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3DVir Inter Astrum Reboot



  • r4mir3zxr4mir3zx331 Posts: 0Member
    r4mir3zx wrote: »
    Hi, I like very much the concept of having 'real' worlds incorporated into this universe.
    Just would like to note that Earth's equatorial diameter is currently ~12756 km.
    Did you mean "equatorial RADIUS of 10800km" for Addledorf? Because that would make a super-earth... :)

    Otherwise, keep on guys, I enjoy this thread.

    Sorry for the double post, I just wanted to edit it... looks like something went wrong...

    I did some calculations (hopefully without errors) and got 4 939.45 kg/m^3 for mean density with the radius of 10800 and surface gravity of 1.52g. 4939 is sligthly below the density of Earth but larger than that of Moon and Mars. See
  • TomboTombo0 Posts: 0Member
    Hi r4mir3zx, I honestly can't remember if I meant to say radius or have a diameter of 18'000km, but since you've been good enough to do the maths (fyi I hate maths :p ) we'll go with a radius of 10'800km, cheers.
  • Coota0Coota0331 Posts: 66Member
    Still dead?
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