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Friendly reminder: Please stop bumping old threads

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TLDR: Please check the dates before responding to a topic, especially in Work In Progress

We've had something of an influx of new people and people who haven't been here in a while show up lately. That's pretty neat. Welcome (back) everyone! It looks like a quick little refresher on forum etiquette and community guidelines might be necessary though:

You have probably seen one of these guys on the lower left corner of your screen, when typing a response to a really old thread:

Also, from Them Rules:
Don't ask for models
Releasing or not releasing a model is up to the artist, and it's not really something you should bring up in their project threads.

Don't ask for updates
I'm sure the author would post them, if they had them.

  1. Please check the date of the previous posts before typing your response. You can find it under people's username in all posts:
    If you want the exact date, you can hover over it. Anything more than 6 months ago should probably be avoided, if you're not adding anything substantial to the conversation. You can always private message (Message button in their profile) to try and reach them. Posting in their profile is kind of like a Facebook wall, and equally useless. It's not private nor does it send notifications as far as I know. If someone's profile doesn't have any badges, it means they haven't logged in since we switched forum software in February 2019 (so at least 5 years).
  2. However, returning to your own old projects is always appreciated. It'll get tagged with the Necropost tag automatically, but I'll remove any extraneous ones, whenever I'm on the forums. Can't do it on mobile though, so I need to be on my computer or iPad at the time. If removing seems to be taking an unusually long time, send me a private message or ping me on Discord.
  3. It's not that big a deal on all forums though. Like necroposting in Finished Work or General Discussion is generally not that big of a faux pas, since they move quite a bit slower. Finished pictures are still worth looking at and people like to go back to old conversations, when a new season starts and so on.

Why do we frown upon asking for models? Because we try to run this place for artists first and foremost and a bunch of people contacting one person to get something out of them probably gets pretty exhausting after a while. We would rather offer a safe haven from that kind of thing here. We're all about the actual work here, so more of a journey than destination type community after all. We encourage and welcome sharing models and resources, but never expect or require it. You can reach out in private, but if the answer is no (or silence), that's the end of that.

Thanks for reading. Let me know, if you have any comments and suggestions on the current policy here. :)
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