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  • rojrenrojren2412 Louisville, Kentucky USAPosts: 1,992Member
    Except for the swept-forward pylons, (never been a fan of those) I like this design. It looks small and sturdy. And I always like your nacelle designs.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    publiusr wrote: »
    If you look close at McQuarries painting of the Ken Adam model here:

    I think an intake or flush vent runs along the outside of the nacelle.

    I love the bridge area here:

    To me, the ultimate version would be to have the saucer wide and flat, as per here:

    With the curves saucer rim from other paintings--but with that super detail of the bridge antenna farm rising.

    Fractalsponge loves to do big scale SW ships--but I'd like to see you make a titanic version of this ship--with the wide triangle hull. The one you did above looks like the smaller study model


    Idea is to make this appear like something that uses canon design and details not clone the images. I am only working with the form and spaces as seen on the one study model. Key elements I liked in it was the height and small appearing lower hull in the classic photo that has been around for ages.

    The losttrek url is asterisked so no one can use it. I think one of the few sites who have the original drawings done by Ken Adam.

    lol it did it to me too must be a site that a spammer used at some point.

    http://losttrek.weebly DOT com

    Anyhow I am not relying on any of the artwork just the model.
    rojren wrote: »
    Except for the swept-forward pylons, (never been a fan of those) I like this design. It looks small and sturdy. And I always like your nacelle designs.

    If they were square or swept back they would cause the nacelles to be too far out or join midway making for a mess for the mechanicals to get the plasma up in and at the front of the coils and deal with the hydrogen collection. It might work drawn back in 3d but negative space would open up along the half diamond hull.

    Also note my drawing is a bit stumpy. lol It mostly is fooling around with atm as I am not sure if I will go anywhere with it. Just picture it having similar details as my daedalus class from a few years ago.

    Hard part with this is picturing a good pressure hull and conforming the hull to it as the slab style design works for houses and planet bound stuff but space is another matter. (reason most planes are roundish vs flying wedges)
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  • SamuraiSamurai185 Posts: 408Member
    Quick URL test...


    Edit: Looks like the forum is blocking weebly domains. Not sure why, but suggest we work around that for now.
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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    Some rough outs to see if form and intended shape works in 3d.




    Each is a variation in positioning on the struts. I will not relocate strut intersection on the nacelles as in my way of trek you need the plasma and conduits in the struts to enter or exit where it is needed not entering elsewhere and being re piped to it. ATM the open spaces around the elements looks best on the top model. Small details mean nothing at this stage.

    I think I see where the Discovery ship is coming from in some respects of using the TNG nacelles below the saucer layout as a means to avoid the CONNIE shapes or look.

    Things to expect if I continue:
    I will likely conjoin or allow influence from ENT and TOS as well as my works from this time period for example the Daedalus Class I made, the other TOS or preTOS era works.
    There will not be any JJTrek influence so no kelvin stuff. Least not directly.
    I will aim at a general timeframe of what STD or DIS is slotted for which would be a ship built near or post the constitution. Remember she was 30yrs old by the time of Kirk.
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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    Ah heck with it a good ol drop nacelle door wedge version. I like it but I really do want to work on a more vertical arrangement.



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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    Well, I was suppose to post some renders from before dinner but got carried away.

    A lot of what is here will need rebuilding as I got a bit ahead of myself modeling details on low poly bits.

    Current issue I have is one of scale. The ship in the teaser appears massive taking scale of details and window counts (which are way to high for a pre TOS ship) From my guesstimate the thing is about twice the size of the Constitution Class. I have issues with this as this will predate TOS by 10 years. As of TOS the Enterprise was some 30years old. So this is a contemporary to her. Also given how even in TOS the connies were considered top of the line with awe towards size and crew accompaniment. So with this judgement I will be scaling this down to either the same or smaller than the Enterprise.

    As for age this ship can easily be near end of life and predate the constitution class by many decades or have been built long side of.

    NOW. With that all said this DOES NOT have to follow what DSC is as we know it at this point. It could just be a ship of the era. Which way I will go? I dunno yet.

    Anyhow the images. . . . .

    Rough ideas on the backside of the secondary hull, integrating impulse and shuttle bay.


    Has to be the ugliest view of this thing. It is the area I have messed about with the most. I am unsure if to mold the hull to the deflector inner housing or flatten it out to some cosmetic look. It will of course have to conform to a warp field shape and config.


    Good old classic over the top saucer view.


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  • Vortex5972Vortex5972331 Posts: 1,208Member
    Now that's what they should have shown. Really liking that. You've got me wanting to try and tackle the design again.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    It was all the reactions and my knee jerk yuck reaction that got me looking at the old test models and seeing one angle of the short bodied one that got me wanting to do something with it.

    Updates from last night;

    I swapped out the uneven shaped drives for some bits I stole off my NX-13. Not sure if I will use these as they are clearly pinched objects but are much less TNG like than what I had. I also simplified the secondary hull on the bottom into a triangular keep like arrangement that retains that warp cut out in the connie. To give it a bit of a bow wake like shape. Dunno if that mans squat as I think the original shape was to clear a oval around the ships extremities. That or give it a bit of swoop. lol





    As evident I have yet to scale this down. When I do there are some things that will be of issue such as the neck not being thick enough for anything. I have not tested how it will affect the look by thickening it up but atm I think it wont be even able to pass a turbo lift up and down it even if it just has drywall for wallboards. Well it might be able to with a thin walled hull but that wont work for a ship. It depends how far I scale it down to in the end.
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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    Some scaling samples with the Enterprise. The neck was not so much a worry it is 20ft wide roughly as I forgot the size this was compared to the enterprise. Mistook needing to shrink her down to half the current scale. I could go smaller but I dunno. Either way.




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  • PixelMagicPixelMagic473 Posts: 663Member
    Those bussards look so cool. Are you still using Mental Ray or do you use something else now like Vray?
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    Still using max 2013 and mental ray.
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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    Random updates, had to reset xforms as I foolishly made mistakes with some of the spheres in distorting them as non editable meshes thus screwing up centers etc of all of the ship as I had to attach everything to scale it. (if you do not scale by selection in edit mode it screws up all the measurements IE extrude 2 ft and it wont really be 2ft it will be 17inches or something depending on what you scaled it to. ANYHOW less working on modeling and lots of fixing screw ups. Also lots of rebuilding as I change my mind or redo gaffed up stuff due to the distorted Xform.

    Biggest issue is justifying the shapes and keeping things simple. I will be adjusting that whole bridge area and bits below to be less out there and more trek. Might filch ideas used on my Daedalus and that NX13 I had done a few years ago.

    ATM I am using the triangular hull to cover large fusion reactors and impulse drives. As well as a copious shuttle bay.




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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    Stuff all over. . . lol




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  • backsteptbackstept2234 Posts: 948Member
    Nice! Loving the shaders on that sensor dome.
  • Vortex5972Vortex5972331 Posts: 1,208Member
    That's looking incredibly plausible as a pre-Constitution class. More so than the Daedalus, in fact.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    Mostly refinements to the bridge area defining curves on the neck and some small bits and bobs. That pink thing on the neck is inline with the warp core and I considered some sort of fill nozzles here but likely will move all of that to the secondary hull. The ovoid thing above that will be getting replaced with some hull detail as it looks too much like a drive housing as I did toy with putting something up there vs the ones in the secondary hull.



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  • StormcloudStormcloud2 Posts: 0Member
    damn but that doesn't half look better than the discovery from that clip - go get yourself a job on the new show then we wont have to throw up every time the ship appears on screen

    seriously that ship looks great - cant wait to see it finished
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    I can only wish lol. Have to wonder how much a committee would ruin it though.

    Refinements all over. Saucer, nacelles, detail bits. Ignore the brace stuff on the copper area of the bridge details. Made those and did not think about how crap they look. Intercooler or whatever those inner bits are are sort of temp as I debate how to face the nacelles, or how I will depict the details. The lower brackets fall into this category.



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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    This thing probably should get it's own thread on all the forums as it has little to do with my project series.

    Not much today. Mostly nacelles and a mess of small changes as I fiddle with the overall shapes of things. Loads of making sure things are what I want before going to the next stage fo collapsing all the subdiv and doing all the detail stuff. I think a lot more of my reboot style is in this than any sort of inline with TOS. There are areas I cannot reconcile with say my Daedalus to the connie in design or technological matters. This triangular hull and some of the shapes are just much more advanced than the connie exp with the Daedalus as an example. BUT you could make that argument with the NX 01 as well as a pressure vessel. A collection of tubes and spherical shapes are far easier to work up and keep as a sealed environment than a mess of square or angular shapes. Hence my idea of the hull on this ship is mostly covering over a internal frame and sealed spaces. A very un trek like idea as internal components are not likely accessible within a pressure environment. IE you would have to leave habitable areas while still in ship to access void areas where machine parts reside but still within the outer skin of the hull.

    Another idea is this ship could have been a joint venture with a entirely different aim or goal. Given the 4year war (game based) and other things occurring pre tos but within the constitutions life prior to TOS this ship could be a more modular or swap-able with other components to fit missions. Could be requiring a more robust load out and likely be more of use in war than exploration.

    As for the basis of this whole project being the DISC ship I find it more of a post TOS even post TMP in design tech wise and size. Thing has to be 3X that of a connie. Some of the features on the hull has me suspecting it has some roots in a defensive mission. Possibly as un-fed like offensive position. If you watch the video you find a lot of odd shapes across the flat hull behind the saucer.

    Triangular hull. I am deeming this is required to house larger fusion cores for larger sublight drives and to house more forward sensor arrays and weapons systems. The centerline of the "wings" are the only paces I could find to comfortably place torpedo launchers short of the saucer.

    ANYHOW much of above is moot as I could easily say this isn't the disc ship and is something else in a TOSish timeframe! Main thing is anything that sticks out as ehhh atm. Much of the central saucer components are not being considered right now as they are easily replaced at any stage however saucer shapes wont be soon. Really only the secondary is a largely subdiv object that would be a need to finalize and no go backs once it is collapsed. Much of the rest of the ship is either box modeled or is in subdiv mainly to increase segments such as nacelles and saucer.

    Measurements as of now.
    453.5' wide
    953ft length
    202.5ft tall

    Again fine details are not modeled so clamps etc are rough.

    Rough overall of the ship with nacelle details. Note right of way lamps are still symmetry objects so colors are wrong.

    back end view, shows alteration of trailing edge secondary hull. Those round vent thing will likely get removed for another style of vent or be cut into the hull later on. Flush nozzles on the struts are still missing.


    Including a side view so it can be compared to the doodle. It should also make some design choices stand out more like the angle of the neck continuing into the saucer etc. One thing I am tempted to alter which would make for major changes is the height of the secondary and where the "belt line" is on it. lowering that as well as the entire deflector arrangement would lend to more height and give me angles that are more vertical than they are now. Issue is it will screw up all the aligned angles on all the various parts. I think this fitment of parts is what bothers me as when you build a connie is all falls into simple easy to make joints. No complicated compound angles etc. It is why this hull shape bothers me so much. BUT I wanted to showcase it in old fed guise/tropes, though I think I have strayed from that.

    man there is too much light inside of those domes!! they are glowing way too much from it.
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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    Update is mostly nacelle stuff. A bit same old same old for me I guess. . maybe I will redo those vanes into something a bit less bulky. I am tempted to go with a more clear dome than frosted, similar to what I used on the Daedalus I made.




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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    Some more small bits here and there some likely will be undone. . . . lol


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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    Added in aft details and the hatchway. Lower door is a bifold affair so it will be flat then have fold out steps allowing it to clear those whatevers underneath. Lower red strip is a not sure if I will keep item. Just some marking lights, nacelle details, a few decals, maybe some panels, and then textures to go. I have considered doing something else with the bussards though, like a different collector element as these are many times smaller than the parent ships bussards. Maybe a domed version of those 50s air diverters.


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  • Hunter GHunter G1910 Posts: 543Member
    I LOVE that shuttle. Especially the impulse engines and the struts.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    The air vent/diffuser idea as a singular collector frame inside vs the cluster seen on larger ships.



    How it looks like with the dome off. Materials are temp as I am considering flat white vs the metallic as it bounces the lum better inside the domes.

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  • rojrenrojren2412 Louisville, Kentucky USAPosts: 1,992Member
    The effect in the first image is striking.
  • PixelMagicPixelMagic473 Posts: 663Member
    Mmm, those bussards.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    slow renders but where it sat last night


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  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann678 Posts: 1,326Member
    Such an awesome looking shuttle. Totally fits the current Trek style.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    Inner face stuff, mostly all of it is likely going to go in the trash as it seems to start too far back. I always seem to do this with this part of nacelles BEH.

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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9864 Posts: 5,335Member
    Ok redone the inboard details. More to come in that area I think as I am considering some sort of baffles over or around the opening as well as some radiator housings.
    Last image is a cutaway showing interior volume and spaces. The side with that "squatter" will be the head other side will be storage both would have access to mechanicals. Area near the aft windows is a re-configurable area default is a bench seat.



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