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3DStarCraft ships

xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
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Edit: when I first started this post years ago, I was not good at materials at all, so the first few posts here are not the greatest. But I've since learned much more, so this is the quality I'm going for for ships going forward:


Hello! New to this forum. My 3D work isn't nearly as detailed as most of the amazing stuff on here, partly because I'm working on all of it on not-the-strongest-of laptops. I made the 2D scale charts for the StarCraft Field Manual book, which you can see here, but I also always wanted to make my own StarCraft animation, as I was very inspired by the original game's cinematics, as well as some of the fan-made work by Freespace a few years ago. At the moment I'm working on a space battle animation, but I also plan to use my models in a nice chart or animation just showing the scale of all the ships. Here's a sampling of some of my models, in WIP stages, and an old Firefly in there as well:


Currently everything I do is pretty low-poly, which also gives me hope of sometime partnering with someone to make a realtime mockup, maybe just in Unity or something, so that people could fly around and see the sizes for themselves. Since I will have all the models anyway.

This is a pretty long, drawn out process for me, but I plan to keep steadily adding to my chart over time, and to post my first space battle animation here as well when it's finished!

Here are a couple of other small tests:



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  • StarriggerStarrigger475 Posts: 698Member
    Very nice, welcome aboard, look forward to seeing more.
    Come on over to my place CGI Worlds
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    Thank you!

    The next unit to be added will be the Goliath walker. It's just about 5m tall, so, smaller than an AT-ST (supposedly 8.6m tall). The model is in very early stages:



    A lot of this is just planning the overall shape, and how stocky it should be (the original model in SC1 was much leggier). I may lengthen the legs and scale down the cockpit to maintain the height.

    Additionally, today I downloaded Unity for the first time, and was able to get my models running in real time! So the 3D size comparison will almost certainly be interactive.
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    Here's an update to the lighting and shaders in Unity, though this video has no reflection maps or skybox:

    Right now when I record the screen the framerate gets really terrible, so I'll be looking into alternate capture software... It looks much smoother in person.

    In my first released demo I plan to have two capital-sized ships, the other being a science vessel (in early stages, with my orthographic concept as a reference plane in the middle):


    Then you'll be able to take off from one ship's hangar and land in another. Should be fun.
  • alonzo11208alonzo11208171 Posts: 0Member
    Good stuff, Xiao! SC always had some weird yet interesting ships, alongside the likes of say Warhammer.
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    Thanks! Yeah, I was always really interested by their classic ship designs, very bulky and almost like they were put together out of large scrap parts, like you would see shipping containers grafted and scaffolded onto the outside of a ship and that was how their manufacturing process went.

    SC2 changes things up a bit with the designs looking less thrown-together and a bit more advanced. At some point I'm going to make models of the SC2 ships, since the SC2 models are the only ones I discussed official sizes for with Blizzard, and for the most part they're meant to retcon the originals out of existence.
    The Behemoth-class battlecruiser in my demo here is about the size of a Star Destroyer (~1250m I think is what I made it), but that's an unofficial size, and in the original games its a different scale in every cutscene, they weren't consistent. The actual approved size for the SC2 version of the Behemoth-class is around 980m.

    ^The SC2 one will be much smaller than that.

    I really should be working more on finishing up the rest of the SC models, but I just saw the Force Awakens and it's really making me itch to add in some Star Wars stuff... The new Star Destroyer design is apparently 2,916m long! Not sure if I'll let myself be distracted or not.
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    So, I couldn't help but make a low-poly Force Awakens T-70 X-wing model, with a little BB-8 in there. I'd say it's about 85% accurate? Some areas are a little bit simplified (no greebles), and I didn't have the greatest references (pretty much none for the underside). I'll probably texture it and make a version of the two-seater Special Forces TIE. It's fun to have them as a size comparison for models from other sci-fi universes. Here it is with Starcraft's wraith:

  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    I know this is more of a modeling forum than an animation one, but I can't help but show off the animation I made today for my Overlord model. Here it is in the scene, with just the beginnings of textures for now:

    Really happy with how the Zerg will look in this demo.
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    Another update of the realtime scene:

    Most of the above models still have unfinished textures, so they aren't in yet.
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    Here are some in-engine shots of my Dropship model, which I've been working on texturing.

    Rear view (seen when flying it):



    The next thing I have to work on is the metalness map for the PBR shader. Right now you can just barely see I have streaks of grime in the diffuse map because they aren't breaking up the specular hightlights at all. And I'll add more drips and rust, and maybe some more rivets and seams as well.

    The original design also has turbine vanes at the front of the engine... so, what, are they supposed to turn in space as well? I'll probably texture them on but leave them not moving.
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
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    For scale purposes I'm making 1 low poly infantry unit for each faction. This Zergling model is 2868 tris. Here it is untextured:

    And with the beginnings of painting the bump map:
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  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    More texturing progress:

  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
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    Hey, this site is back! Back when I was posting all the above stuff, I had very little professional experience. I since got a little bit better at materials, so, scrap all the above, though I am still using some of those models. Lately I've done a couple of little quick 2d-composites of some of my models.



    I've also got some higher detail models in the works, for animations and such, but I poke away really slowly at these, as, you know, life and work get in the way.


    And a terran character in progress
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  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    Working on new textures for my Wraith model. Still lots of details to add, doing this in Substance Painter.


    This is the level of render quality I'd like to achieve across the board!
  • GuerrillaGuerrilla789 HelsinkiPosts: 2,865Administrator
    Nice to see some Starcraft around here. :) I suck at the game, but still watch the cinematics from the original every now and then.
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  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    Same here, I don't play anymore, but those old cinematics were a huge inspiration to me to get into art.

    Here is another wraith texturing update, with some more matte paint. Looks less accurate to the original, which was unpainted rust-streaked bare metal, but probably looks better. I think it still feels very Starcraft-y overall.
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    Wraith is finished, here is a mockup composite. On to the next!
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    Progress on a 3d version of the classic supply depot, for flyover shots:

  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1655 CaliforniaPosts: 1,937Member
    I don't know, I think you hold your own among the stuff here (at Scifi-Meshes). Very nice work. Two thumbs way up.
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    Thank you!

    Here is a bit of progress on the supply depot in substance painter.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
    I've never played Starcraft. But, I can always appreciate quality work like this, no matter the universe. :)
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
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    Thank you! I'll try to keep upping the quality as I go.

    Here is a little more progress, nearly done with the depot.

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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
    That looks sweet. I love the grime.
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
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    Some progress on texturing my old low-poly Zerg overlord model. Still gotta do a lot with the legs, but I'm pretty happy with the back.
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  • ViperViper1677 Posts: 716Administrator
    That looks great! I need to get my zbrush skills up to snuff. Would be cool to do some high resolution Zerg stuff :)
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
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    Definitely! My lack of sculpting is a big gap in my current portfolio. I'm looking forward to learning the sculpting tools in the new Blender 2.8 release; it's looking pretty great. Would love to try out doing a Zerg building.

    In the mean time, another Zerg in progress... texturing the classic hydralisk design from the original game.

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  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    Little more progress:
  • scifiericscifieric1121 Posts: 1,497Member
    Wow! This is EXCELLENT work!
  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
    Slow going, but he looks a little more ferocious with those teeth in there.


    This model is absolutely my best work. The only problem with it is I can't really use it alongside my older models because the quality is such a step up. :D
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear644 Posts: 165Member
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    90% done with the hydralisk, then it's on to finishing the marine, and animating. Here is with some post-processing.


    I do want to add some more organs/veins/xenomorphy variation in that fleshy neck/torso area! And then still need to add detail in the mouth.
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