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3Dtcs concordia (from movie)



  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    thx m8 if u could get me some clear shots of the rapiers as well wana do one for scale
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    m8 its from the wing commander univers and this ship in particular is from the movie wing commander ,if u like space ships and battles its a must see
  • cavebearcavebear179 Posts: 623Member
    I'll get some rapier shots later for you. Glad you liked them.

    Here are some new reference pictures.
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    omg thx m8 finaly some ref pics about the ship other then the movie shots thanks a lot i need to get a hold of this book my self only not easy to order anything from romania:D

    ps the fighterbay i dont think looks like that , these are not tie fighters:) that hangar looks realy star warsish:)
  • cavebearcavebear179 Posts: 623Member
    Glad to help. I remembered I had the book somewhere in storage so I dug around this morning looking for it :)

    If you look here, you will see a Concordia that I am working on that would be more like in the movie. The other one was started based on your first two pictures. I just liked the shape. It really has nothing to do with the movie so I am doing pretty much whatever I like to it...including the Star Wars esque type landing bays :lol:
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    nice m8 funny the pics from the handbook show the concordia haveing some sort of super gun in its forward section yet in the specifications there i no mention of it
    have to redesign the forward section completely now
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    well guys i am back with an update i had loads of irl problems so i had to pause the ship plus i lost a lot of stuff including this section when my pc got burned by a lightning
    so i had to remake this part i dont know how much free time i will have but i do wana finish this ship , any comments or new refrence photos would be apriciated
  • Dr.SleepDr.Sleep0 Posts: 0Member
    Wow! Wing Commander, thats like hundred years since I last saw it! :D Ship is looking pretty good, keep working, man :D
  • callitricallitri331 Posts: 0Member
    well i finaly had time do play around with this ship , so i got some things done , since i am still leanring stuff in google sketch up i had to redo some areas of the ship , the main tower for example or the side panels with the greebles i found the old versions kinda empty so i filled them up a bit , got the main gun finished and most of the ship is finished atm , i think the underside is a bit empty but have no ideas what to put there to change it
    hope u like it

    ps : i am still looking for someone who can texture it because i have 0 experience there
  • cavebearcavebear179 Posts: 623Member
    Wow! It's been a while :) The bridge section has amazing detail. The gun on the far left of looks pretty plain still. Side panel greebles look great too. :thumb: Nice to see this project still going.
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