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3DChildren of Sol WIPs



  • solariesolarie0 Posts: 0Member
    thorGT wrote: »
    Russia, there are a lot of people of this special kind on the forums, who simply *seek out* for everybody else's errors. You'd not believe that, anyway, but they do exist.

    seriously ! I think you are one of em "you are starting to annoy me with you super ego and apparently superior modelling and knowledge of this-"might we see some of your work" to elaborate that you are as good as him or better than him.

    The models are fine not perfect because he is a human and it is impossible to make a 100% error free object for a human in any way.
    and personally I like that the models aren't 100% perfect because it tells me that a human have made it and he/she have a building mood that isn't always the same day out and day in.

    so seriously take a moment and chill out will you.
    if it was a huge error "super big" really ruins the model then it is fine for a good old nitpick on the postings.
    but to start on tiny greble then it is clearly that you are only meddling to trying to be important or pretend to be one.
  • thorGTthorGT0 Posts: 0Member
    Oh please, I will respond only to Dreamwa1ker's comment on this. Seriously. I'm trying to be as polit as I can. Besides, he has personally allowed me to nitpick errors on his works. So it's all perfectly fine. Those are really important issues, you know. They spoil all the impression from the model. So that's basically it. Chao.

    Added later after having read the post carefully: oh yes, and I'm in no way trying to explain I'm beter than him or something. I see *everything*. That's my destiny, if you will. And if you're perfect, as Dreamwa1ker is, you have to care about detail. Seriously. I noticed those things the day I saw his models. Besides, I'm not nearly as good an artist as he is. So all this "who's more cool or let's compare our works" - no, thanks. Don't feed the troll, so no offense if you're not a troll really, but 3d is something that requires a lot of attention to the detail. It really does. Believe me.

    To Dreamwa1ker
    I apologize for a bit of thread hijacking, but I *really* hate PM. It's not fair and noble, I think. Thanks for your attention everybody who has read this bit of squarrel between two old trolls. :)
  • homerpalooza67homerpalooza67226 Posts: 1,891Member
    thor, youre posts - while filled with smilies and emotes - give off the impression of detailed-nitpicking. No artist needs that, some friendly constructive crits are usually fine, it appears that youre taking it a bit far. regardless of whether or not he has given you permission to nitpick his work, its not a good habit to be in, just lighten up a bit and all :p

    @Solarie: Ditto - see Mike Verta (mverta) and his arguments on why R2 has to look like someones 3-year old ran over him with a truck :flippy:
  • colbmistacolbmista0 Posts: 0Member
    yeha seriously why nit pick on every 3d model out there there is always non function greebles they are there to make it look good that is all greebles are used for
  • colbmistacolbmista0 Posts: 0Member
    and plus thos boxes u pointed out dont need detail as they will prob get detailed with texture they are jsut boxes to save polys so the model is actually renderable have you eveer thought about it that way thorgt?
  • thorGTthorGT0 Posts: 0Member
    Quick reply:
    Such an artistically elaborate work deserves and actually requires an equally high level of craftmanship. No placeholder greebles allowed. Will post the rest when return back home.
  • colbmistacolbmista0 Posts: 0Member
    id like to see you make sumthing with this amount od detail thorgt and have it run on a common house hold computer
  • thorGTthorGT0 Posts: 0Member
    Hi colbmista!
    >and have it run on a common house hold computer
    Aha! There we come. A common household computer. I don't know the exact specs and neither am I sure that Dreamwa1ker will disclose that, but I bet it's not a "common household computer". Believe me. His models are already complicated enough, take Lor or Ros, sorry Dreamwa1ker, don't remember the name, with those skeleton or framework constructs, they weigh in a lot. Then, and this is the most common technique used in such cases, there's a thing called "proxies" in 3ds Max, and it does help, though not always, as far as I'm concerned. Then there's layered rendering - ever heard of that? Notice that most of his works, if not all, consist of a large number of objects, which makes both methods absolutely feasible. And to conclude, I'll repeat myself once again:he does not have a conventional machine. Believe me. Well, an i7 with a lot of RAM and even an 8800GT sotmodded into a Quadro (yes, that's possible! and only with an 8800, as far as I'm concerned :) so don't you all rush to replace your old trustworthy G80 if you happen to still have one) would be absolutely enough.

    Ciao :)
  • OzylotOzylot171 Posts: 0Member
    That is a beautiful model! Love it! It's very refreshing to see folks trying to make something original, no doubt doing so brings you much joy. Thanks for sharing with us! Looking forward to seeing this in a scene!
  • SyklonSyklon0 Posts: 0Member
    I have to agree, I think this is one of my favorite concepts of yours so far, second only to the Gyoshi perhaps.

    As to the drama going on above, people just need to remember there's always a trade-off on the level of detail to go to on a model. Personally, I think dreamwalker has a nice balance between enough detail to convey complexity while still being able to crank out awesome ships at an impressive pace. Do I sometimes wonder what a bit of chunky greeble would look like if fully detailed to fractal-esque levels? Sure, but at the same time I'm even more interested in seeing what concept dreamwalker will come up with next.
  • AardwolfAardwolf171 Posts: 0Member
    Dreamwalker did invite Thor to point out errors if he sees 'em.

    And at the risk of being even more off-topic, why's Thor keep spelling dreamwalker's username with a 1?
  • dreamwalkerdreamwalker177 Posts: 189Member
    Yeah, that's pretty much the bottom line. I have literally dozens of concepts to get through, and given work and other commitments, there are only so many hours I can spend on something before I need to move on.

    However I am going to look at the model again however, to fix some of the greebling towards the drive blocks, and add a few more antenna.

    Anyway, here's a little preview of something i'm going to start work on properly in jan... before then however, I'm actually going to do my second EvE online contest entry :O

    For those who didn't see my first...

    @Aardwolf Dreamwa1ker's my DA handle.
  • AeriesAeries0 Posts: 0Member
    Anyway, here's a little preview of something i'm going to start work on properly in jan... before then however, I'm actually going to do my second EvE online contest entry :O

    It's the ENTERPRISE!? Or maybe something akin to the Dauntless... :3

    I love this latest ship of yours dude. The design is really interesting and flows quite well while maintaining a sort of... industrial feel? I like it. Good stuff. :]
  • thorGTthorGT0 Posts: 0Member
    Phew..... I've always thought your name had an "1" in it on SFM. /me is getting old it seems.

    Aardwolf, big thanks :) You're, like, the only person here in this thread who actually has taken time to read it all carefully :)
    Now Dreamwa1ker, if you really do all of those concepts in the tree, then you're a hero no less. I guess the amount of work is comparable to that of AK and RC of Relic? Well, they were two or even three, you're alone here against all the technology tree. How do you not get lost in it? Guess every type of ship, corporation and house must bear some distinctive features in design, so that we can easily tell what it is.

    Take a look here for the antennas and the like:
    Russian, but still, the photos are there at the bottom. Pretty high-res. Mind you, I was not asking you to add more antennas, but rather to detail that one and only one ;)
  • dreamwalkerdreamwalker177 Posts: 189Member
    Model with texture (without super sampling), several mesh modifications and hdri - full view recommended.

  • OzylotOzylot171 Posts: 0Member
    Very very cool!!
  • somacruz145somacruz1450 Posts: 0Member
    This is ... dreamwalker good :D Your modeling is amazing as always, but the textures really top it off ! The shiny parts are particulary interesting. Your thread is always a pleasure to look into :thumb:
  • dreamwalkerdreamwalker177 Posts: 189Member

    I return, this time to work on the 'escape pod' like unit within a starfighter that is a ship in of it's self.
    Original Concept


    Any thoughts on the concept? Still a WIP, 20 hours in so far... (been working slowly...)
  • dwldwl0 Posts: 0Member
    Initial impressions are of a vessel that's much larger than the scale suggests. Perhaps up-sizing some of the details might help to establish a visual scale relative to your other work. I quite like the slender tail/drive section..... ( ? top half of the drawing ) with the gentle bulge at the end. The mesh seems a bit heavier in this area.

    Its a good concept and clearly fits into CoS, and I like your design style so I'm sure it will turn out great regardless :)
  • HaturodHaturod0 Posts: 0Member
    Looks like the thing could pierce armor and maybe grapple on to a bigger ship as a one man insertion pod from wing commander IV :)

    I like it :) who says all life pods look like bulky cubes :)
  • dreamwalkerdreamwalker177 Posts: 189Member
    Thanks for the comments guys..

    Tried to follow advise about the scale of things...

    More updates...

  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    hey cool, one of the most awesomest threads on sfm returns with a vengence :) it really doesn't look like what one would expect of a lifepod, which is great imo
  • dreamwalkerdreamwalker177 Posts: 189Member
    Thanks for the comments so far...

    Modelling completed, now onto the next phase...
  • HaturodHaturod0 Posts: 0Member
    Very nice :)

    *Shamless Jealousy!!*
  • dwldwl0 Posts: 0Member
    Nice :)
  • dreamwalkerdreamwalker177 Posts: 189Member
    A wild remake emerges...
  • dreamwalkerdreamwalker177 Posts: 189Member

  • dreamwalkerdreamwalker177 Posts: 189Member
  • AresiusAresius347 Posts: 4,145Member
    welcome back, looks great.
  • YggYgg0 Posts: 0Member
    amazing designs, its like taking homeworld to the next level, really amazing work, how big is this thing? some figures or size relations would be nice
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