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Last Active
  • SpaceX and NASA Back in space baby! DEMO-2

    The Discord has been pretty excited about this. Added some tags for SpaceX and NASA, so hopefully this is one of many to come. :)
  • New bridge

    If this is another commissioned piece you should credit the author, or preferably have them post the project themselves. We've been through this and I don't particularly enjoy repeating myself.
  • Star Trek News and Rumours

    Here's the announcement video, since I didn't see it in the thread already
  • Tiny Forum Updates: Sketchfab


    Sketchfab is pretty neat, right? :) We've actually had some form of Sketchfab embed since the forum migration, but I just got around to adding a profile fields as well. So, if you have a Sketchfab profile, just add your username in the field (just the username, no need for the rest of the URL, similar to most other profile fields). I also re-sorted the profile fields, because they were in a weird order and were bugging me. :p

    The embed is a little temperamental, since they changed the URL format slightly but basically, what you need is the embed URL so, hit the embedbutton and grab this bit:
    https://sketchfab.com/model/[long number]
    and ignore the stuff after the slash following the long number, and it should embed fine. I'm looking for a better implementation, like a bbcode or something.

  • Forum Updates: Commissions Open (+ other minor updates)


    TLDR: You can now add a Commissions Open field in your profile to let people know you're taking commissions and it's cool to contact you about them on the forums.

    So lately, I've been watching people look for artists for their commissions and get in touch with a bunch of people while doing it. No one ever contacts me for commissions, so I don't have any firsthand knowledge in the matter, but I reckon getting contacted constantly can get kinda annoying, and finding people who do commissions can probably be pretty frustrating as well. Personally I'm more concerned about artists not being to post their work in peace on the site, so instead of asking anyone how they actually feel, I went and tried to find a solution. :p

    Commissions are something I'd actually like to encourage since I think there's a nice opportunity to make some money for doing something you really enjoy that I think everyone can appreciate, and I think they're really good for the scene (posting spaceships on the Internet) at large. Plus people get cool stuff for their projects, so that's cool too. So commissioning work is not the problem, and there seems to be an audience for it, but finding the right person to contact seems to cause some collateral damage when potential buyers contact pretty much everyone whose work they've enjoyed out of the blue, and not nearly everyone is doing commissions.

    So, how to encourage a positive phenomenon, but avoid the negatives? I created the Self Promotion and Releases to encourage this sort of thing, but they haven't taken off like I hoped they would. Guess people use Twitter and ArtStation for that sort of thing these days. :confused: Did you know, you can post Paid Models, Paid Materials, Paid Tutorials, Paid Game Assets, Paid Tools, Free Models, Free Materials, Free Game Assets and Free Tools in releases? Did you even realize we would like to see people promote their Youtube channels and streaming and stuff? I think the whole promotional part of the forum will need a rethink at some point, but as a more immediate solution to letting everyone know you're taking commissions and making finding available artists easier, I've added a Commissions field to everyone's profiles. Basically, if you're up for some work for hire, just switch it to Open and a neat little green icon will appear on your profile letting people know. Don't need any work right now? Just switch it off and the icon goes away.


    This will hopefully make it easier to contact people who are interested and on the other hand, discourage cold calling uninterested parties.

    The usual caveats apply. Scifi-Meshes will not accept any liability in your transactions but reserves the right to ban known bad actors. All negotiations should be conducted off the forums. Get everything in writing, and use common sense.

    If you're looking for free stuff, or want to pitch your project to multiple artists at the same time, try the Looking for... forum.

    Think this will improve things? Did they need improving? Let me know.

    Oh, right... Other minor forum updates:
    • I updated Fontawesome (the little icons you see everywhere) to a newer version. Let me know here, if there are any busted icons.
    • Private messages now include a Subject field, so you can add subject to all the commissions you'll be talking about I guess.