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3Dtcs concordia (from movie)

callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
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well hi evryone i been a member for a while now , never posted thow been only gathering pics have collection close to 15k pics now
i dont have neither experience or talent in 3d modeling but i thought i give it a try , ever since i saw the wing commander movie i wanted some nice pics about the flagship of the concordia battle group the concordia her self , evry time i searched for her i saw some flat decked carrier thingi and finaly i learned that there are many ships named conncordia my favorite being a super-cruiser class ship never the less i never found any quality pic so i thought i try to make one at least in my skill range i know google sketch up isnt the best but its hard enough for me:D any comments are welcome

ps: well i was a bit confused couse in the few shots where u could see the ship in the movie it had no fins but at the begining when on a computer hologram u see the battlegroup the concordia has fins , so i kinda used a bit of my imagination for example i added a underside gun and couse i love fins i used them as well , gona add secondary armement and aa defence turrets as well as torpedo tubes its a super cruiser after all so there is no such thing as enough weapons:d
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  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    little update from yesterday i have no shots of its engines so i had to improvise at the werrybegining before the pegasus gets attacked u see some docked ships althow not to clear but this is what i could make out

    ps anyone who has some material on this ship i would apriciate it
  • TovetteTovette5 Posts: 13Member
    reminds of old ironclad ships of the 19th century.
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    hehe my first reply:) ye has a distinctive look but that why i like the ship
  • cavebearcavebear179 Posts: 623Member
    Your ship looks pretty nice :) It actually inspired me to doodle up one of my own on the lap top while I was watching TV last night. I have the movie but haven't seen it in a very long time. I'll have to watch it agian one of these days.

    Looking forward to seeing some more :thumb:
  • Tochiro76Tochiro760 Posts: 0Member
    You might check out Wing Commander CIC it's got to be the biggest wing commander site on the net and there are many people there who would be interested in helping you with reference stuff for this ship. Also if you don't already have it on dvd you might want to get the movie, it's so cheap on amazon now something like only a few dollars. I have the movie and the soundtrack cd :-)

    The main difference between the movie version of this ship and the video game version is that the movie version could divide itself slightly to reveal the flight deck, they also called this their shields? the movie is very strange and not like the video game at all lol.

    I liked the designs of the capships in the movie though, and of course the capship battle scenes were some of the best scifi battle stuff on film.
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    i know that site its just to confusing to me , i cant find to much there i mean i cant find my way around but i will try to find some sort of place where i could post and ask for help
    i found some document on that site where it said that the movie concordia isnt the same ship from the one in the game , i am also a big fan of big capital ship battles
    well buying the movie wouldnt be a prob only i am from romania and cant pay from here only if i have a serious credit card the easy to get ones arent accepted outside of the country:P
    in the movie at the end tolwin orders to laucnh rapiers and broadswords so the ship has a fighter bay only i am at a loss where to put it couse in my eyes its a battleship mainly not a carrier so it cant be to exposed , was thinking to ad it on its underside and to be retracktable u know so its there but doesent compromise the ship in combat what u think?
  • Deck72Deck720 Posts: 0Member
    You could also check on a book called the Wing Commander Confederation Handbook. It has all kinds of info from the movie in it, including a lot of photos. They made it specifically for the movie.You can find them on for as cheap as $4.30.

    However, as far as the different Concordia's go, if you want to make the most popular one, use the one from the game. A lot of stuff in the movie really deviated from what the several Wing Commander games had already established. I think you've done a very good job so far with what you've done on the movie Concordia, so maybe you can try the game Concordia after you finish this one.
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    well tbh the the game concorida has alot of covarage i mean lot of models made and i dont have there skills anyways:)
    and its to flat looking for me i , i know the movie deviates in alot of aspects but i kinda like this model , allways was a fan of big gun battleships:)
    gona post on wing commander cic as well hope they dont bite my head off dont wana offend any wing commander fan
  • Deck72Deck720 Posts: 0Member
    True, the game Concordia has been done before, and i'm interested in seeing this one finished. I wouldn't worry too much about the people over at the CIC, they're a pretty good group, & I think they'll be happy to see what you come up with, and I bet if you did a wip thread over there, you'd get a heck of a lot of good advice on details for the model.
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    well i did register there couse i wasnt till now but i have to w8 till an admin activates my acc so i cannot post anything
  • Tochiro76Tochiro760 Posts: 0Member
    The flight deck is the center of the ship more like lower center, the sides push out to reveal the flight deck and there is an atmospheric shield at the end of the flight deck so crews can operate on the deck without space suits. There was a scene in the movie where maniac got his gf ship damaged and she crash landed on the flight deck but her ship was in the way and other ships could not land so a yellow bulldozer pushed her ship off the deck and it fell off the end as if there was gravity outside the deck... I think they were near a large asteroid or a planet in that scene.

    The sides of the ship are heavily armored so I think thats what they consider shields not some sort of energy shield. In the movie the captain says to raise shields so they close up the ship and show some sort of graphic display of the sides of the ship closing up.
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    good someone who knows movies like i do scene by scene i know the raise shields scene and i know those armored thingies but also remember when the torpedos hit u see electro magnetic shields as well and when the cruiser comes and it goes by the side of the tiger claw and tagard orders to lower the shileds u see the em shields go off
    i know that the flight deck is in the middle but in my concordia i dont want that couse the tiger claw is a carrier and only fights with her guns if need be this one is the oposite its a big gun battleship ready to kick ass but it has some capacity for strike craft i would say dramaticly smaller complement then even a small carrier like the tiger claw
    i was thinking of adding som big axial mounted super gun on the ship u know wich has its firing end in the nose some sort electro magneticly acelarated weapon like a rail gun , something to be realy powerfull
    only i dont know much of WC weapons i know the game version concordia had some sort of super weapon wich was flawed and all but was interested in the idea
    oh and question the big guns on the concordia what are they? mass drivers or some sort of plasma weapon like a turbo laser?
  • MephMeph331 Posts: 0Member
    Nice start on the model mate. :thumb: No fear and patience are the keys to modeling, keep at it ;)
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    thx meph

    well a little progress , the main guns hope u like it
  • SPECTRE87SPECTRE870 Posts: 0Member
    You really need to learn about using the faces right, because that model is in serious trouble as it is. (You need to align all faces to the white surfaces)
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    well i dont know what is the difference between white and gray surfaces but if u mean makeing sure to get the edges right well i made sure but i am kinda new to this
  • SPECTRE87SPECTRE870 Posts: 0Member
    Well, if you ever plan to have the model textured then the surfaces needs to be aligned correctly. Otherwise the will be huge holes in your model.
    A polygon is a flat surface, but it has a front and a back. Think of a piece of paper and draw a tree on one side.
    The side with the tree is the front the other saide is the back of the polygon.
    In most softwear you can only see a polygon from the front. They are see-through from the back, and all you see is the frame work sometimes.
    Most softwear will have a simple function to flip the polyigon over so you can see it if it's facing the wrong way. Something like selecting the Poly and hitting the F key for example.
    I hope I helped.

    - Pagrin
  • Tochiro76Tochiro760 Posts: 0Member
    The phase transit cannon is what your thinking about and according to the manual for wing commander 2 pc game, that cannon formed the keel of the entire ship. The gun was fired once at prince thrakhath's battle ship point blank and tolwyn was on the bridge doing the firing. This was all seen in a cut scene of the game, you might search youtube for it under wind commander 2 and see what you get.

    The idea of the word phase was used to explain why fighters could no longer destroy capships in wing commander 2 compared to previous wing commander games. Only bombers with torpedos that could bypass phase shields were able to damage capships and of course other capships with phase cannons could get through shields.

    The way the concordia looked in wc2 pc game it looked more like a battle ship than a carrier and the phase cannon blast just appeared directly in front of the whole ship when fired kind of like it was formed there instead of blasting out of a tube or gun barrel.
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    well small update
    althow i loved the fins i decided to lose em widened the hull a bit where the command tower is and i redesigned the tower as well couse it was way to slim and long
    and made a bit of the ribs on its side hope u like em
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    well small updates
    secondary weapon turrets and the bridge
  • Lee80Lee80193 Posts: 458Member
    Looks pretty good. I have been wanting to model this ship for a while, just couldn't find enough good refs...
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    well been away for a few day , a little update on the command tower and a bit of reshaping on the nose
    ps one question anyone would like to help me and texture it once its done? couse i know nothing about texturing
  • cavebearcavebear179 Posts: 623Member
    I really like the bridge section. Great antenna's :D

    The massive gun in the front looks way too big to me but I haven't looked at any ref pics so it is just a personal opinion.
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    ye well the only ref pics are a few shots from the movie wich isnt much so i designed them the best i could maybe they need redesigning i will look into it they look a bit to massive
  • cavebearcavebear179 Posts: 623Member
    Hmm, I think the ship is actually bigger than you have made it! (That's from looking at the windows) I think you could scale it up and leave the main guns the same size.
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
  • cavebearcavebear179 Posts: 623Member
    Very good update :thumb: The VLM's look good but the hatch covers seem a little small. The greebles along the side is looking good too. I like it very much :)
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    well about the hatch covers i tried to scale them from the movie when they fired a broadside and ppl were seen next to the tube doors
  • cavebearcavebear179 Posts: 623Member
    Callitri, check out here for lots more photo's that show the ships and missile sizes. I see what you mean now about the hatch size.:D
  • FienderFiender0 Posts: 0Member
    Hmm, another ship design whose origins I do not know... :(

    Good work.
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