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  • Rory1707Rory1707216 Posts: 212Member
    Coming along nicely my friend!
    Hunter G
  • Ael'sAel's87 FrancePosts: 69Member
    Amazing stuff Hunter, you always manage to make me wonder and dream.
    Hunter G
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  • Hunter GHunter G1860 Posts: 537Member
    I'm so glad!

    Just for fun I started blocking out a revised SNW Enterprise, but I realized it's the perfect opportunity to make a Sombra class in my humble little headcannon universe. I do love the SNW Enterprise (the John Eaves concept version is the best version), but it still strayed too far from the TOS Enterprise.

    I've already shown what I would do with the TOS Enterprise, so I've decided to make my own version of the SNW design, but in this universe it is the Sombra class. The smaller, older older sister to the Constitution. It will follow a similar design language to the Shepard and Ptolemy.

  • Rory1707Rory1707216 Posts: 212Member
    Nice my friend!
    Hunter G
  • publiusrpubliusr503 Posts: 1,682Member
    I can’t wait!
    Hunter G
  • Hunter GHunter G1860 Posts: 537Member
    edited August 13 #307
    Some more Ptolemy. Once again I'm getting carried away with detail that is barely seen through a translucent cover:
    The detail at the back with antennas is just a placeholder from a greeble pack
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  • Rory1707Rory1707216 Posts: 212Member
    I love your attention to detail!
  • backsteptbackstept1708 Posts: 870Member
    **scribbling furiously in my notepad as I take notes**
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