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3DGod's Hammer And Thor BattleShip WIP

metalsnakemetalsnake5 Posts: 0Member
edited August 2010 in Work in Progress #1
As part of the angelcore branch i've decided to work now on a thor class battleship and its weaponry i started working on a design for the battleship but somehow ended up with a gun barrel lol so about 20 minutes after making the start of a ship i ended up with a gun barrel for a turret which then appeared about 5 hours later

the gun itself is almost completed minus a few external details and its interior

the bay on the other hand is going thorugh changes every time i get a new idea for the design of the ship

let me know what you think guys

for those of you that might wonder the model in the pictures has 18,744 polys or 36,823 tri's
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  • PagrinPagrin171 Posts: 0Member
    This is in interesting idea. I like the idea of a deploy-able turret, from a style point of view. It would also give the ship a distinct appearance change when she readies for battle.
    The turret itself looks nice and functional as well, for an energy based weapon. Unless she is shell fed from below.
  • SanderleeSanderlee1 Posts: 0Member
    I like the base design and the "deployable" feature you're going for.
    But, and maybe this is just a problem with the angle you're showing us, I think you've got a function vs. form problem.
    From the angle we're seeing this at, it looks like the left gun is curved waaaaay too far inwards. If this thing focuses the beams together to form a single "super-beam" (ala Death Star), I'd make the emitters look different. As it stands now, it LOOKS as if the beams converge just meters from the gun.
    But, like I said, it might just be an angle of viewing thing.

    Keep up the great work!
  • metalsnakemetalsnake5 Posts: 0Member
    thanks for replys guys i think its the angle thats causing it to look like that, and she isnt shell or energy based more a hybrid of both the turret base itself is actually huge the tips of the barrels are 4 times the height of a 1:1 human model that a friend gave me in max format it uses magnetic power to launch the shells

    and the barrels are lined so that the 2 shells dont contact with each other when fired be abit of deflection caused if that happened and who knows where the shells would end up :)
  • JanJaapJanJaap0 Posts: 0Member
    Imho it would look even cooler if the bay door had the same slant as the hull and hinged open at the top with two doors over the rails which slide sideways. This designs also has some engineering and tactical "yays" attached to it.
  • metalsnakemetalsnake5 Posts: 0Member
    hmmm that might be a possibility actually the bay itself is more of a dummie model at the moment untill i have the ship designed once the ships finally shaped up i'll be redoing or keeping the current bay for the gun i've actually changed the bay twice since building it so i'm sure it'll end up being redone again or again and again lol
  • erionmarina45erionmarina45-10 Posts: 14Member
    Ok good thank you
  • srspicersrspicer390 Posts: 335Member
    Looks like a good start.
    I concur on the angled doors. Also, the doors should be above the gun rails for easy deployment.
    I would like to see an over- all design of the ship.
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