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3DMy Renegade Legion Thread

PheylanPheylan350 Posts: 6Member
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Hello everyone.

This is my first thread here, but I've been a longtime lurker. I used to hang out at Foundation3D before that sadly went off-line. While there I began an ongoing project where I wanted to try my hand at building models based on the Renegade Legion universe. For those not familiar with it, Renegade Legion was a series of board games that was put out in the late 80's - mid 90's by FASA Corp., the same company that made the more popular BattleTech.

Although I'm not a board gamer myself, I've always been fascinated by the stories and artwork in RenLeg, which is why I chose this subject. Also, I wanted to do something that I've never seen before and up to that point no one had done high detail versions of the armored grav vehicles in the game, so I set out to be the first.

So far I've completed six models and started a bunch more including this one - the Bata Revo (Wolverine) Light Grav Tank. This my favorite design so I'm picking up where I left off with this wip.

Here's the metal game miniature that I'm using as my main reference. I'm also referring to a lot of game art.


And this is where I'm at so far. Most of major parts are done but I still have a lot to go.


The hardest part so far has been building the forward hull section and it was a royal PITA! I don't know how many hours I've spent rebuilding and tweaking this thing, but I'm finally satisfied with the results and now it's onto the turret.


I hope you enjoy it.
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  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux394 Posts: 83Member
    Good modelling so far! Looking forward to updates!
  • StarshipStarship371 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,911Member
    Welcome aboard old beam!
    Since F3D went offline I was expecting you to show your wips here or in deviantart. There aren´t much of your old wip renderings available out there.
    Keep posting!! B)
  • PheylanPheylan350 Posts: 6Member
    Thanks guys. I've been on a long hiatus of sorts, and only recently got bitten by the modeling bug once again. :)

    Things will go a little slow at first as I dust off the cobwebs and get back up to speed. Also, there are a lot of new modeling tools in Modo that I want to see if I make use of in this project. Should be interesting.

    Here's a view of the underside showing the grav coils that propel the vehicle. I borrowed them from one of the other models. Not sure if I will redo them to make the look unique for this tank or just leave it since you wouldn't really see them much anyway.

  • PheylanPheylan350 Posts: 6Member

    I thought it would be good to give some background information on the fictional universe that inspired to do this project.

    The game is set in the 69th century and primarily focuses on the conflict between the tyrannical Terran Overlord Government (TOG) and the Human-Baufrin Commonwealth which is located on the opposite side of the galaxy...think Star Wars' Galactic Empire against Star Treks' Federation only the two have a shared history and the same technological level.

    Fighting along side of the Commonwealth are the Renegade Legions (from whom the game takes its name). They are a group of former Terran military units that defected to the Commonwealth in protest when TOG rose to power in a violent coup. The red graffiti "R" is the symbol used by the Renegades in defiance of TOG. The war have been going on for a little over a century.

    And so, while I am pondering the next phase of the Wolverine, I decided to start blocking out the Spartius. It's the CW/RL's standard Medium grav APC. This is another of my favorite designs and I really wanted to get started on it.

    Very early on.


    I temporarily used the main hull from my Liberator tank model just to get the proportions in the ball park but it will soon be replaced. The two vehicles are so similar that even though the books don't specifically mention it, they must have come from the drawing boards of the same design teams. The major difference are the large cutouts for the infantry doors. Funny thing is that the ortho schematics show the hull as having straight lines like the Liberator, but as you can see in the inset, the miniature is more curved. As with the Wolverine, I'm going by this version because I consider it to be the final design.


    And finally here is a preview of the aforementioned Liberator wip. More to come on this one.


  • PheylanPheylan350 Posts: 6Member
    Some more blocking in on the Spartius' main hull. Next, I'll start building the spline cage and begin patchworking. Probably will take a few tries before I get it just right. Also, added in some sensor domes and a few other details.



    I did some minor work on the Wolverine by adding in these undercuts to the forward hulls side panels. I believe they are big sections of armor so I think it makes them look pretty cool.


  • publiusrpubliusr399 Posts: 1,552Member
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    La Sirena ancestor?

    Add some SFB Lyran…
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  • PheylanPheylan350 Posts: 6Member
    publiusr wrote: »
    La Sirena ancestor?

    Add some SFB Lyran…

    The TOG Gladius is a fighter that I would like to have a go at one day. I tried in the past building another fighter but it didn't turn out so well, imo, so I've stuck with the tanks for the time being.

    Speaking of....

    I have the Spartius's outer hull pretty much worked out. As I figured it involved some trial and error, but I think I'm happy with it.



  • PheylanPheylan350 Posts: 6Member
    Evening all.

    Since I have a bad habit of jumping around a a lot when doing projects, I've spent the last two days dusting off and updating the files for some of the other old wip's that I started. Some of which haven't seen the light of day for a number of years.

    The first up is the Eliminator. It's one of the newer good guy vehicles. It's heavily armed and armored but has a very sluggish acceleration rate even for a heavy grav tank, so it's mainly used for defensive operations. There is another version of this tank called the Cincinnatus which is used by the Renegades. The two are nearly identical except the Cincinnatus carries extra supplies and ammo. I'll probably do that version as well only I'll take the liberty of swapping the Mass Driver Cannon for a heavy Laser.....just because I can. :)

    There's very little reference material on this so I'm making up some things as I go.


    Next is the Deliverer. Personally I think this is one of the uglier designs, but I feel compelled to build it because it's the primary heavy tank for the Commonwealth and I want to do all ten of the main front-line vehicles (five for each side). Don't have much to show yet because it was one of the last models I worked on.


    And lastly the Lupis. It's the standard light APC used by TOG. It's very light on weapons but excels at doing it's job of getting troops to were the fight is.


  • srspicersrspicer341 Posts: 301Member
    Nice clean models. B)
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