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  • Knight26Knight26191 Posts: 837Member
    You are trying to address the biggest issue with the AT-AT how to deploy the fragging thing. The AT-AT is a horrible design to deploy from orbit, as anything capable of carrying it will be huge, and the AT-AT can't really deploy without some kind of reentry protection which it does not currently have. Ep 2 gave a solution with the assault ships that allowed the AT-TE to walk right off the ship. Now the OT never showed how the AT-ATs deployed, so why not have some kind of AT-AT carrier ship that docks to the larger star destroyer? Otherwise I would suggest something like what they did with the Opprutunity rover, with a manned shuttle on its back, carrying a kneeling AT-AT, that is sitting on an aero-shell which is ditched shortly before landing, and that AT-AT lowered to the ground before the shuttle flies off and awaits pick up.
  • DarkSapiensDarkSapiens174 Posts: 0Member
    This made me think of the way MT-ATs were deployed:

    But of course MT-ATs are smaller than AT-ATs…
  • SeverusSeverus401 Posts: 254Member
    Seeing Fractals awesome work on the drop ship got me thinking about this again... Here's pretty much where I left it, but I think I'll give it another pass and see if I can't still pull something out of it...


  • Road WarriorRoad Warrior207 Posts: 815Member
    I like it. Also makes me think that these could be used to reposition elements around the battlefield at a moments notice.
  • SeverusSeverus401 Posts: 254Member
    Thanks Road Warrior! A couple of updates...


    And redesigned the conning tower on the Tormentor...

  • TALON_UKTALON_UK2 Posts: 0Member
    Nice detailing on the back end of that shuttlecraft, going for kinda Millennium Falcon inspired details for the drive matrix are you? Also what is the idea behind the functionality of having the wings split in two and able to independently orientate themselves? An interesting detail that.
  • SeverusSeverus401 Posts: 254Member
    Yeah, I wanted the engines to look powerful enough to drag a walker around and the Falcons engines always looked overpowered for the ship (I mean that in the best way, no criticism on the Falcons design). As for the split wings, I just was thinking of the landing sequence, with the larger wings in the front folding up first and the smaller ones coming up just before touch down. I guess in my mind it turns a crash into a landing lol.
  • ST-OneST-One188 Posts: 293Member
    This is very good work.

    I browsed through the thread to look for more images of your works... I had totally forgotten that I posted in here, too.
    Stumbled upon that post below... damn I built that?
    ST-One wrote: »
    Just to show what I was talking about when I said I used the segmentation to add a detailed 'feel' to my Venator (it does look a bit crappy looking at it now ;) )

    Anyway enough about me. More of your beautiful work, please. :)
  • fractalspongefractalsponge254 Posts: 1,088Member
    Tormentor is still pretty sweet.
  • SeverusSeverus401 Posts: 254Member
    I'm getting there with the shuttle I think, then back to the Tormentor, you know, the subject of the thread lol...

  • StormcloudStormcloud2 Posts: 0Member
    compared to the size of teh atat cockpit the shuttle cockpit looks to large - that shape makes you think millenium falcon sized cockpit - other than that though its looking great but you'll need to either change the cockpit design or add things to give better scaling cues
  • TALON_UKTALON_UK2 Posts: 0Member
    I don't know, looks alright to me. The AT-AT Walker cockpit/head is quite compact and smaller than you might imagine. Besides, just because the Falcon has a similar cockpit detail it doesn't necessarily follow that this shuttle's cockpit is the same size. There could be a small bridge interior behind that canopy for all we know.
  • StormcloudStormcloud2 Posts: 0Member
    you had 2 guys side by side and a third guy behind thats is comparable to the falcon - arguably larger in fact - and yes i know this might not be the same size but when you see if because it looks familiar you assume the same scale - so needs some visual cues added to show you the new scale
  • SeverusSeverus401 Posts: 254Member
    Thanks for the feedback, the cockpit isn't finished yet but I think the size is okay. What might be throwing you off is the perspective & field of view. Here's a couple of views straight on. I imagine the interior as something like a World War 2 bomber, very cramped. The main body is dedicated to the engines/powerplant to get an AT-AT (or something else as big) off the ground and moved around, so the crew module jutting out from the main body is all the room the crew has to work in. I figure a pilot, co-pilot, loadmaster and a weapons officer. No as roomy as the Falcon, but not too dissimilar.

  • StormcloudStormcloud2 Posts: 0Member
    hmm your right does look ok there - kinda thought the shuttle was bigger than it is - so can ignore my previous statements - looking good!
  • TALON_UKTALON_UK2 Posts: 0Member
    Cool, oh, and by the way I didn't mean that I thought that there was an entire bridge deck within that section with my earlier comment, I just used that as an example to illustrate that the cockpit area wouldn't necessarily be the exact same scale just due to similar details.

    Coming along nicely.
  • SeverusSeverus401 Posts: 254Member
    @Talon - I knew that you knew that... I was just putting it out there for anyone else ;)

    And now a little wing work cuz I'm getting sick of the sight of the front and the back lol

  • SeverusSeverus401 Posts: 254Member
    Some greeble work done to the conning tower...

  • fractalspongefractalsponge254 Posts: 1,088Member
    That's really nice looking detail.
  • SeverusSeverus401 Posts: 254Member
    So it's been a little while since I had anything to post about. I had a hard drive die on me, then my copy of windows was somehow invalid, got that sorted and by the time I got back to autodesk and their shenanigans with subscriptions and all I didn't have any patience or fight left in me. So I've switched to linux and am learning blender very slowly, basically starting from scratch. So why not tackle an easy model like an ISD lol, oy... anyway, here's some WIP pics...






  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804256 Posts: 11,034Member
    edited June 2023 #202
    I feel you on the hard drive dying. I've had that issue a few times myself. I usually try to keep everything backed up to flash drives.

    Ah, paid software shenanigans. Always a lot of fun. :eyeroll: Windows itself can be a real pill, particularly with their licensing shenanigans. I've gone the Linux route myself lots of times, in fact that's what's on my desktop. I have Windows on my gaming computer simply for maximum game compatibility and on my laptop because it's an HP and it does funky stuff with the built in keyboard on Linux. (it's apparently a common problem) But, if it wasn't for buying both of those computers with Windows preinstalled, I wouldn't even own a Windows 11 license. I also can't blame you for not wanting to pay a subscription for software. Blender is really nice once you get used to it and you can't argue with the price.

    The ISD is looking great so far. :+1:
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  • lennier1lennier1913 Posts: 1,280Member
    Awesome work!
    Gotta admit, the only thing I've never liked about the Venator was the dual bridge design.
  • SeverusSeverus401 Posts: 254Member
    Taking another stab at the Tormentor, still getting the hang of Blender but it's coming easier now... lots of work still to do of course...


  • publiusrpubliusr550 Posts: 1,747Member
    The 1984 Dune Carry-All had a shape that fits AT-ATs.

    I love your winged design as a courier
  • Road WarriorRoad Warrior207 Posts: 815Member
    Fantastic! Love to see you back at it. Looks great.
  • SeverusSeverus401 Posts: 254Member
    edited February 12 #207
    A little more progress, added some guns in, they're a smaller caliber than those on an ISD but the arrangement is similar on this ship, probably add some on the underside and the back. I'd like it to look similar to battleships towards the end of WW2, when they added more anti-aircraft guns. I also started to rework the engines a bit but it's kind of hard to tell from these angles. Anyway, here's pics...




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  • SeverusSeverus401 Posts: 254Member
    A little more work here and there...



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