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Looking for a couple of my old meshes

Kenny_ZKenny_Z171 Posts: 0Member
Hey everyone. it's been a very long time since I've been on SFM. I'm not sure anyone here would even remember me. I made that NX-01 mesh that circulated for awhile. I'm actually in search of two specific meshes that I gave away to only a handful of people. I lost my copies in a hard drive crash and I just recently got the idea to try to 3d print them. I successfully printed my NX about a year ago.

I am looking for my Starwind and Tzinski models.



The Starwind is a lot rarer than the Tzinski. I had set the Tzinski up at M-CGI as a downloadable model shortly before we just lost interest in the site. I think a few fan fiction sites snapped it up.

I can offer a reward of sorts. I still have version 3 of my Akira mesh that I don't recall ever releasing. The textures are in serious need of an upgrade but the mesh itself isn't bad.



  • trekkitrekki200 Posts: 732Member
    Nice to see something from you again.
    Unfortunately I can not help you with the search, I do not have these objects.
    But the Akira Class is very nice.
    I still use your NX today. ;)
  • Kenny_ZKenny_Z171 Posts: 0Member
    Good to see you again, Trekki. Glad to hear you're still using the NX and making stuff.

    If I can remember I'll pack up the AkiraV3 and host it somewhere for people to get. I may have a line on at least the Tzinski model if I can figure out where I packed away my old server.
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