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3DMS Gundam 00 Ships

Arvis TaljikArvis Taljik0 Posts: 0Member
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I currently have a version of the Ptolemaios modeled and rendered. It's a half-way house between the Ptolemaios 1 and Ptolemaios 2 where the main hull and body is from the 2 with the containers and rotation section from the 1. I also have the Virginia-class carrier modeled and textured plus I'll be doing as many other ships from the series as I can manage. (Yes, I'll be working on the Ptolemaios 2 fully using the main body from the model I've already posted.)

Currently stands around 9200 polygons for game use.

Feedback welcome as always.
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  • BerkutBerkut1 Posts: 0Member
    looks good.

    Will you be doing any of the mechs? The flags were just so damn cool
  • TzarroTzarro331 Posts: 0Member
    Wow, very impressive model. Also nice job for only 9,200 polys.

    I look forward to seeing more; no complaints!
  • Capt. Eric GardnerCapt. Eric Gardner339 Posts: 109Member
    No way! That's impressive! Could you do the Gundams...umm...if you have the time?
  • Arvis TaljikArvis Taljik0 Posts: 0Member
    Texture completed on the Ptolemaios 1X (1X because it's not really the 1 and not quite the 2...). Playing around with rendering (or rather someone else has been playing around with rendering it for me lol).
  • Zhor2395Zhor2395344 MN, USAPosts: 92Member
    woot, the Ptolemaios :D and which Nadesico is you using for your avatar?
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  • Arvis TaljikArvis Taljik0 Posts: 0Member
    My avatar is the Nadesico B. Still have that model finished and textured somewhere, would have to find it lol.

    Final renders of the Ptolemaios attached. Credit for rendering goes to Bigfish.

    Glowmaps have been applied though they don't show up all that well.

    Next tackle for me is the complete Ptolemaios 2 (involves removing the rotating section and containers to replace them with side modules) and then the A-Laws battlecruiser.
  • Arvis TaljikArvis Taljik0 Posts: 0Member
    **double post...** (is that bad?...)

    Throwing up a few renders adjusted to show off the glow-mapping a bit. I have also included a render of the finished Virginia-class carrier which was actually completed prior to my starting on the Ptolemaios 1X.

    Construction of the Ptolemaios 2 is underway and proceeding nicely. Should have her finished by week's end.
  • SebastianPSebastianP171 Posts: 0Member
    Very nice! I kind of liked these ships myself. What software do you use for modeling?

    I think it's easier to see the details in the more brightly lit renders from your previous post, the new ones look a little dark. Also, they're a little on the small side...crank the resolution up a notch or two, will you? :)

    A cheap trick to make it easier to make easily comparable renders is to set up several cameras at different angles, rather than moving around a single camera. By switching between cameras, you get a fast way to check your texture and lighting changes without having to remember which angles you've been using previously. I tend to just leave whichever camera I've been using in place and just make a new one when I've found a good angle and need render something from a different one. If that means having seven or eight cameras (or more!) in a scene, so be it. It's not like they take up any space. :-)

    Also, it's a lot easier on the forum servers (and your attachment quota) if you host your images offsite rather than attaching them. I use photobucket, which lets me post lots bigger renders and in much greater quantities without having to go back and delete stuff to make room for new pics. And if you run out of space there (can happen, I'm past halfway on my 200mb), just register again with a different e-mail for another 200 mb :-)


  • Arvis TaljikArvis Taljik0 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks Sebastian for the input. I'm not actually doing these renders myself, a friend is. Basically I just give him input on how I want them to look and he works with the model. :)
    The second set of renders is purposely darker to show off the glow-mapping, which kind of got washed-out in the brighter renders.

    For modeling I use Wings 3D while my friend renders the models in 3DS Max.

    As far as attaching the images to a post vs. hosting them off-site, at least from my work computer, half the hosting sites on the internet are blocked from viewing, which doesn't allow me to view much for most of the day. It's namely for that reason that I attach images to the post. However, seeing as I do have an imageshack account and can still view it from work, I may just upload them there.

    My apologies on the smaller renders. My friend was rendering them in 800x600 until I asked him to up them to 1200x800. I could always ask him to render them in 1440x900 or 1440x960.

    Update on the model itself, I have all the new physical portions of the Ptolemaios 2 built, just need to texture them and I'll have renders up as soon as I can after that.
  • SebastianPSebastianP171 Posts: 0Member
    Ah, gotcha on the work computer. I have the dubious fortune of being unemployed at this time, which means I don't have to worry about filters or the time I need to model stuff. On the other hand, it also means I don't have the disposable income to keep my system upgraded to the standards I like.

    If your friend is rendering in 800x600, then something very strange is going on because out of all the images attached to the thread right now, all except for the very latest addition show up here as being 640x480. 800x600 would still be on the small side for my tastes, as my main monitor is 1400x1050. Anything much smaller than 1200 pixels wide looks kind of lost on that screen. :)

    How come you're not rendering them yourself, anyway? Lack of software, or hardware? Or just the know-how? If it's hardware, well, kind forum-goers have been known to donate their castoffs to the less fortunate (have been both a recipient and a donor myself before). If it's software, have a look at Blender or Kerkythea, among others. As for know-how, RTFM! Or ask the guys who did, that's what I do. ;)

    Looking forward to seeing the next stages, and especially the A-LAWS cruiser. Cheers,

  • Arvis TaljikArvis Taljik0 Posts: 0Member
    And now for the Ptolemaios 2 in her full construction :)

    Comments/critiques welcome.
  • MorpheusMorpheus0 Posts: 0Member
    Nice job, are you also planning to make the A-LAWS space cruiser?
  • Arvis TaljikArvis Taljik0 Posts: 0Member
    Yes, it is my intention to do the A-Laws/Federation Battlecruiser.

    I've actually put together an extensive list of all the items from the 00 Series that I plan on modeling. Considering that I'm doing this for the purposes of creating a game mod, there's actually quite I bit I'll be doing (as long as I can keep myself sane lol) including at least 14-ish mobile suits and all their corresponding equipment, 10 or so ships (including civilian ones), and a few stations such as the Orbital Elevator and Momento Mori.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    Which game are you creating the mod for? More importantly, how did you make the ptolemaios 2?
  • DimitriyDimitriy0 Posts: 0Member
    Khm...I believe this thread has been inactive for a while.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    good very good
  • kirayoshidakirayoshida0 Posts: 0Member
    Is the ship up for download yet. If so where could i get it and if not, Why not?

    Your really good, and so i would like to make a small request....Minerva from Gundam seed destiny and also the Archangel
  • TovetteTovette5 Posts: 13Member
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