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3DSSV Normandy SR 1

matt/mathiasmatt/mathias0 Posts: 0Member
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I made the Normandy SR2 about 3 years ago and then i thought, hey lets make the SR1, and here it is so far :)

it's noooot completely finished yet, but its getting there :)
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  • spacefighterspacefighter2 Posts: 0Member
    it is looking good perhaps you want to redesign it a bit yourself. the textures are nice and the detail is good.
  • matt/mathiasmatt/mathias0 Posts: 0Member
    ohhmmm redesign what ? :)
  • spacefighterspacefighter2 Posts: 0Member
    just add your own ideas and make it a bit different from the ship in the game, if you want to. perhaps change the shapes of some of the parts or add some extra features. good model.
  • matt/mathiasmatt/mathias0 Posts: 0Member
    thanks but i think i want it to be clean :)
  • BorklessBorkless171 Posts: 0Member
    Ohh, very nice! Very very nice, there's not nearly enough Mass Effect stuff on here.
  • RekkertRekkert4260 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 2,326Member
    Really a great job! :thumb:
    It looks pretty much finished to me, what's left to do?
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  • SaquistSaquist1 Posts: 0Member
    just add your own ideas and make it a bit different from the ship in the game, if you want to. perhaps change the shapes of some of the parts or add some extra features. good model.

    No the SR1 is a finally crafted ship
    If anything the SR-2 needs a redesign. I'm glad they didn't have that stupid engine sliding thing on the 3rd game with that Design because there is NO way 2 engines are going to slide on a Delta Wing with no mechanical partitions in the wing.
  • Knight26Knight26192 Posts: 838Member
    I like it, any other views, like underneath or with the engines folded in? I agree with Saquist, the way they had the engines move on the SR2 was just plain dumb. Moving the engines at all seemed really unneeded if we get down to it, other than the thrust vectoring.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann678 Posts: 1,326Member
    Since I don't play the games, can anyone tell me what "SR" stands for?

    I dig both Normandy designs (though I do agree that the moving wing things are stupid), but what's that triangular tail fin for? It's like the one on the Nebula, can't figure out what the heck they are.
  • McCMcC373 Posts: 704Member
    Stealth Reconnaissance, if I recall correctly.
  • akb1979akb1979172 Posts: 0Member
    Not finished you say? Seems it to me - very nice! :)
  • matt/mathiasmatt/mathias0 Posts: 0Member
    thanks :D
    but i want to make the textures better. a bit of dirt and stuff like that :)

    and yeah.... moving engines... from an engineering stand point.. makes no sense, since they don't do anything. if it happened before they went to FTL speeds, then there would be something, but as recall they don't :p
  • SaquistSaquist1 Posts: 0Member
    The SR-1 uses thrust vectoring. That's the purpose for having the engines on pivots and outboard of the fuselage. However Mass Effect made clear that this mass displacement outboard causes "drift" during transit a relay of thousands of kilometers. Thus SR-1 stows it's outboard engines close before hitting the relay for a more precise arrival. SR-1 is small and made to be extremely maneuverable.

    Larger ships like Cruisers don't bother with this but rather use thrusters. SR-2 doesn't have the pivoting engine tips like SR-1 but it still makes a rather silly attempt to stow 4 engines closer during transit.

    The SR-2's engines are humongous that it just doesn't matter at all. It's a difference of a few meters. Plus it's mechanically impossible to move the engines on that kind of triangle wing (Delta) without sacrificing a considerable amount of internal space in the engine. We don't even see any tracks for the engines on the exposed wing surface.

    If the really wanted the Delta Wing design they should have mounted those engines on top of and bellow the wing and add the appropriate tracks for their movement.

    Ultimately SR-2 is nice looking but to me it's more of a futuristic Space Jumbo Jet. I'm not sure if any of the wing surfaces serve any true function. The engine spacing allows for no flaps or ailerons for flight controls at all.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann678 Posts: 1,326Member
    I do like the fact that there's an aircraft quality to the Normandy design, it's a nice break from the rocket or sailing ship mentality that tends to go into ship design in this day and age. And it makes sense given that the inspiration comes from the space art of the 70s and 80s where the space shuttle was the newest, coolest tech.
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