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3DWeels Class MOD 5, USS Continium / N.C.V. _ 190779

Nell 3DNell 3D375 Posts: 125Member
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I love the episode "relativity" of STVoy, especially the USS relativity. over the years and try many times to create a model of this ship in 3DMax thought about creating some variations to make something more interesting design,. very disappointed to see the online version of the game Star Trek is that I publish this, my version of the Wells class.

Amo el episodio "relatividad" de STVoy, en especial la nave uss relatividad. al pasar los anos e intentar muchas veces de crear un modelo de esta nave en 3dMax pense en crear algunas variantes para hacer el diseno algo mas interesante,. muy decepcionado al ver la version del juego en linea de star trek es que publico esta, mi version de la Wells class.

rag 01.jpg
rag 02.jpg
rag 03.jpg
rag 04.jpg
rag 05.jpg
rag 06.jpg
rag 07.jpg
rag 08.jpg
rag 09.jpg

in the coming days, more images and videos
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  • IRMLIRML250 Posts: 1,993Member
    bit heavy on the distortion, but it looks like a good model from what I can see
  • EnterpraisEnterprais197 Posts: 124Member
    What a beauty!! Very nice future ship!
  • Great job.
    I especially like the hull colors.
  • SnowWolvesSnowWolves1 Posts: 3Member
    Beautiful job !!!

    I am in to process of creating a fan film. We will be filming at Neutral Zone Studio in Kingsland, Ga. when we get everything going. It will obviously be a not for profit venture for us. I am looking for people that may want to be involved. What I need right now is to put together a teaser video. I need a CGI person to work on several scenes, but the first one is of a rift in space, opens up slowly and then a Wells class time ship comes through. It will circle the USS Yorktown. The Yorktown will attempt to evade the smaller, more maneuverable ship with almost no success. The time ship will lower the aft shields and open the bay doors and land inside without permission. I love your ship and was wondering if you could help us in any way? Thanks.
  • SnowWolvesSnowWolves1 Posts: 3Member
    Where can I get the obj or 3d files of this beautiful ship?!?! Would love to talk to you about using it in a fan film...
  • GuerrillaGuerrilla789 HelsinkiPosts: 2,865Administrator
    @SnowWolves welcome to Scifi-Meshes.

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