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3DSide Projects (Random).



  • Dr LeeDr Lee2 Posts: 0Member
    Looks great...
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    ^ Well at least it did anyway.



  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    A stop for the truck. Gotto texture the pump(s) and finish the innards, and I'll be done.


  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Back to this one for a brief moment, and personally I like the new front. Makes it look... tougher. :thumb:

  • ElowanElowan0 Posts: 0Member
    That little yellow critter is one of my faves.
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Thank you Elowan. Appreciate it much. And I'll be getting back to my yellow monstrosity soon. :lol:

    Now, to this... It's a seat...

    Well actually it's going to be the interior for... something... :D






  • Lizzy777Lizzy7771390 PNWPosts: 761Member
    Looks like a seat for a monowheel.
    "Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the corgies of war!"
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    No, not a monowheel. Just one of my designs that I would always start on, get a good solid start with, then get side-tracked, and end up putting it along with everything else on the back burner till later. But I'll give you a hint. It's a fighter type jet/ship. :thumb:
  • Dr LeeDr Lee2 Posts: 0Member
    looks good.... and you've given me an idea for something :)
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    I've finally gotten back to doing fun stuff. I'm working on a flight-suit/space-suit for the guy in the chair. :thumb:



  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Still working on it. May not finish within any of our lifetimes. Tell me what you think? :thumb:



  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Coming close to wrapping it up... I guess. The next things are, defining the utility/power/oxygen pack. Then on to his gloves, etc. Still working on it. :thumb:



  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member



  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Damn it's quiet in here. Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. Echo, echo, echo, echo, echo, echo, echo. :lol: In any case... I am having a little bit of trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble. There's that damned echo again. Well like I was saying, I'm having a little bit of trouble with the hands/gloves. But, all in all it seems to have come out better than I expected... Not really. Should be finished with it soon, as well as some other stuff. Tell me what you think? :thumb:




  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    I'm going to have to alter each variation, but basically, the yellow suits are the flight suits. And the grey suit are for combat. They will both be used for the military forces of the universe they have been designed for. Now as for the other suit I made earlier in the thread, it will have to be completely reworked; and applied to some other field, maybe the regular police force or something...

  • daibakadaibaka171 Posts: 0Member
    The suit looks great. Can't help with the hands but I'm assuming that the yellow parts are flexible in some way? Just it doesn't have as many of the articulation lines at the waist that it does at the hip and knee, which would make it pretty uncomfortable for a pilot sitting in a cockpit for hours on end if the suits is actually rigid. Loving the progress regardless, so keep it up!
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Thank you daibaka, and sorry for the late reply. Yes, the yellow (grey on the combat version), parts of the suit is extremely flexible. Think heavy 70's vinyl jacket. But I will adding extra lines for comfort, and feasibility. Thanx again.

    Congratulations also to all the winners of the 2010 Meshies Awards you've all worked really hard. And I'd like to congratulate you in particular Freak, you deserved it dude. :thumb:

    All right folks, I've started on one of the aerial/space fighters for the yellow flight suit. Tell me what you think? :thumb:



  • cavebearcavebear179 Posts: 623Member
    Cool little fighter. I especially like the engine and rear air frame detail (middle picture):thumb:. The cockpit looks to have a very wide field of view but seems to be just an add-on to the rest of the fighter body. Kind of like an after thought:(. If you added a bit between the main body and the narrow cockpit which allows a transition, maybe it would look better. I don't know what the thoughts behind the design are though so just take everything I say with a grain of salt :)
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Thank you cavebear. I don't remember what the inspiration for this particular design was. But after I started to develop it I decided to make it resemble this cute little guy.


    It's a piranha. Now as for the front section, I have to add more detail, a lot more. As it is a fighter/escape module itself. Thanx again dude. :thumb:
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Still have shape it and add detail, but...



  • JennyJenny2 Posts: 0Member
    I like the visual freedom from the flightdeck, but why does it extend so far forward from the pilot position?
  • CoolhandCoolhand289 Mountain LairPosts: 1,298Member
    sweet. :thumb:
  • cavebearcavebear179 Posts: 623Member
    Now I like that quite a lot :)
  • HaturodHaturod0 Posts: 0Member
    That's one cute lil baby ship :)
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Jenny wrote: »
    I like the visual freedom from the flightdeck, but why does it extend so far forward from the pilot position?

    I like the ability to see all around out in front too. And I had it to extend that far out in order to make it a two man craft, but I don't know if I'll still do that or not yet. Thanx Jenny.

    Coolhand wrote: »
    sweet. :thumb:

    Thank you. :thumb:

    cavebear wrote: »
    Now I like that quite a lot :)

    Thank you. And it is a lot better. :thumb:

    Haturod wrote: »
    That's one cute lil baby ship :)

    Thanx, it is a lot attractive with the new front.

    Appreciate the comments everyone, but I may have to hold off on this for a week or so. My back slipped out yet again, and well... If that's ever happened to you before, you know. Thanx again.
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    This is going to be a heavy combat tank/command bunker/mobile base/drop ship module. I think...




  • meugen06meugen06334 Posts: 5Member
    Nice,welcome back.
  • HaturodHaturod0 Posts: 0Member
    Nice clean modelling! I have yet to be that neat :)
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    @ meugen06: Thank you, and thank you.

    @ Haturod: Thank you. Keep going, it'll happen before you know it. :thumb:

    Quick update folks. And I've decided to call it a Silver-Back Mobile Assault Fortress. Because it kind of looks like a guerrilla stooping down on all four.



  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member

    Gotta figure out how to make the barrels look though.


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