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3DStar Wars-ish detailed cruiser model



  • StarshipStarship463 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,975Member
    Incredible work. :thumb:
    Congrats on well deserved the header.
  • skynet3020skynet30200 Posts: 0Member
    I think the current detail level is a pretty good balance between detail and poly count for HD resolutions. Looking to weigh about 1-1.2M polys when finished the features are rendered sufficiently small as to look good so long as you aren't trying to fly into the hangars or otherwise get very close to the mesh. That kind of shot would require a closeup model of some subsection of the ship.
    I'm not sure how well it holds up at 4k, though it seems like such displays are rare and will probably stay so for a while.
  • meugen06meugen06334 Posts: 5Member
    The Dark Side is strong in this one.He will build ships for the Empire.
  • spacefighterspacefighter2 Posts: 0Member
    that looks like an awesome model, how do you achieve that much detail. doing all the inside would be amazing aswell. i ought to do something like this.
  • Road WarriorRoad Warrior206 Posts: 813Member
    Been meaning to comment on this wonderfull ship. Great work!:)

    To me she looks like the flagship of some wealthy sector fleet. Something analog to Imperial mainstream.
  • codys87codys870 Posts: 0Member
    Wow ! Nice and impressive work on this beautiful warship.
    Once finished, do you have a name for is Class ? And a size for ?

  • skynet3020skynet30200 Posts: 0Member
    Detailing is a whole lot of small objects scaled and overlapping one another, then clumps of these are placed on the ship and adapted to their position. I have 10 or so primitives I use to create most of the detail. On that note though the file has a very large object count which is starting to strain MAX on my 32-bit system.

    I actually have the ship complete now but it's a real pain to get a rendering in the model's current state. Some cleanup and I can probably get good renderings in a few days.

    The size is approximately 4km. As for class name, perhaps something like majestic or valiant? Or perhaps something more sinister like vengeance or fury (implying it can quickly drain its energy reserves).
  • salsasalsa171 Posts: 0Member
    Noice. I know you said that the model was done for all intents and purposes, but what if you put a couple of missile clusters on the top?
  • skynet3020skynet30200 Posts: 0Member
    I'm working on combining objects and hope to be ready for rigging at the close of the weekend. It's easy to add stuff to the mesh regardless of what stage it's in though. What kind of missile clusters are you thinking about? Anti-fighter missiles would be too small to see on this scale. I could put some anti-ship missiles/torpedoes in but those would probably take the form of a tube (with actual torpedoes stored inside of the hull) to protect them from fighter attacks.
  • skynet3020skynet30200 Posts: 0Member
    I managed to get the file size down to 55MB from 240MB - much easier to handle now. Exact same polygons just grouped differently with modifiers collapsed.
    The final poly count turned out a bit lower than originally predicted - only 770339 (almost entirely quads, a few tris too - no ngons).

    the most recently completed work:

    some other views:



  • mikalamikala176 Posts: 440Member
    Now get it into a proper scene with guns ablaze!
  • McCMcC373 Posts: 704Member
    Exceptionally badass. Outstanding work!
  • AresiusAresius359 Posts: 4,170Member
    Wow, that's massively cool.
  • spacefighterspacefighter2 Posts: 0Member
    saw the latest images. fantastic, but try to put some more details in those large empty spaces, perhaps some turrets or aerials, hangar doors or some bulges, perhaps more windows or a section of deck jutting out of the sloping hull. very good detail on the bridge and turrets.
  • skynet3020skynet30200 Posts: 0Member
    I wanted to go for a Star Destroyer look, primarily large flat planes of armor occasionally interrupted with small bumps, all of which surrounds "cliff dwellings" of detailed areas. I love adding detail but I'm afraid that breaking up the flat areas too much will reduce the ship to a clump of objects that no longer has well-defined lines.

    What I would need to do is reduce the size of the hull panels and then turn some of the larger bumps into recognizable functional pieces, but still small enough that they don't amount to much more than small bumps or slightly raised areas from a distance. Perhaps I'll play with this more once I get a new rig - for now I'm getting close to the limits of my system.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann590 Posts: 1,263Member
    Great googly mooglie.
  • Killjoy01Killjoy01171 Posts: 0Member
    How did you do your hull paneling?
  • skynet3020skynet30200 Posts: 0Member
    paneling was done with cut to hand-draw the lines and extrude to pull up the pieces. Cut does some annoying things though like leaving extra vertices around so there was some cleaning in between these steps. I also varied the extrude height a bit for variety and even left some panels out altogether. It might look a bit better to vary the color from panel to panel as well, maybe with 3 slightly different shades - I haven't experimented with this yet though.
  • SebastianPSebastianP171 Posts: 0Member
    Grats on making the Featured Threads list! This is a very cool-looking ship, though I think the underside looks a little *too* busy with all the terraces in all directions. It's better balanced than a Star Destroyer (which I still don't get why it had no ventral batteries at all), though with this ship, it's hard to tell which part of it you're looking at because it's so busy.

    Not that this is a totally bad thing - and I don't have anywhere near the patience needed to build anything similar. All that greeble *shudder*...

    Anyway, nice ship, hope to see more, maybe something smaller like an escort, perhaps even some fighters to go with it? Good luck!
  • skynet3020skynet30200 Posts: 0Member
    I've been working on a nicer render using the cloud tutorial from this site (adapted to MAX 2008, it's missing some of the features in 2009 but I sort of have it working). I still need to tweak things a bit though.

    As for support ships I did some a while back - not quite as nice but probably worth mentioning.





    Outpost and Frigate:

    I'm working on a video of the mesh as well, no background just some closeups of the geometry - taking a while to render but maybe done in a couple of days.
  • meugen06meugen06334 Posts: 5Member
    Wow just wowwwwwwww.Nice work.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann590 Posts: 1,263Member
    Definitely digging on the outpost and frigate. It sort of looks like Star Trek and Star Wars combined, whihc you know I'm all about.
  • AresiusAresius359 Posts: 4,170Member
    wow, that's amazing!
  • skynet3020skynet30200 Posts: 0Member
    Here's the promised video:

    This gets closer than I intended for normal renders, but shows the geometry up-close.

    It goes all the way up to 1080p.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann590 Posts: 1,263Member
    Wow. Just wow.
  • SanderleeSanderlee1 Posts: 0Member
    There's simply no other word to use:

  • Road WarriorRoad Warrior206 Posts: 813Member
    A rather massive beast to see bearing down on your position.
  • ctbramctbram0 Posts: 0Member
    What modeling package are you using for this? I quickly scanned the thread but did not see it.

    Very nice work.
  • skynet3020skynet30200 Posts: 0Member
    I'm using 3DS MAX 2008.
  • AresiusAresius359 Posts: 4,170Member
    wow, amazing work, I really love it.
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