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AnimationStar Trek Movie Animations

Chris2005Chris2005390 Posts: 3,000Member
Here's my first video for this category of projects. :)

I want to eventually do the entire sequence at the end of ST:IV including the reveal shot... but in time.

Lizzy777publiusrWarp Propulsion Laboratory


  • trekkitrekki384 Posts: 968Member
    Nice animation, Chris. Is there more to come?
  • Chris2005Chris2005390 Posts: 3,000Member
    trekki wrote: »
    Nice animation, Chris. Is there more to come?

    I certainly hope so. :P Life is a bit chaotic right now.
  • prisoner881prisoner881172 Posts: 25Member
    Very nice! However, the hull plating appears very dark near the deflector and the vertical section running down the neck. Is this intentional?
  • scifiericscifieric817 Posts: 1,217Member
    Oh, that is BEAUTIFUL!
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