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  • markmasseymarkmassey512 StaffordshirePosts: 586Member
    I haven't seen much lower decks but the end of that trailer made me laugh..
  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    @P5ych0p4th, I agree there has been hundred of films that have never been made. the dfferenace between them and the Trek films is that, those films were never anounced in publication or at least to the general public.

    The reason these films were anounaced was to drum up excitement and also darw investors to the project, something that did not happen. Chris Pine walked away becasue Bad Robot could not live up to the agreement of Pine Contract and they were offering him less. So he walked.

    As I said about the Kelvin film they made a profit but not where not huge success Paramount was hoping for. A film need to make three times it budget to be consider a success in the studios and everything else is bonus.
    ST09 just a little over three time it budget once you take Marketing into acocunt which is not shown as part of the filming budget. So it made money but not enough Profit that Paramount is looking for. But enough to green light a sequel.
    ST:ID cost more than 09 did and while it made more moeny at the box office. It profit margine was actually less than 09. This is the reason Beyond was given a smaller budget to work with.
    I have been told this from more than once souce I know working at Paramount and few others that also work in the industiry.

    The point is while the film made money the return was not that great for the budget spent on them. They need to return to low budget Trek films but they got two problems here. The current wrtiers on Trek can't write trek and 2 with
    the sale of all the props and sets, they can't re-use them like all Trek has done up until 05.

    @Viper, your right about that. Lots of directors working on Trek films and talking about it. But no actually release dates. All of which has been disappeared.
    As to who leaked these directors are working on a Trek. I don't know but in the industry, it is beleaved to be Bad Robort, so they can get investors so they can make these films and keep their contract with Paramount going.
    You have to remember if those films where a success or not Bad Robot get paid from Paramount upfront. So it a win win for them.
    As for this Movie it the first to actaully have a release date.
  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    Hi Peeps, been awhie.
    I hope you are all good.

    Here is the poster for Season 2 of Picard.

    Here is the tesser trailer.

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