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3DStarfleet frigate bridge



  • AresiusAresius359 Posts: 4,171Member
    Interesting. Looks a lot like a modified Intrepid-style bridge, despite your aims to make it more of an Excelsior-type bridge. Or was that exclusely the lighting?
  • seanrseanr1251 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 627Member
    solaremes wrote: »
    Excellent work!

    Are you planning to adjust the color scheme of the LCARS consoles? I think Voyager or First-contact colors would work well here.
    I actually did already for these images - you'll not that there is a lot more blue and green in these. I am not, however, a fan of the First Contact or Voyager schemes, and if anything, I would go much heavier toward a blue/green scheme in line with the Enterprise A's okudagrams.

    So I said no more renders for a bit, but I did kick off two full ones overnight, just nothing new (other than the render quality):
  • NevetsNevets201 EarthPosts: 134Member
    Nice bridge.

    Looks like the centre command area needs a tad more light.

    Is that Commander Shelby? :-)
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