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Computers, new choices opinions etc.

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Well I think my x58 system is on its last legs, lan chip is dead, using a pci card and videos played on the media pc freeze from buffer issues as data drops off. Given every system I have had that had mobo bits fry they always got worse over time.

SO I think I am in the need of a new PC. Well new MOBO CPU and RAM (damned ddr4)

After thinking about it I think I am going to push my existing work pc to server duty and get a new one for the work system. I figure I can stomach win10 on it more than I can on a server.

HDW On the server and current work pc.

Current work pc is a 4770k with, 16gigs ram(old crap ddr3?), RX570 gpu, ssd boot.

the server is:
x58 mobo with a i7 930, and a 770gtx, 6gigs ram, ssd boot.

Software I run
I run 3ds max 2017/19 Premier, aftereffects, vegas, Paint tool SAI, Clipstudio paint, photoshop cs5, PSP7.2, and my wacom suite of crap and the cintiq.

So I guess thread counts matter, GPU compute really means nothing for me. (abandoning Adobe so it really is the only GPU accelerated software I use)

I would like to keep under 500usd but could spend 1000usd if I have to. Really do not want to as I had hoped to get a 4k 32" display to retire my old 24" dells this year. I would retain my RX570 gpu case and other junk. So this would be for RAM MOBO and CPU.

Things I might update: NVME 128~256gig boot drive (barely use 40gigs on boot drive atm)
Things that could be updated if I HAVE TO: PSU & cooler. (eg threadripper wont let me use my old AIO)

Main concerns are AMD wackyness, example with the rx570, I cannot run 3dsmax2013, as all UI overlays are broke. I also have random annoyances on the HDMI and DVI-D ports with the video card. I know AMD cpus have quirks as well but have not found if any relate to software I use. Almost everything I have found is game related only.

I am not really fixed to any one cpu or another atm.

SO amd cpus I am considering:
Threadripper 1920X 280usd
Ryzen 7 3700X 330usd

guess a i7 9700KF? 369usd
I am not really willing to dance in the 500usd price point for just a cpu. 350usd is pushing it.
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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish7987 Posts: 5,057Member
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    Yeah, mobos are WTF pricing.
    Already up to 855usd. could skimp here and there but ram it is a few dollars here and there, boards are a bit harder as you go down so do the IO and options.
    I do have to see what the M.2 affects the pcie slots. I do remember there being some odd ryzen limit to what speeds things go to when you populate all the m.2.

    After a long period of being off and having to redo all the bios on the x58 system it is up and connected via the intel lan. The realtek card I was using on pci caused all soerts of crap streaming reason gig and msi mobos are off the list as they use that crap company. Would think since p4 era they would have fixed their speeds and consistency.
    heading off too see if intel holds to having cheaper mobos for the stuff on them. Likely not as gaming seems to drive this stuff so much that anything with a good list is super overpriced.

    That and RGB everything and all sorts of silly angles on everything.

    Really liked the side mount ports on the top end gig board but sheesh 700usd. NOPE no way not for a mobo.

    Intel build with same ram and same named board is 830. fff and the intel stuff is a bit behind the amd, no pcie 4 not as much usb3.2g2and fewer IO choices all around. So kinda hit or miss. AMD in the benchmarks related to workstation look better and having their SMT or whatever their hyperthreading is vs none on the 9700k

    So yeah ehh. Some things these smear my 4770k (clearly a 7yr old cpu heh. but some of the numbers are in the single digits difference. Almost leaning on maybe getting a el cheapo system bottom scrum to just replace the dodgy system.

    dunno 3900X would bring the total to 1100usd give or take.
    Shocked NVME 3kX3k drives are like 60usd for 250gigs.
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    Each day we draw closer to the end.
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