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3DWing Commander Pixel Art-y Unity Remake!



  • JMoneyJMoney189 Posts: 127Member
    edited July 2019 #32
    This project is so cool. I considered myself the biggest Wing Commander fan on the planet when I was younger. Played all the games 100 times over, collected all the rare merchandise, read all the novels, and am a Star Citizen backer because of Chris Roberts.

    Love what you are doing! What a blast from the past, but with new life!
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  • Nathan RubricNathan Rubric180 GermanyPosts: 159Member
    Howard Day wrote: »
    Yep! And I totally did. :D

    You're the man! :D
  • Howard DayHoward Day632 Posts: 434Member
    edited July 2019 #34
    Glad you guys like it! I'm pretty close to pushing out a new update to the demo - A major update, in fact.
    And I['m starting to think about the Dralthi cockpit. That'll be the first playable version - where you can pick a side to have combat with.
    Here's a glimpse of the Dralthi IV cockpit I did a while ago.

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    Nathan RubricViperevil_genius_180Lizzy777RekkertBrandenberg
  • ViperViper1691 Posts: 717Administrator
    How are you achieving the pixelated look? Just render in low res and upscale?
  • Nathan RubricNathan Rubric180 GermanyPosts: 159Member
    Viper wrote: »
    How are you achieving the pixelated look? Just render in low res and upscale?

    Maybe that or he uses a program/plugin like Pixatool.
  • Howard DayHoward Day632 Posts: 434Member
    I wrote out a tutorial of how I did the pixely stuff here:
    Nathan RubricBrandenberg
  • Mangy_DogMangy_Dog61 Posts: 13Member
    Ok wow :D
    I was looking at the chariot thread and thought of you. Wondered what youre doing these days... Then i saw this thread and was glad to still see you about... And really wowed by this thread. And then i saw youre twitter... Art Director at Double Damage Games.... Really imrpessive... I was seeing some play demos of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw a few weeks ago and thinking this could be really cool.... Really chuffed to see you are massively involved in it :D
  • Howard DayHoward Day632 Posts: 434Member
    edited August 2019 #39
    NUTSY! Oh, man - I haven't seen you about in forever. I hope you're well! And yeah, RGO goes out to the press, reviewers, and some streamers *tomorrow*. It's madness time!
    I'm super proud of what our little team has done over the last 3 years. And yeah - its a bit wild seeing someone else doing a Chariot - My mind keeps thinking, HEY THATS MY MODEL...but it's not. A bit odd.

    So, I just figured out how to record Wingleader in 60fps!

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    Lizzy777Nathan RubricViper
  • Howard DayHoward Day632 Posts: 434Member
    New background set!
  • ViperViper1691 Posts: 717Administrator
    Those looks super nice! Particles or hand drawn?
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804514 Posts: 11,157Member
    Indeed, that does look super nice.
  • Howard DayHoward Day632 Posts: 434Member
    Aw thanks - I actually just snagged a bunch of images off APOD. Then I just index-rendered them.
  • Howard DayHoward Day632 Posts: 434Member
    Weekend work on the Dralthi cockpit - Still WIP but the vast majority of the base is there!
  • Howard DayHoward Day632 Posts: 434Member
    Tuesday Evening Dralthi update - I did lower the # of colors on the bright end of the pipe ramp, and went with an even subtler brown shade to the shadows, added a ton of detail. Definitely getting closer to something that looks good!

  • ViperViper1691 Posts: 717Administrator
    Yes, new colors add a nice greasy look to it. New greebles also work great.
  • ComcoComco317 Posts: 1,281Administrator
    I can't believe I haven't replied to this thread yet. It will come as no surprise to you to know that I absolutely love what you're doing, Howard. I'm looking forward to this more than some AAA games :)

    BTW - Congrats on Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw getting released! It looks fantastic!
  • Howard DayHoward Day632 Posts: 434Member
    Thanks, guys!
    Comco: Aww, thanks. I'm delighted its out in the wild - now to just manage all the bug reports!
    Dralthi update - new cockpit and damage states + some 60fps gameplay.

    Nathan RubricLizzy777McCComcoBrandenbergmerritt258
  • ComcoComco317 Posts: 1,281Administrator
    Have you got plans for a mission editor or something for this, Howie? My god I'd love to play the original campaign in this engine. :sunglasses:
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1906 CaliforniaPosts: 2,052Member
    Really very impressive. Bravo!
  • ViperViper1691 Posts: 717Administrator
    edited September 2019 #51
    That last video is great. I also love the damaged cockpit :)

    Random question, do you still have still renders of your Mars Transfer Vehicle? This guy:
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    Nathan Rubric
  • Warp Propulsion LaboratoryWarp Propulsion Laboratory915 BrooklynPosts: 324Member
    Fantastic. I can only dream about getting these FPS on my PS/1 back in the day. What a slide show that was...
    Please visit my YouTube channel!

    Formerly furswift
  • Howard DayHoward Day632 Posts: 434Member
    Making some progress on character talky-heads for this after a couple of years. :grin:
    These are just plain renders, saved directly out of Max with no post work done.
    Lizzy777Warp Propulsion Laboratory
  • Howard DayHoward Day632 Posts: 434Member
    Here's first pass on Maniac!
    Supposed to look like a young Tom Wilson:
    ..Basically just Biff Tannen. :tongue:

  • japetusjapetus2981 SeattlePosts: 1,403Member
    My inner child is so stoked!
  • Howard DayHoward Day632 Posts: 434Member
    :grin: Some more Wing Leader nonsense, working way too late. Flattened some perspective, got some better contrast on materials, added the iconic WC2 Terran pilot chair.
  • Howard DayHoward Day632 Posts: 434Member
    There wasn't enough room for it behind the visor to have Hunter smokin his Stogie... :( But.. there's no reason the visor can't be raised! and it looks awesome, so, here you go. :P
  • Howard DayHoward Day632 Posts: 434Member
    Bulked up the seats, fixed the padding stitching and wrinkles to blend/look better, added more helmet art, rank insignia on the respirators, and seatbelts!
    Lizzy777Nathan Rubricmerritt258
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