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3DSurak w Warp Sled

vfxartvfxart556 PNWPosts: 107Member
A few wip shots of the current labor of love hopeful portfolio piece, currently in UV and then materials soon.

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  • StarshipStarship388 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,918Member
    Looks great!
    It´s rare to see the warp sled. B)
  • vfxartvfxart556 PNWPosts: 107Member
    Starship wrote: »
    Looks great!
    It´s rare to see the warp sled. B)

    Thank you. It's been fun, a couple of re-starts as I worked out the donor parts (and had to wait for the kits to arrive etc) and sussed out her dimensions a time or three, then off to the races. One of my three or four favorite ships of the film series. Also my first time back with Trek love in a while, so a lot to remember ;-)

    Thanks again.

  • vfxartvfxart556 PNWPosts: 107Member
    Today an old friend asked what I meant about some of the parts to acquire and model, so I sent him a shot of about 1/3 of what's on the ship.

  • NayslayerNayslayer333 Posts: 57Member
    Really great work. Love the modeled model kit parts. I recognize some that were used on Star Wars models as well.
  • japetusjapetus2681 SeattlePosts: 1,355Member
    Great work! Haha oh man those same greebles are on my bsg ships!
  • vfxartvfxart556 PNWPosts: 107Member
    japetus wrote: »
    Great work! Haha oh man those same greebles are on my bsg ships!

    Oh yeah, I know alllll about them ;-)
    Thank you! Dig your work.
  • TallguyTallguy292 Posts: 449Member
    Really lovely. I built one almost 20 years ago. I often think I need to revisit it. A really unique design in Star Trek.
    Bill "Tallguy" Thomas All I ask is a tall ship...
    Various Work: U.S.S. Constellation - Matt Jefferies Concept Shuttle
  • vfxartvfxart556 PNWPosts: 107Member
    Before getting into her next steps, the paint job, I've got to review everything I think I've got nailed about this, so was doing some other shots for fun while trying not to stress over her (him?). Substance Designer and Painter await. So so many masks on top of the 40 or so graphics I've already created, and reproduced the font used for both Starfleet and Vulcan registries.


  • scifiericscifieric1076 Posts: 1,450Member
    Excellent work! It is a pleasure to watch as you advance.
  • StarshipStarship388 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,918Member
    Looks great! The little greebles and details really brings it to the life.
  • vfxartvfxart556 PNWPosts: 107Member
    edited October 2022 #12
    Thanks for the replies. 45 graphics so far, and just getting to the nacelles. More masks created for shape and placement, not color and material separation, pretty binary right now, then a second layer for the earlier paint job where it shows through, and much more... crazy times.

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