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3Dmanwiththegun's WIP thread

manwiththegunmanwiththegun171 Posts: 0Member
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So I found some time again in my busy schedule to throw together some models for my story. This time around I've been playing around with Kerkythea and lighting effects. While I['m still learning, I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Let me know what you think. And if anyone has tips for lighting with Sketchup and Kerkythea..... I'm all ears.
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  • originalgaijinoriginalgaijin0 Posts: 0Member
    very cool were in the BSG timeline are you putting this?
  • manwiththegunmanwiththegun171 Posts: 0Member
    This isn't for BSG. This is for my own story I'm writing along side my models. Unfortunately, I have more time to write elsewhere than I do to sit on my PC and model. :mad:
  • originalgaijinoriginalgaijin0 Posts: 0Member
    oh oops my bad. My apologies sir
  • manwiththegunmanwiththegun171 Posts: 0Member
    No biggie. I'm just glad you like it.
  • manwiththegunmanwiththegun171 Posts: 0Member
    Here's a closer look at the station. I've spent a great deal of time playing around with lighting and I think I'm getting the hang of it. I know I need to turn the intensity down in the lights so they dont light on the solar panels or should I leave it?
  • MelakMelak332 Posts: 0Member
    I like the lighting, and I have no issue with the solar panels looking lit up like that. Unless you are talking about the white spots, which does look a bit odd:confused:

    Maybe the app you are using allows you to make the light fade out after a set distance? Or at least turn on inverse square decay?
  • manwiththegunmanwiththegun171 Posts: 0Member
    Yup, the white spots are the issue. If I set the brightness down, the windows don't light up; I can't find a happy medium. As far as inverse square decay I would love to know what that is as I saw it was an option in Kerkythea. If you could explain inverse square decay as I have about 5 hours of experience with rendering ANYTHING and have no formal training... I would appreciate it.
  • MelakMelak332 Posts: 0Member
    The inverse-square law says that, as you double your distance from a light source, the intensity drops to 1/4.
    Left: no decay, Right: inverse square decay

    Another option would be attenuation, I don't know if kerkythia offers it but in max I can tell a light to fade out over a set distance.

    Or you could try and see if you can make the light ignore the solar panels, or the other way around.
  • manwiththegunmanwiththegun171 Posts: 0Member
    AHA!!! Thank you. Manipulating the attenuation has solved my bleeding light problem. I'll post updated pics soon. Now if only I knew how to move the sun in Kerkythea....
  • manwiththegunmanwiththegun171 Posts: 0Member
    So I fixed most of the attenuation issues. I was getting board with ligthting so I made some changes to the overal design of the station. Later in my story engineers attach two construction pods for FTL ship testing so I needed to beef up the overall support structure.
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