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3DWelters stuff

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been lurking here for quite a while, drooling over all the great work. Now i think it's time to contribute something again. :D

First here are some wip images of a fighter craft project. There was a thread about it already. I will let it rest in peace. But perhaps some of you remember it.

The the image at the bottom shows the old version (Edit: removed because of the preview in the thread listing). The other images show the revised version with new textures and redone parts of the cockpit interior.

I think i managed to increased my texturing skillz quite nicely. :lol: I am still not completely satiesfied though. And before you guys ask... yes it is heavily inspired by the F-22 and the designs in the Wingcommander game. I want to make it look as realistic as i can. The geometry is quite simple. I put some details in the textures which should actually be modeled (or not be there at all) like the nuts and bolts.

Next on the program are some battle scenes maybe. So i spend my time now trying to make a nice particle beam effect. Will keep you updated.
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    ok.. this is the craft with older textures
  • halhal192 Posts: 157Member
    Nice work, I like the design and your textures look good. Have you tried composting it into a real photo?
  • unusualsuspexunusualsuspex331 Norfolk UKPosts: 0Member
    Wow! I really like this one! The new textures take it to a whole new level :thumb:

    I'll be following this one!
  • Dr. JonesDr. Jones0 Posts: 0Member
    yes looks really much nicer now
  • somacruz145somacruz1450 Posts: 0Member
    Amazing model and even better textures ! :thumb: The details such as the pilot's seat are really well done too.
  • CoolhandCoolhand289 Mountain LairPosts: 1,298Member
    always liked this chubby spacefighter, odd proportions but it works. looks beaut with the textures on there. welcome back.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    thank you guys

    here is what i got so far for the beam effect. It is made with an array of lights. It needs very strong motion blur and could look better... so its kind of crappy. Will try the textured-plane-aligned-to-the-camera style next ;)
  • newmannewman0 Posts: 0Member
    Reminds me a bit of the "Arrow" from Wing Commander 3.. tho this one is quite a bit chubbier. Anyway looks good, I like the fact that the design incorporates some styling off contemporary fighter jets.
  • SanderleeSanderlee1 Posts: 0Member
    While the clip is short, I actually rather like the particle beam effect. Just add a little brightness or luminosity to it (make it shimmer a bit) and it'll be even better! :thumb:

    I'm curious also to see the engine effects. They're also present in the clip as far as I can tell, but it's so short I can't see any detail.

    Still, cool effects and a spiffy little fighter!
  • PipPip171 Posts: 0Member
    I love how you've managed to blend the an aircraft aerodynamic curvature style, with a boxy style. (moreso than a real F-22)
    The RCS exhausts are a nice touch too.
  • BERmaestroBERmaestro2 Posts: 0Member
    this is cool craft
  • L2KL2K0 Posts: 0Member
    looks like wing commander comes to reality
  • RAF-MXRAF-MX12 Posts: 0Member
    Wow!! amazing!!
    Gran Trabajo Amigo!!
  • madmattmadmatt0 Posts: 0Member
    I like the design but the textures needs some improvements IMHO.

    What programs did you used? Keep to post!
  • anystaranystar0 Posts: 0Member
    newman wrote: »
    Reminds me a bit of the "Arrow" from Wing Commander 3.. tho this one is quite a bit chubbier. Anyway looks good, I like the fact that the design incorporates some styling off contemporary fighter jets.
    L2K wrote: »
    looks like wing commander comes to reality

    my first thoughts exactly!

    what i like best is that it looks as if there were wings merging out it could be a contemporary fighter jet, textures look great too :thumb:
  • MephMeph331 Posts: 0Member
    Ah, those are some nice textures indeed. They're really breathing life into the model. Good job, mate!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    Thanks for the nice comments. And well, yeah the Arrow from WingCommander is one of my favorite ships :D

    @madmatt. I use Cinema 4D. The material shader on the ship is pretty basic, a little diffuse and strong blurry specular reflections. The textures are made the usual way: some basic slightly noisy background, then layers of scratches and dirty copied from photo references. Suggestions? :p

    Btw. More messing around with lazer beamz. I'll post something that shows the exhaust later on to bridge the gaps between real updates ;)
  • PalurienPalurien0 Posts: 0Member
    Wow, nice, I like the model and the gun test :)
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    Hey. Sorry for the lack of updates. Been kind of busy.

    Here is a setup which i will keep with some tweeks maybe. The new forum won't let me properly attach avi movies. Therefore here is just a snapshot, and the avi is on my personal site: particle_gun_test_06.avi

    The other pic actually shows off my atmosphere shader. But the ship is also in there. ... must make more of this kind :lol:
  • madmattmadmatt0 Posts: 0Member
    The Earth is photorealistic, but is it a 3D model or is a photo? Great job!!! Keep to post...

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    The earth is 3D.
    I used a homemade atmospheric scattering shader, plus textures from there :)
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    A minor update: Firing all guns particle_gun_test_08.avi
  • somacruz145somacruz1450 Posts: 0Member
    That was really cool :D My only gripe would be about the beam weapon - the particles around it could use some more blur when shown at a close-up or be of a color that's more similar to the main beam.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    Thanks soma. I'll get back to this later.

    Currently i'm working on a new space environment. The planet maps are based on maps from Mars with some images of rust and scratches blended in. I am quite happy with them. The stars/nebula stuff needs attention.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    a nicer version of the above ;)
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    Time for a update. I messed with that planet for a long time.

    I wanted to have "realistic" clouds. Then i realized that there is little water on a planet like this, thus no clouds :confused: There can be sandstorms however :) The texture map is based on a cloudmap of earth. Just blurred a lot and modulated with some noise pattern.

    Pasted my fighters in ... messed up the alpha channel in one image. Still needs work. Improve lighting, impact effects, and motion blur.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    Hi guys,

    it's time for a update. Finally i "finished" a short animation of these fighters attacking another one of my ships.


    Also made changes to the ships textures. Minor, but looks better with less dirt, new background pattern and fake chamfered edges :)
  • MelakMelak332 Posts: 0Member
    Very nice! The flares, effects, all look great!
  • somacruz145somacruz1450 Posts: 0Member
    Yeah I agree with that guy from Berlin :p The ship is just brilliant and animation is coming along very nicely. I would like to see a bit more "oomph" to the weapons though - some sparks on the shield effect etc.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    Thank you.

    @Soma: Some sparks ... for the projectile impacts ... yeah. Apart from that it is okay imo. I don't want to overdo it ;)
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