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3DSolaris Class in Blender 3.4

KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member
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Beginning my first fully Blender build. Found a lot of great tutorials here and on YouTube. The original design is by Michael Alexander and what I am using as a base for her is found here:


I plan on deviating a little from the design, while trying to stay true to it.



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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1803365 Posts: 10,568Member
    It looks like a nice start. :)
  • dcomprimedcomprime192 Posts: 121Member
    Great job bro...very nice.
  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member
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    Thanks... Beginning work on the basic shape I want for the nacelles. Honestly, I am wavering between the ones on the Titan-A and Sagan class Stargazer, or the ones Michael Alexander designed which are more TMP/Lost Era. I have a kitbash I used in a video I made in Blender here that I happen to like:

    I feel the Nacelles will end up determining the era and overall look.
    I am not entirely happy with the results, but It was my first real attempt at something like that.

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  • publiusrpubliusr462 Posts: 1,638Member
    Those look nice.
  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member
    New Nacelles... first attempt.

  • JESJES288 Posts: 160Member
    The thing about the Solaris class is that there is definitely room, and most likely would be a number of marques and upgrades. The above image is likely a typical example of what the class would have looked like at the time the prototype Ambassador was launched. They probably would have been around even during the Dominion War, complete with collimated phaser array and ASRV escape pod upgrades.

    The version with the Sagan-type nacelles would have likely been the last upgrade, a necessity following the desolating destruction of the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in what is now considered the Prime Timeline, and the heavy fleet losses and likely annihilation of many orbital shipyards during the Borg Invasion of 2381 in the First Splinter Timeline, which was considered the Prime Timeline for a long time.

    It's not as though the Excelsior class didn't go through a number of different tranches, and I'd expect post-Constitution designs like the Solaris, smaller than the Excelsior class, and likely a supplement/replacement to the Constitution class, to have an even higher production rate.

    There are likely a number of other smaller Heavy Cruisers like the Renaissance class, but I'm sure that combined, there would be more of these medium-sized cruisers than the Excelsior class in total, due to taking less crew and resources to operate.

    The Solaris class is an odd duck, with her strange spud-shaped secondary hull, and yet there is just something about her unusual appearance that makes her appealing.
  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member
    Love the take on her. I couldn't agree more.
  • Cleric_GCleric_G0 Posts: 1Member
    Beautiful shape looking forward to seeing more
  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member

  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member
    Now... do I do hull Paneling or windows first. I know I still have some things to add, namely phasers, torpedo tubes, shuttle bay, and such, but I don't want to paint myself into the proverbial corner.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1803365 Posts: 10,568Member
    Looking really good. As for paneling or windows, I personally like to do the paneling first. I But, it really depends on the method you're using and how you like to do things.
  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member
    Progress Update! Figured out Paneling for the shield grid, got the Shuttlebay set, and a few more details.

  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member
    What's the best way to do the registry and livery on the hull's surface?
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1803365 Posts: 10,568Member
    Kirtemor wrote: »
    What's the best way to do the registry and livery on the hull's surface?

    There are a few schools of thought here. One that I know @backstept likes is to use the shrinkwrap modifier. Basically, you just model the text and "hover" it over the spot where you want it. Then you add the shrinkwrap modifier (you may have to convert the text to a mesh first, I don't remember) and select the object you're wanting the text over to wrap it to that object. Personally, I have mixed results using that method. I can only sometimes get things to wrap properly. What I usually do is position and hover the text where I want it over the object, convert it to a mesh and then extrude it to where it goes into the object I want the text on. Then I use a booleans modifier set to "intersect." I apply that and then delete what I don't need. I usually make the text itself about 1-2cm thick and I move it away from the object by 1mm. This works well for me, better than the results I've had with shrinkwrap. The third method is to just texture it. Personally, I texture as little as I can, that's why I left that for last.
  • backsteptbackstept1238 Posts: 816Member
    You have to convert to mesh before shrinkwrapping.

    Here's a writeup of my process for shrinkwrapping registries. One thing I didn't mention there, but I'll go back and edit . . . in the object properties on your text mesh, uncheck diffuse, glossy, and shadow under ray visibility. This'll make the text look like it's on the surface instead of floating just above it.
  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member
    Thanks Guys! This information is going to help loads!
  • publiusrpubliusr462 Posts: 1,638Member
    Love that 3/4 view
  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member
    More Progress. Almost to windows and texturing.


  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member
    Almost Complete! just a few more details to add!
  • publiusrpubliusr462 Posts: 1,638Member
    It might be nice to see an original non-Excelsior saucer on that secondary hull.
  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member
    hmmmm... perhaps....
  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member

    Something new I'm working on.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1803365 Posts: 10,568Member
    Nice, I like the shape.
  • Admiral156Admiral156158 Posts: 70Member
    Interesting design, I have seen it before but did not like it. However, I think your model helps bring it to life, your secondary hull and pylons look bulkier and more believable than the original drawings. Lowering the nacelles also makes it look much sleeker. Great job! Looking forward to seeing more.
  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member
  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member
    Just a couple of renders with the Neo-Connie Nacelles. I like the way she looks with them. The Vanguard is all but done at this point. Might get around to the interiors eventually.
  • Admiral156Admiral156158 Posts: 70Member
    Beautiful, looks great with either type of nacelles. You have far surpassed the original design.
  • KirtemorKirtemor399 Posts: 90Member
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1803365 Posts: 10,568Member
    Nice renders. I really like it with those nacelles.
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