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3DBattle Cruiser

Rick27Rick270 Posts: 0Member
edited February 2013 in Work in Progress #1
Hello everyone, i wish you a good new year already, last one this year.
I did some work on a new cruiser not based on anything.
So i finished the rough detailing on the front-top, and i began working on the engines.

I'm goanna continue on this ship in 2013 :), ow some good names for this ship? i'm not very inspirational with ship-names :)
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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804549 Posts: 11,173Member
    Nice work so far. It definitely looks original to me. :)
  • Rick27Rick270 Posts: 0Member
    UPDATE: did some more work on the engines and the bridge, also first shot from the backside, hope you like it!
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    2.jpg 162.1K
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804549 Posts: 11,173Member
    I like it. :D
  • SaquistSaquist1 Posts: 0Member
    looks Robotech like
  • Rick27Rick270 Posts: 0Member
    I never heard of it before, but yeah i see what you mean.
    Well small, last update of the day, some detailing on the lower engines, the hangar and the area behind the bridge:

    (more noise than previous renders, because shorter render time)
    1.2.jpg 338.1K
  • meugen06meugen06334 Posts: 5Member
    A strange design.
  • StarshipStarship472 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,981Member
    Looks cool!
  • kevinskikevinski0 Posts: 0Member
    my i ask you what you use for rendering?

    Because i use Skp for modeling too and Kerky Boost for Rendering and i never achieved anything like you did here.

    And the Ship itself is also looking really good.
    Is the hangarbay in the back between the engines?
  • Rick27Rick270 Posts: 0Member
    yes that's indeed the hangar bay, but for rendering i'm using kerkythea too, with metropolis light transport (as render preset). For the lighting i use self illuminating materials, and the background is a high-res image used as an spherical. Also i use materials downloaden from the Kerythea site.
  • tekkon7tekkon761 Posts: 0Member
    This is really great work across the board. I love seeing original art on this site.
  • Rick27Rick270 Posts: 0Member
    Did my first trek ship, took a break from my other ship, but i will work on both the ships:
    4.jpg 119.7K
  • RekkertRekkert4260 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 2,326Member
    Both designs are very original.
    The battle cruiser looks amazing from every angle I've seen it.
    Looking forward to see them evolve.
    For all my finished Trek fan art, please visit my portfolio
  • BorgManBorgMan209 DutchlandPosts: 581Member
    You've got me impressed Rick! I'm very curious as of your Kerkythea presets...
  • Rick27Rick270 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks for all your positive reactions,

    @BorgMan, my render presets are on the last post of Page 1 of this Thread!
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804549 Posts: 11,173Member
    Interesting design on the Trek ship. :)
  • publiusrpubliusr555 Posts: 1,753Member
    The most organic four nacelle ship.
  • Rick27Rick270 Posts: 0Member
    Small update on the nacelles, and another view point
    5.jpg 7.1K
  • Rick27Rick270 Posts: 0Member
    Another nacelle update, close up shot
    7.jpg 7.5K
  • SaquistSaquist1 Posts: 0Member
    How about thse names

  • Rick27Rick270 Posts: 0Member
    Avalon is a good name :), last update for today:
    8.jpg 195.6K
  • SanderleeSanderlee1 Posts: 0Member
    Rick, this is interesting.

    However, a common design element in the Trekverse is that the warp nacelles --with a VERY few exceptions-- are exposed from the front perspective. They aren't nestled in behind the hull. Seen from the bow, you can always see the warp engines, especially in those races (Humans, Romulans, Klingons, the big three) that seem to use some sort of Bussards on their engines for fuel gathering in flight.

    This design has the engines directly behind the hull, which runs counter to that design philosophy.

    I see you've placed the red Bussard strips on the tops of the nacelles as pictured, but it just doesn't look quite right.

    Just my observations.
  • Rick27Rick270 Posts: 0Member
    Well that is usefull information, but that they are behind the hull is not true. They are actually well above the saucer section of the ship:
    53.jpg 341.8K
  • SanderleeSanderlee1 Posts: 0Member
    I stand corrected. From each shot I'd seen to this point, they looked hull-hidden. My bad.
  • SaquistSaquist1 Posts: 0Member
    I feel it needs a lower hull or something to stick out from the bottom. It just feels empty down there.
  • Rick27Rick270 Posts: 0Member
    Yea true i'm still struggling with the bottom of the ship
  • SaquistSaquist1 Posts: 0Member
    Trust me that is a common problem with Trek ship designs (ask John Eaves)...
    We tend to design ships in one view...Top views. Instead ships should be designed in concert with with the side and bottom views as well as the front views. This was Sovereign's problem which has two very different appearance from it's top to bottom views. His solution essential was a quick fix for the look of the saucer's bottom.
  • Rick27Rick270 Posts: 0Member
    Yea i will look at the bottom later, if you have some suggestions, those are welcome.

    Still working on both ships, without much progress, mainly because of school. (next week, vacation yay! :))
    But here is a new render for my battle cruiser, no massive results, but i thought the render looked nice:
    9.jpg 41.6K
  • Rick27Rick270 Posts: 0Member
    Well, i got some drive after it now, so again, a new update:
    10.jpg 366.4K
    11.jpg 148.9K
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804549 Posts: 11,173Member
    It's looking great. I like the color scheme. :)
  • RekkertRekkert4260 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 2,326Member
    I like that orange, very original.
    For all my finished Trek fan art, please visit my portfolio
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