix had got out of there deal.
    Which leads me to believe that CBS settled the Law Suit before it could go to court and that was part of the settlement or Netflix has got out of deal anyway.

    Either way if this is true, then it not good news for CBS, Secret Hideout and Kurtzman. It would mean that they have now lost international distribution partners for this show, have none for Lower Desks and to put a cherry on top. It is also rumoured that Amazon is trying to get out of it deal for Picard.
    Which if true would mean that CBS has no international distribution partners for any of it Star Trek Shows, with the exception of Star Trek: Prodigy as that will be shown on Nickelodeon around the world. (A channel ViacomCBS Owns.)

    Again, if this all turns out to be true, it not good news for Strange New World and Section 31. With both shows are looking for funding to be made, and now not having an international distribution partners. It unlikely that they will.

    Finally returning to Discovery, just before the SDCC panel, a rumour was going around stating that Discovery season 4 would be announced. As only the title for Star Trek: Prodigy was the only announcement, it look like season 3 could be it last. Adding to the rumour that the reshoots at the beginning of year was done to close the show out, and put that with Netflix no longer in contract with them. Well it not good.
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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
    It looks like CBS has dug themselves into a hole with these shows. Not giving international viewers access to your shows is definitely a bad move, as there are Star Trek fans all around the world. I can almost guarantee that most people in the United States don't give a f*** about CBS All Access, and many still don't even know it exists. Most of the streaming services I hear about from coworkers are Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and Amazon Prime. CBS has apparently already pissed off two of those, and there's no way they're going to go to Disney with their shows, which wouldn't pass Disney's strict content rules anyway. Hulu (which is still majority owned by Disney) may be an option, but I don't know how they're set up for international distribution or if they'll even work with CBS.

    CBS should stop being stupid and just put the shows on regular TV. Or on one of the cable networks they own. Like you said, the advantage of the Nickelodeon show is that you've already got international distribution.
  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    With the Exception of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+. None of the other US streaming service are available outside the States except in a few small markets. like Australia.

    As for showing it though terrestrial TV, that one way to go. However when they do we would be able to see the viewing figures.
    At present the only Station that is showing it on terrestrial is E4 in the UK. (Canada is on a cable channel and I believe they have not realises figures.)
    We do have the viewing figure for E4 and season 1 of Discovery (Season 2 has not yet been shown) and they are bad and I mean really bad.
    It started off well but by then end it was well below the hundred thousands. Viewing numbers that would get any TV show pulled straight away.
    But that could also be down to the fact that is was on Netflix first and I would say about 90% of house holds in the UK has it.

    What I want to see is the number Netflix has and the repeat viewing. That would really tell the real story.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th476 GermanyPosts: 341Member

    It’s a shame, really. The idea to use a new Trek to launch a Streaming service wasn’t a bad one. Or the idea to do a bunch of Trek shows on the service. Maybe even make it service for genre fans. Rebooting Twilight Zone again and getting Peel to do it falls right into that. There’s probably a lot more CBS Sci-Fi properties, they could have brought back.

    But in the end, the quality just wasn’t there. Trek and Twilight Zone are the only CBS AA shows I even know. God, how I hate wasted potential.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
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    P5ych0p4th wrote: »
    Trek and Twilight Zone are the only CBS AA shows I even know. God, how I hate wasted potential.

    If you don't count Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, they've got seven CBSAA original shows, going all the way back to 2016. (apparently, the service has been around since 2014) Counting Trek, they only have 13 CBSAA originals. (not counting stuff in development) Five have ended. Compared to services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, that's nothing. They do several new shows in a year. Plus, renewals of older shows. They also do movies, CBSAA has yet to do a single movie exclusively for the service. In fact, the rest of the content on CBSAA is just their library of CBS shows. So, unless you have a CBSAA original you really want to see or you're really into CBS's library of shows, it's a pointless service.

    So, like you said, it's basically a wasted potential. Now, by comparison, Disney+ has done even less originals so far, but they're a younger service and they've got a much better library to draw from, especially since they can appeal to children with their library. Parents will get Disney+ for their kids to watch it, plus they've got Marvel and Star Wars for people who like that stuff or who want to experience it for the first time. And, of course, their library of movies goes all the way back to the 1930s. I don't know why CBS doesn't get the Paramount library of movies on its service. You'd think that would be a good way to get people interested in it.
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  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    So this weekend I found out that Paramount was planning to make another film Star Trek film back in 2005, this was before CBS and Paramount split.
    This film would have been the start of a trilogy and would be set a few year after Enterprise. It would not have any characters from any past Trek shows and would have an all new Cast.

    The main character would be called Tiberius Chase and is the Great / Grandfather of Captain Kirk. (Basically Kirk's Mother or Grandmother father. which is where is get his middle name from.) Chase family has a bit of a turbulent past as Chase father is a member of "Earth First" and his family was strong supporter of Col Green after the 3rd world war.

    From what I understand the film would be centred around the Start of the Earth Romulan War, The Second film will focus mainly of a pivotal Event during the war. and the final film would be the End of the War and the formation of the Untiled Federation of Planets.
    The film would have been called Star Trek: The Beggining. It would also have none of the produces from past Trek making it.
    In another words no Rick Berman.

    Erik Jendresen, is the man behind this trilogy of films. (Best know as a writer and producers for Band of Brothers.) Paramount was chasing him to do a Trek project. Though Jendresen is not a fan of Sci-fi and knew nothing of Trek, kept turning them down. But they kept chasing him and he finally agreed.

    The first thing he did before starting work, was do a Harve Bennett and did a deep dive into all thing Trek. In another words he watched everything. (TOS, Movies, TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT) Once he has done that he started work.

    From what I understand the first draft of the script is very faithful to what Trek is and it Canon. Paramount loved it.
    However before Jendresen could start work on second draft. CBS and Paramount was split and the Heads of Paramount was replaced meaning all their projects was scraped. (This always happened when someone take over a studio.)

    The Inglorious Treksprets recently did a podcast with Jendresen talking about this movie that never was.
    You can hear it here.

    Robert Meyer Burnett, has also got a chance to read the script (he's on the podcast with Jendresen.) and did a basic over view of it on his Youtube show. which you can see here.

    As Paramount owns this script they could still make this, only time will tell.
  • markmasseymarkmassey512 StaffordshirePosts: 586Member
    I can remember watching the expanse years ago on netflix.... didn't know anything about it and clicked it because there was nothing else on... i did not expect to be as blown away as i was.... and considering all the old trek shows were on netflix i was convinced that netflix should make a new trek series.... imagine a trek series with the production quality of the expanse... so imagine my excitement when i saw that netflix had got the rights to a new show.... Discovery.... i couldn't believe it... I eagerly awaited any news.. cast, ship, setting etc... nothing... for what seemed like so long... then we got the ship and told that it was set before kirk and i have to admit then i was deflated... now i can admit it might have been a bit self entitled to assume that the new trek series would be set after voyager and continue the franchise (i hate that word) which had set up its rich and expansive universe well before marvel came along...... But alas no.. we were going with the hollywood trend of reboot or prequel... But i was still excited... when the premiere episodes dropped on netflix i still knew pretty much nothing and was ready... hungry for it.... I think it took all of 10, maybe 15 minutes for me to realise something was very wrong.... You couldn't even say this was jj trek... because at the very least with the jj movies.. the cast had great chemistry... and you warmed to them pretty quickly... i remember just pausing and saying wtf when the security officer said something along the lines of look at the human garbage.... probably the 15th time i'd paused the show to ask what the hell have they done... But i stayed with it.. it was star trek and i was happy at that time to accept anything they gave me... but after trawling through the first season i couldn't bare to watch season 2... And after expecting some sort of walk back with picard, i couldn't be less interested in anything they announced for new trek.. i've got no interest in watching lower decks, discovery season 3 and i don't for one second think that if the captain pike show gets made that it will be any different to discovery and picard... despite all the talk of how it's going to be more optimistic and serialised.. i just think the last few shows have shown that the current custodians of star trek dont get star trek, and certainly don't get why people have watched it for as long as they have.. I don't know what the point of this post was... i just sound like i'm having a moan... and my wife is sick of me saying after after every episode of TNG "How can you "£$% up so much that you can't make an episode as good as one made in 1991" so i've come here for a bit of a moan...

    Oh no evil_genius said something about wasted potential and then i started typing.... :)
  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    I mentioned this months ago as a rumour. But it has now been made official.

    Noah Hawley's 'Star Trek' film has been put on hold.
    This has come from the Hollywood Reporter. The article mentions two other movie projects Quentin Tarantino movie. (which we already know is not happening as the man himself has said so.) & the other being the reuniting of the Kelvin films cast. (This is also unlikely to happen as ViacomCBS are unwilling to pay the higher wages the cast was contracted for if they did another film.)

    Here is the article.

    What the article does not mention is that they also can't get funding for any of these films.
    However Paramount does own the script for Star Trek: Beginning, which I posted about above and can be made for less than Hundred Million Dollars. So they could do that without looking for externally for backer like they do for anything over Hundred Million Dollars
  • ViperViper1677 Posts: 716Administrator
    I think doing a Star Trek movie right now is a dumb move. I'd wait a few years. When the pandemic slows down, there'll be a flood of new movies coming for the next few years...more than usual. Any movie that is done will be a guaranteed failure.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
    I read about that a day or so ago, that the new head of Paramount put the movie on hold. She says it's not been ditched, just that it's on hold.

    I agree that it's a bad time to do a movie.
  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
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    They do need to hold off making a movie for the moment.
    But they also need to get rid of anyone from Bad Robot & Secret Hideout working on it.
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    In other News last night Robert Meyer Burnett was doing on a show about Nicholas Meyer cancelled Khan Mini-Series.

    I post a link to it, however CBS has copyright stuck the video and it can't be viewed at the moment.

    I never got to see the stream, however I seen a thread talking about it on his Facebook Page. This is the series that was rumoured when Nicholas Meyer was still working on Discovery before Kurtzman took over.
    While nothing was shown with the exception of Nicholas Meyer cover page for the first episode of Discovery, which was re-written anyway.

    Getting back to Meyer, Khan Mini-Series. From what I understand the whole series was to be set on Earth and a little bit on Ceti Alpha V. It was going to follow the rise to power of Khan and his down fall. (So this would have been a cheap Show to make and little CGI would be needed.)

    What I am not sure of is if the Ceti Alpha V scenes, would be Khan telling the story to his love Lt. Marla McGivers. Or what happen after the Enterprise left them on Ceti Alpha V and the lead up to Ceti Alpha VI blowing up.

    Anyway. as this is a project that was cancelled over three years ago, there is nothing for CBS to copyright unless they are planning to put it back into production?
    Not likely with their current money issues.
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  • ViperViper1677 Posts: 716Administrator
    Yeah, I heard about that Khan mini series before actually. Not sure that's what I'd want to see Nick Meyer working on. But I'd trust him to come up with something interesting.
  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    Given Meyer work on Trek, I would take him over anyone working working on it at the moment.

    Robert Meyer Burnett has given an update on his live stream that was copyrighted by CBS.
    He has stated that CBS has e-mailed in regards to the Stream (something that they don't normally do.) and it have given an in-depth review of why it was pulled for Copyright.
    Simple put what he was saying was damaging to the Brand.

    Now talking about three scripts that from a project that was cancelled is not going to damage to brand. If that was the case his stream on the unproduced movie trilogy Star Trek: The Beginning (which is posted above) would also have been copy right stuck.
    Now Rob only mentioned that the scripts where call Ceti Alpha V. However this letter from CBS states that Star Trek: Ceti Alpha V is copyrighted as well. (while CBS does copyright lots of things that never get to far into development. They could have accidently revealed a project that is in development but not yet ready to be announced.)

    Now taking what he did with Star Trek: The Beginning and did the same thing with Star Trek: Ceti Alpha V. This has lead him to believe that this Project could be back in a soft-development. Otherwise there would be no reason for CBS to copyright something that is not in development and never would be.
    To add to this theory, he was also contact by someone that was connected to the project when it was original in production and asked him not to talk about it. Rob would not say who it was, but did say he was surprised to be contact by this person and asked not to talk about it.

    You can see him talk about this in his last episode here.

    So with everything that is currently go on with Trek and ViacomCBS. I got a theory which I hope to be true.
    But until more information comes out to solidify the theory, I am going to keep it to myself for now.
  • ViperViper1677 Posts: 716Administrator
    Kurtzman said in an interview that they are already writing season 4 of Disco, season 2 of Picard and season 1 of Strange New Worlds. Season 2 of Lower Decks is also fully written and ready for production I don't think he would say that if he knew they weren't getting new seasons.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
    Picard and Lower Decks both had second seasons greenlit before they premiered. I didn't know about season 4 of Discovery, though. I'm greatly anticipating season 3, (two months, almost exactly) so knowing they're working on a 4th is welcome news. I've enjoyed both seasons so far. :)

    So looking forward to Strange New Worlds. I thought Anson Mount and Ethan Peck were fantastic on Discovery. Rebecca Romijn too, though we saw less of her than I'd have liked. But then, someone had to command the Enterprise while Pike was on temporary assignment to the Discovery. Another great thing about that show will be seeing more of John Eaves' wonderful Enterprise design. :)
  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    I have not heard anything about Season 4 of Discovery, except that it was rumoured to be announced during Comic-Con Stay at Home. Which did not happen. It has also been confirmed that all the sets at Pinewood Toronto Studios have been pulled down. Now that does not mean that a 4th season is no coming but it looking that way. But the sets could have been pulled down so they can transport them down to LA. But that is unlikely as it costs more to film there than in Canada.

    Yeah Season 2 of Picard was given a green light, but they expected to be filming now. On top of that, with Patrick Stewart now in his 80's. They are not likely to start filming for a minimum of a year and with Hollywood still in Lockdown. It unlikely for Sir Patrick Stewart to come back as he is now in the at risk group. Plus who is going to insures him from the Beer Bug. Not many and if someone is willing to do it, it will cost a fortune to do.

    As for Strange New World, Kurtzman did not say he was writing, he said they have broken stories, which basically means they have titles and outline the stories. It the same thing he said for Section 31, which has all disappeared and not being mentioned. The Problem for Strange New Worlds is that has no backer so it got no money to go into proper production. Kurtzman was hoping that by announcing it Netflix or Amazon would jump on it, but that not happened.

    As for Lower Decks, I can believe that season 2 has been written, the question is will it be made? CBS and Secret Hideout still don't have any international distribution of it. Now Secret Hideout keeps coming up with excuses as to why. First it because of the Beer Bug, Then it was because CBSAA is going though a rebranding. How that affects selling a programs for overseas distribution is beyond me.
    Secondly we have known about it for two years. Which means they had two years to get distribution and both Netflix and Amazon have turned it down. It says a lot.
    So with no extra income coming in, they may not be able to make it, only time will tell. Also it not the same as Star Trek Prodigy. Why? Well that is being funned by Nickelodeon. Not just Nickelodeon USA, but all the Nickelodeon's around the world. So finances is not a problem there.

    Finally that Rumour of Shri Redstone putting the breaks on Trek has popped up again. Apparently she has given an Order that ViacomCBS is not to give Kurtzman any new funding for Star Trek projects. (this includes Strange New World.) Even thought the deal with Bad Robot has ended, but with Trek now back under one roof, the movies now fall into Kurtzman hands. With Shri orders she has basically told him, if you want to make anything new you need to find the money yourself. Which he is currently unable to do. So now she is waiting on three things to happen. First, Kurtzman gives up and quits. Or Second his contract comes to an end and it will not be renewed. (which should happen in about a year and a half, maybe less.)
    Third, as it get closer to renewing his contract, it cost them less to buy him out.
    Only time will tell on that one.

    I have also heard that Star Trek: Ceti Alpha V is being developed with out Kurtzman and Secret Hideout and could be one of the first things to go into Production once Kurtzman and Secret Hideout are gone. But I take that with a huge grain of salt.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
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    I take all of these rumors with a huge grain of salt. I remember when there were rumors that Picard wasn't going to happen, then it was and then it did. Same thing with Discovery season 3. There was a rumor at one point that it wasn't happening, then it was and now we even have a date. Those are the types of things I believe.

    For a guy who has supposedly had the brakes put on all of his Star Trek projects more than once, Kurtzman keeps releasing new Star Trek.
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  • GuerrillaGuerrilla789 HelsinkiPosts: 2,865Administrator
    Here's the interview they're all referring to (I think)
    Comco: i entered it manually in the back end
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  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    Okay I am 1 min and 18 second in and his has told two lies.

    1st lie, "job you dream of as a kid. When he was a Kid". There was nothing like the Star Trek franchise to be in in charge off. Franchised like we know them today, did not really start until the mid to late 80's.

    2nd lie, "I grew up watching TOS". Err no you didn't, because when you where doing the publicity tour for Star Trek 09. You have stated in more than one of them that you did not watch Trek and only saw it when you went round to a friends house and it was on. So what is it Alex? You watched it because you wanted to or watched it because your mate was watching it?

    Sorry but this guys has made so many lies he can not longer keep straight his own lies.
  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    @evil_genius_180, the rumours of the brakes being put on. comes down to finances.
    Picard almost didn't happen, it only went into production because Amazon came on at the last second.
    Season 3 of Discovery almost did not happen because Netflix was in disputed with Secret Hideout due to the show budget being spent on other thing than the show. It is Rumoured that Netflix did not pay anything towards Season 3. (one of the main reason why still have not announced a date for it coming out.) For Season 3 to be made, it has been rumoured that Secret Hideout took a % of the Budget from Picard to get it made.

    I guess that will be kept secret for a few years and then it will all come out in another documentary like "Trouble on the Bridge." If you have not seen that I suggest you do. very fascinating to watch.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
    I'm just going to float an idea. If CBS is that hard up for money (and, by all accounts, they are) maybe they should consider selling Star Trek. They could sell the rights to the whole thing and be done with it. They clearly don't know how to treat it and they apparently aren't even making a lot of money from it these days, if they can't even budget the shows. So, sell it to another company that will treat it better. Not Disney, they own too much already. But, maybe go bold and sell it to a company like Netflix or Amazon. After all, they keep trying to get those companies to pay for these shows anyway. They could probably get a decent amount of money for it.

    Anyway, just a thought.
  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    I don't think Shri Redstone will sell it, unless she has no choice.
    Trek is not worth what it was when Kurtzman took it over. While it back catalogue has not gone down in value. Where the main money came from was merchandising.
    That was bring in over $20 million a year. A main reason why, when JJ asked them to stop making it, So he could make his for the movies they told him were to go.
    But now they barely have sold any merchandising rights and those that had the old ones have left them go. So that $20 Million a years has now disappeared. Dropping the Value of Trek. (This was the main reason why Lucas was able to sell Star Wars/ Lucas films to Disney for so much.)
    The only real money CBS is making from merchandising is coming from their in house publishing (Simon & Schuster) which they are now trying to sell off.

    It was Rumoured a few months ago that Seth MacFarlane was looking to buy the rights and everything related to Trek a few months ago, with the backing of NBC (Star Trek original home.) But that turned out to be fails.

    However saying that, there is a new rumour going around that if ViacomCBS does sell Star Trek, Seth could be interested if the price is right.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
    I think The Orville has proven that Seth McFarlane has the love for the property and he'll treat it right. NBC is definitely in a much better place financially than CBS, so that makes sense too. I would love to see that deal go through.

    The fact that it's not making the money it was is why I'm saying they should sell it. They don't know how to merchandise it to make it profitable again. Someone else may know how. And, tie in merchandise that people want to buy starts with making good Star Trek again.
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