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How to Build the USS Enterprise in Blender 3D

scifiericscifieric1123 Posts: 1,498Member
Hello everyone!

A long, LONG time ago, I made a tutorial on How to Build the USS Enterprise in TrueSpace 3D. Now here are the first seven videos in How to Build the USS Enterprise in Blender 3D:


01 Intro to Tutorial

02 Saucer Tutorial: Splines, Curves, and the Spin Tool

03 Saucer Windows and the Mirror Tool

04 Making the Lower Saucer Windows

05 Making the Lower Saucer "Triangles"

06 Making the BC Deck (two ways!) and the Bridge

07 Making the Lower Saucer Sensor and Platform

08 Linear Accelerator

09 Impulse Engines

10 Forward Cutout and Running Lights

*End of Edit*

These first seven cover the saucer section, bridge, BC deck, windows, and lower saucer sensor and the sensor platform.

Later videos will also cover the impulse engines and the linear accelerator before moving on to the neck, the engineering section, the warp engines and the warp engine pylons.

This is not for someone who wants something done quickly. I show examples, sometimes multiple ways of doing something, reference images, and talk about the series and the models.

The first seven alone are well over five hours of video. But you will learn how to create a spline using verts, extrusions, and curves. You'll learn how to convert a mesh to a curve and a curve to a mesh. You'll learn how to create "drill plugs" for windows and how to use booleans.

I show you how to set up your environment inside Blender 3D, where to get blueprints and how to set them up inside your work area.

We modify UV spheres to create the BC deck and then I also show you how to "box model" a better BC Deck.

I talk about quads, tri's, verts, edges, origins, and faces.

This tutorial does not cover optimization of models. This is only to show the rudimentary tools and skills necessary to make a model that you can render that looks vaguely like the USS Enterprise from the original television series.

This is really for the beginner in Blender, or maybe someone who hasn't modeled anything before, or of course, for anyone who wants to learn how to make their own USS Enterprise!

Thanks for looking in. (I know, these are LONG videos!)



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