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3DKen'Sai Class starship

Robert HarrisonRobert Harrison1 Posts: 16Member
edited May 2010 in Work in Progress #1
Okay so i got to watching Farscape (again) and I really love the living ship in that... the following ship is NOT living but it is inspired by Moya..

This is an early screen cap of 4 views of the ship... At this stage i guess i have been working on the ship for about 3 hours...

This one is about an hour later, a few changes but not many... once again it is a screen cap

These next images are renders from about the same time as the screen cap above...


Okay so after looking at the ship in detail and not finding a way to move on and not liking parts of it i redid some of the parts, the back section where the warp drive is housed has been changed and the 'Rollbar' Module has been changed also...

Now the Name of this ship is Ken'Sai, which means 'sword's saint'. The class is 545 meters long, 65 meters high and 150 meters wide... i think... It has 3 forward and 2 aft Torp, 2 Pulse Phaser Cannons and 10 Type XI Phaser Arrays. It has 12 Fighters, 5 Shuttles and 5 Argo Transports.

These specs are just a start and might change with time.

Comments welcome, positive or at least constructive...

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    Three hours? wow... .hmmm that would have taken me all day.. You spline modeling or box?

    Looks great so far though :)
  • Robert HarrisonRobert Harrison1 Posts: 16Member
    Um... in fact i used a Ball and a tube... well a few and just flattened and stretched them till i got that...

    Shruggs.. I am fighting with the speed of my computer at the moment!
  • Robert HarrisonRobert Harrison1 Posts: 16Member
    Help me please...

    I have just tried to redo the front section, but when i cut into the tube i get some really stupid results and i do not know why or how to fix it with out mesh-smooth which then slows my computer down coz it more then triples the number of Polygons...

    Please help...
    help.jpg 168.1K
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]331 Posts: 0
    Looks like you're working in Max it's probably a stack edit error, try collapsing the objects edit stack so it's back to just edit mesh/poly then try cutting into it. Make a copy of the object though otherwise you'll lose all the modifiers on the base object and may not be able to repeat the shape exactly.
  • Robert HarrisonRobert Harrison1 Posts: 16Member
    Thats what i am doing, i have not done any changes to that at this point... It is just a flattened and stretched tube.
  • MelakMelak332 Posts: 0Member
    Then it might just be a matter of welding a few vertices and editing the tris. If you could post a close up shaded wire view, we could probably tell you more :)
  • Robert HarrisonRobert Harrison1 Posts: 16Member
    I think i fixed it... or at least i stumbled upon the answer which i couldn't repeat even if i really tried... Welcome to my life...

    Up dates to come soon...

  • Robert HarrisonRobert Harrison1 Posts: 16Member
    A few updates...

    Moved the Impulse Engines to the top module. Changed how the Deflector looks and i am in the middle of moving the Forward weapons... again...

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