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Star Trek: Discovery [Spoilers]



  • FreakFreak1087 Posts: 4,361Member
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    Viper wrote: »
    Apparently they've begun filming season 4, or are close to starting:

    @Viper that picture has been confirmed to be fake.
    If they were filming it, it would have been mentioned on the NYCC panel.
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  • GuerrillaGuerrilla727 HelsinkiPosts: 2,802Administrator
    Confirmed where?

    Here's the original:
    Comco: i entered it manually in the back end
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  • FreakFreak1087 Posts: 4,361Member
    I'll have to find it, But Pinewood Studio's Toronto, Has a list of production currently using their studios and weather they are active or not.
    Star Discovery was not on it, But it does state CBS has a stage that is not currently in uses.
    The Expanses Season 6 was in production.

    Then again, there was a rumour that Trek productions are moving back to L.A.
    Put that with the rumour that the STD sets were being pulled down in Toronto after season 3 wrapped up in February it possiable it has moved.
  • ViperViper1301 Posts: 692Administrator
    Well, they are starting season 4 shoots on the 2nd of November, so doesn't matter if it was true or not :)
  • FreakFreak1087 Posts: 4,361Member
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    Yeah I saw that. That explains why the Pinewood Studio's Toronto, Production list I saw. Showed the CBS rents stage as not in production.
    It has also been announced that Season 2 of Picard has been delayed due to them not being able to insure Patrick Stewart.

    On a side note I still not watch the first episode in Season 3 and after what I heard with it contradicting canon and universe established machinic. I'm in no rush.
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  • ViperViper1301 Posts: 692Administrator
    I thought the episode was pretty good. It at least left me intrigued for the rest of the season.
  • sorceress21sorceress21269 Posts: 577Member
    I found it entertaining and better than nothing. This season look more intriguing story wise. However one thing I found cheesy was the final scene with the lonely guy sitting alone on a half destroyed space station waiting for Federation people to show up. Yeeeahhh that made zero sense. That whole scene with the flag and commissioned officer bit was just plain stupid.
  • FreakFreak1087 Posts: 4,361Member
    @sorceress21 and now he has been given the mission to stay on the station and look for the Discovery.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th448 GermanyPosts: 341Member
    After watching three episodes of this, I wonder if they’re ever going to address the fact, that there were plenty of Star Trek Races, that didn’t use Dilithium in their Warp drives. Romulans for example, which was even a plot point in multiple episodes. Also I’m not so sure, if they know, that Dilithium isn’t a powersource 🤔

    And a little nitpick from the last episode (not really a spoiler since it was in the preview) ... they go from Saturn to Earth in about 10 seconds on impulse alone. So they went faster than light. After both the first and second both made the assumption, that light can travel faster than light (the Beacon in season 1 and the Signals in season 2), one would think, they finally learned their lesson. How can you get something as basic as light speed wrong when writing a SciFi Show? 🤦🏻
  • FreakFreak1087 Posts: 4,361Member
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    Still to watch episode 3 of season 3 as it only comes out in the UK tomorrow.
    But after last week very much intended insult to Gene Roddenberry, I am really in two minds on weather to keep watching this.

    If you wondering which scene I am talking it about. It the one with Tig Notaro and Stamets in the Mushroom Engineer room and "Gene" is cleaning up the Leland mess. It not the act of him cleaning up Leland but what is said to him.

    @P5ych0p4th, come you should know better by now. The writers of current trek don't understand the universe they are writing in. They have no idea what Dilithium is let along that it can be regrown. Not to mention in the DS9/Voyager era they have started to move away from Dilithium to something else (I can't remember what it called of the top of my head) to help stop the destruction of Subspace with Warp Dirve.

    Ever since JJ did Star Trek 09, these people don't understand the concept of distance and time. (in 09 the Enterprise arrives at Vulcan in minutes from Earth.) Yet in past Trek everything was days, weeks or months away. A good example of this is in Season 4 of DS9 when Worf is contemplating resigning from Starfleet and take a job on the other side of the Federation. It is clearly stated that it would take six months for Worf to get there from DS9. Yet these writers would have it that it happen in seconds.
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  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th448 GermanyPosts: 341Member
    @Freak ... huh ... didn't catch that "Gene"-Reference. But yeah, that's weird.

    Wasn't the damaging-subspace thing solved by the changing position of the nacelles? Don't remember them changing the powersource. But it's possible.

    Maybe it'll al be explained somehow. That an event like that would cripple the federation makes sense. But other than that, it's weird, that everyone gave up on their own powersource for their warpdrives and started using a Matter-Antimatter-Reaction that requires Dilithium AFTER it became one of the rarest things in the universe ...
  • FreakFreak1087 Posts: 4,361Member
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    @P5ych0p4th, Tig Notaro ask the guy cleaning up Leland mess what his name.
    He replies with Gene. she then say "yeah, you're already forgotten about!"
    It easy to miss it, but it there.

    As for changing positions of the nacelles, that was the idea behind Voyager design.
    In reality the writer realised they had written themselves into a corner with this issue and still having DS9 on the air. It would have cost the a fortune to make whole new fleet of ships instead of keep using the stock footage they already had.
    So it was forgotten about, but because the writers at the time knew the fan would notice this. They put in a throw away line about using some other lithium being used instead. It might have been in a DS9 episode or in First Contact.

    I will not hold my breath on them explain it, as they are still to explain how the red signals could be seen at the same time, when they are light years apart and even seen before the event that caused them.
    Plus the A.I that knows it wants to be A.I and need data from Discovery to become an A.I and that just from season 2, never mind the crap that make no sense in Picard.
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  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th448 GermanyPosts: 341Member
    I’d have to watch DS9 again, but I’m pretty sure, that most of what was shown in that episode made absolutely no sense with regards to established canon. But what did I expect? 😅

    Also it’s really really annoying, that every simple dialogue scene needs to have some melancholic music underneath it and has to be acted with all the gravitas of some world changing revelation. It completely ruins the moments where that would make sense. It’s not, that the music is bad (except the main theme) it’s just used terribly.

    Also the editing in this episode was weird. The live action and cg shots seemed like they’re not part of the same story. That might be due to missing pick up shots because of COVID but I faintly remember having the same problem with the episodes this director did for Picard, so ... who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️

    And: it was nice - after fucking THREE SEASONS - to finally get a flyby shot of the ship to end an episode. It almost felt like watching Star Trek for once 😅
  • FreakFreak1087 Posts: 4,361Member
    @P5ych0p4th I guess you are talking about episode 4? Still to watch it.
    P5ych0p4th wrote: »
    Also it’s really really annoying, that every simple dialogue scene needs to have some melancholic music underneath it and has to be acted with all the gravitas of some world changing revelation. It completely ruins the moments where that would make sense. It’s not, that the music is bad (except the main theme) it’s just used terribly.

    That is very much like a CW DC TV shows, which I guess Discovery is just like.
    I got sick to death of that in Arrow and Flash and stopped watching. You had ten mins of actually story and superhero action and the rest of the episode would be feeling and crying in hallways. Drove me nuts.

    Rumour has it this season was a completed and utter mess. They originally finished filming in September/ October but when they tired to edit together to make a consistent story they could not do it. So they were sent to do reshoots during November and December, but still had the same issue and went back a final time in the new year. It was also only then that they started on the CG work, which you can see is really bad. Especially with the second episode with that Ice. God that was awful.

  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th448 GermanyPosts: 341Member
    @Freak ... Yeah Episode 4. And you’re right. Those CW Shows (Arrow at least) had the exact same problem. It’s a shame really. The scenes could easily work so much better. Just let the actors deliver their lines a little more naturally and stop it with the constant dramatic music.

    They actually did a pretty decent job, making Michael a lot more human this season. I wouldn’t be surprised, if SMG asked for this, to actually get a chance to act for a change. But every time, the dialogue concerns a plot point - instead of just social interaction - it falls right back into the first two seasons.

    But in general it was a pretty nix episode, if you don’t think about the bigger picture (Seasons 1/2 and Canon). I like, that they’re finally trying, to make it a show about the ensemble of characters instead of just one or two of them. It’s probably to late, to save the show (for me at least) but hey. It has its fans. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • FreakFreak1087 Posts: 4,361Member
    Still not seen the 4th episode as I had to come into the office. The Joy of being an critical worker, not that I am in any rush to watch it. I'll most like watch The Mandalorian first (I an not even a Star Wars fan.).

    Yeah they are now starting to get the background character more involved, which is a good thing. But we are nearly 2 and half seasons in, and because they been unimportant so far, I don't care for them or even know their names. With all past Trek you knew all the main characters names after a few episodes. But that also partly thanks to the opening credits. Staring so and so as... Co-starring so and so as... Their characters names was in your mind. But it was also the writing that help make characters memorable even if the character only appeared in one episode like Dr Selar, or made and appearance few times like Nurse Alyssa Ogawa. DS9 had many like that, but that more due to the nature of being in one place. (Everyone love Morn, even though he never uttered a line in the show.)

    One thing that has made me laugh about the second and third episode of this season is the human woman that has suddenly just turned up and interacting with the bridge crew like she has always been there. Again I have no idea the characters name or what she does on the ship. But they act like she has been part of the bridge crew for years.
    In reality it the same actress that played the Cyborg girl that was killed off in the second season. So having her not having her wear prosthetics is a good way for the actress to stay on the show. But having this new human character just appear out of nowhere and giving no real exploration where she has come form just look strange.

    But like you said, it too little too late and looking as season 1 viewing figure for the broadcast on CBS in the States. Most people won't make it to season 3, as they are already tapping out after the first few episodes. It get beaten in the rating with other CBS show and are being repeated.
    That's got to be sounding of alarm bells in CBS upper management giving what they are spending on it.
  • psCargilepsCargile417 Posts: 619Member
    I haven't seen any of them, but I know what's going on from watching YouTubers shittalk Discovery, and I have since stopped watching them because what's the point, but anyway, I watched TOS The Arena yesterday and wondered if the Metatrons will appear in s3? It's about that time.

    Lol, of course not. Who am I kidding?
  • FreakFreak1087 Posts: 4,361Member
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    @psCargile, that would mean that the writers would have to know Trek canon. From what I have seen that is not the case and they just look things up on Memory Alpha or a short Youtube clip.

    So I have finally watched episode 4 and this episode went nowhere in terms of progressing the main story. In short it was just a bottle show, and a CW bottle show at that.

    Once again the writer have proven they don't know Trek.
    The Trill symbionts are dying out because of The Burn? Someone what to explain that to me.
    Not all Symbionts are joined, so there are plenty left on the planet to breed, so that plain stupid. Okay a lot of those that were joined have been lost as they can't get back to the homeworld. But they can't mate to produce more Symbionts as they are joined, so that is a mute point.
    Why can't the Trill Humanoids join with some of the symbionts that are on the homeworld? We know form DS9 50% of the Trill Humanoids can be host, but due to the fact that there is not enough symbionts for everyone this was kept a secret. Also the fact not everyone is suited to be a host due to what happen to Joran Dax, again shown in DS9.
    The Guardians of the Symbionts should know all of this.

    In short that whole story point was plain stupid.
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  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th448 GermanyPosts: 341Member
    I must say, I kinda liked the last two episodes. They almost have a Star Trek-y feel to them over some stretches. Even the callbacks to canon are getting a lot more subtle in the last episode. I also like that Burnam finally gets some consequences if she behaves like an entitled brat 😁

    That being said, the show this far focuses way to much on the uninteresting aspects of the story. I really don’t care, what caused “the burn”. Not everything needs a reason. Even if it makes no sense from a canon standpoint, I could accept, that there was an event that changed the status quo of the galaxy. It’s a lot more interesting to explore that new galaxy than to find out, how it came to be.

    Also: The more the show actually manages to feel like Trek, the more Burnam and the Emperor stick out. And while the former at least sometimes manages to feel like a human, the latter still feels like she belongs in a completely different show.

    The newest episode is a great example of that: the stuff on discovery worked really nicely. But Burnams side quest was pretty much a fetch quest we’ve seen a thousand times while not really being creative in its execution. Yet it’s about two thirds of the episode!

    And then there’s another example of how bat the characterisation was up until this season:


    When Burnam gets demoted I had absolutely no Idea, who the second in command actually is. There was never really a chain of command established. I have no Idea what ranks those people carry 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • FreakFreak1087 Posts: 4,361Member
    I have not yet seen this weeks episode and I am in no rush, then again after last weeks I am now on the edge of weather to continue watching or not. I guess this weeks will be the deciding factor.

    Reason I say this, we spent two episodes of them trying to find Starfleet and when they finally do, we learn nothing and that is not even the main plot of the episode, which it should be. The main plot is about a virus and a seed ship and crew member we don't really know leave. It was all very CW and nothing like Trek.

    @P5ych0p4th did Discovery ever have a chain of command. Straight from the season one what ever Burnham wanted to do she did and the crew just followed.
    Okay we been shown the Captain's and that Saru was the XO before becoming the Captain. But who was 3rd in Command? I have no idea.
    With TNG we know it was Picard, Riker and then Data. on DS9 it was Sisko, Kira and then Dax. On Voyager it was Janeway, Chakotay and then Tuvok.

    Who is the Chef Engineer on Discovery? It not Stamets. He is a scientist that is in charge of the Spore Drive as it his invention and only looks after that. But who is the Chef Engineer that look after everything else? Hell, in three seasons we still have not seen main engineering or the wrap drive which this ship has.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th448 GermanyPosts: 341Member
    @Freak ... I actually liked the episode with the virus. I mean, as the viewer you obviously would want all there is to know about the last 900 years but that isn't really how it works. In a sense, they're navy officers, that have to follow orders and that was the mission that needed their particular set of skills. And the mission itself was interesting. It really got into the emotions one would feel in that moment and the actres was up to the task. It was yet another "death in the limelight"-trope but I can deal with that if the episode itself works. However, the the writers really should learn from those episodes ... they're obviously quite able to write a good character with an interesting backstory.

    But if you had a problem with this, you'll really hate the newest episode. It's in a sense the same structure, yet they thought the boring generic rescue mission should be the A Plot instead of the characters aclimating to their new roles in this starfleet. When I think about it: it would have made the story that much more interesting, if they hadn't shown Michaels mission at all ... just have her leave and return with what she was after. Then you would feel the same way Saru feels as the viewer ... she disobeyed orders, got something out of it, but you have no Idea where she was and what she had to do for it ... and you can't have someone like that in a chain of command ...
  • FreakFreak1087 Posts: 4,361Member
    @P5ych0p4th your right I hated this episode even more.
    I don't know why but I am going to give it one more chance with this weeks episode, Unification II. Going by the title it a sequel to the TNG episode of sorts. I have no idea what they are planning to do, but given their track record they will shit all over that great TNG two parter. If that is the case then I am done.

    Also can some explain to my why the Discovery's registration has now been changed?
    It has been a tradition in Trek that any ship that has distinguished itself will have it successor have the same registration with a letter added to tell it apart. Again this only happens when a ship is retired or destroyed. Neither of which has happen to Discovery. So why are they adding a bloody A to the Reg?
    A complete and utter refit would not be the reason, otherwise we would have seen this with the original Enterprise.
    We know why this was done in the real world. With the Enterprise and Enterprise-A.

    As for the floating Nacelles, I hope they reattach to the ship before they use the Spore Drive, because I can see them leaving them behind when they Job.

    Finally I have heard from a very reliable source that the writers have done a Major F***-up with the upcoming two parter episode Terra Fiim. This is related to a Classic TOS episode and really pissing him off. (It takes a lot to get him angry.)

  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th448 GermanyPosts: 341Member
    @Freak ... I didn’t even catch the new registry till some reviewer brought it up, so it’s not that big of a deal. But if you need to make sense of it: technically the Discovery was destroyed during the battle with control. That is what the original records show. And since there’s some kind of starfleet protocol against just telling the truth about it, this discovery is - again technically - a new ship. And only the captains know more. That’s good enough for me anyways 🤷🏻‍♂️

    As for the nacelles: it really depends ... if the spore drive works within a bubble too, it really wouldn’t matter. Sam like with the warp drive. Anything within the bubble travels at warp no matter if it has some kind of propulsion of its own.

    I can already see the letdown of the season: there’ll be some kind of Badguy and he’ll be responsible for the burn. I don’t care because, I’m not really interested in that but that’ll be what they’ll do ... I’m pretty sure 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th448 GermanyPosts: 341Member
    Weil that was ... utterly terrible

    It pretty much is a microcosm of all that’s wrong with the show. While the basic story of what came of Spock trying to unify the people of Vulcan and Romulus, that’s not really the story their telling. Instead we get Burnam taking credit for all of Spocks accomplishments, having her - again - being the only living human in the entire Galaxy to be able to save a problem AND having others give Speeches about how she saved all life in the universe. Hell, her boyfriend literally calls her a messianic figure (though he’s not being serious).

    The cherry on top is, that the central element of the Story that’s told is this trial. Basically a phD disputation but as a ritual. Which is a nice idea. I would have loved, to defend my thesis like this 😁 ... but then all they talk about feelings and love and in the end the person that’s true at heart is probably right, even if her actual scientific evidence is flimsy at best. I mean, half an hour of technobabble would have sucked, too ... but it’s SCIENCE Fiction for fucks sake, and not Love & Feelings in the Year 3000.

    And as a final slap in the face they have Burnam literally say to the camera that she’s here for the whole run ... I mean ... come on! 🤦🏻‍♂️ ... that episode would have made the perfect jumping off point for her.

    And it really shows how the character bogs down the show. The crew gets more and more likable the more scenes they get together. Saru is a great captain when it comes to diplomacy and his crew. If they would just focus on them, this show would be infinitely better for it.
  • sorceress21sorceress21269 Posts: 577Member
    So The Burn was caused by a 150 year old psychoactive baby Kelpian and a dylithium planet? AYFKM?

    This show was already almost too much to bare to the point even its entertainment value failed to exceed it's campy absurdities. But they took it to a new high.

    Yes folks, Star Trek is 100% dead.
  • FreakFreak1087 Posts: 4,361Member
    Yeah you can't argue with that.
    God even the last episode was bad. So green Orion steals the Discovery just to take it to Starfleet Headquarters to talk peace.
    Can someone please explain how that make scenes.
    Also Michael has to call for Mummy help. Christ give me strength.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish5685 BurntforniaPosts: 4,805Member
    The stupid Disney bots eughh. More bad science and handwaviery. Whole idea of the Federation being a isolated entity seems stupid. It reads like a small branch of the military aspect EG starfleet split off and is a little bubble of "influencers" Federation was the organization and political body consisting of multiple systems not a group of military defenses.

    I really think they have lost their way in what trek is and what the elements that make up the universe of trek.

    While I kept thinking this is ok tv if original content/franchise and not trek but these last few eps is just bad tv period. Trek or not.

    It has small moments that speak to the past but just falls apart moments later. It is like this newer generation with music always building but never completing the crescendo. They seemingly cannot complete or close the song. It is in all modern music. His Dark materials is a good example the music builds and builds but never reaches that point of release. Wars and even modern trek music does the same. And all of this falls into story telling as well. All build up but no peak and fall. It either just ends or fizzles into fade out.

    Oh well.
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • kadenkaden798 JapanPosts: 218Member
    The ship seems to have Coruscant from star wars inside it.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th448 GermanyPosts: 341Member
    kaden wrote: »
    The ship seems to have Coruscant from star wars inside it.

    And a Computer Core, that - apparently - eats people :-D
  • FreakFreak1087 Posts: 4,361Member
    So Discovery season 3 is now over and this season has to be the worst season of television I have ever seen.

    Before the season aired, I heard rumours that they were doing the reshoot back in Feb last year. Those reshoots where done to change the ending of the season so everything can be tied up so if they don't get picked up for a fourth season. They have closed everything out.
    Of course we know that it was renewed for another season and it was meant to have started filming back in September. (This was before another lockdown in Canada where they are filming.) I have heard from multiple sources they never started filming and then the Lockdown came around Christmas so now they can't do any filming at the moment.

    Given that there has not been any filming when they have meant to. Has Discovery been quietly cancelled?
    Think about it, CBS put the first season of Discovery on it main channel and it flopped big time. It was constantly being beaten out by shows that where repeated, and some of these show are stuff you don't normally repeat watch like The Masked Singer. In another words it did not get anyone new interested in the show or get people to sign up for CBSAA. Which was the whole point of putting it on CBS normal channel in the first place.

    It no secret that Netflix has been unhappy with Discovery since the first season and since then have been paying the bare minimum for each season. It is also rumoured that they have gotten out of their contract with CBS to finance anymore seasons. Which means CBS don't have financing for the season 4.

    With all that information and how they tied up all the lose ends for Discovery and closing the episode out with that quote from Gene Rodenberry along with the TOS theme. Do you guys think even though publicly Discovery has a green light for season 4, it has been cancelled behind the scenes?
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