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3DNear future mecha universe wips



  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Ow man, cool guns!
  • Lee80Lee80192 Posts: 458Member
    hehe gunz...:D

    nice work :thumb:
  • FreakFreak679 Posts: 3,851Member
    very nice Guns
  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    thanks guys. Small update for today, mostly joints. I'm actually having a lot of trouble with any sort of greebles for the legs. Mechs I've tried doing before I did stupid greebles that are just there and look cool, and this time I'm trying to have stuff that actually looks like something (gotta get an education in engineering/robotics, lol) and I just don't see what except for armour you would put on legs. I've been unsuccessfully trying to come up with a system for a "high speed movement" mode but its really not working out. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • QuiarcusQuiarcus0 Posts: 0Member
    Looking good so far Berkut. As for leg nurnies, not sure - perhaps some small actuators and hydraulics, though I imagine most of the delicates would be covered with armour...chances are you wouldn't have ANY nurnies on the legs to be honest. As for high speed movement, how about taking a leaf from Heavy Gears system and putting some wheels and/or tracks on the feet that can be lowered into place. Sounds weird I know but it worked for Pod 9
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    True, I always though that was a pretty ingenious sytem for mechs. Basically, there's a set of wheels or threads in every foot. To engage it the Mech squats down a bit, deploys the wheels and off it goes!
  • chronochrono0 Posts: 1Member
    Well depending on the type of movement system that you put in will pigeon-hole the mech, especially if it's integrated into the mech. It would be better as an attachment or just leave it "as-is".

    Wheels & Balls - flat surfaces
    Tracks - Heavy & multi-terrain
    Jet packs & Hover - multi-terrain+ & water
  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks for the input fellas. Basically thats what I've been trying to come up with, just having difficulty incorporating it into this design. I'll keep trying. In the meantime some minor things changed and decided instead of a mortar why not have rocket artillery:
  • docpricedocprice0 Posts: 0Member
    *edit... Judgeing by the cockpit diagram i would say that a person standing next this machine would be some where around mid Shin level? Post a size comparison when you get a chance.


    Love the rockets.

    I like the one at the top of this page, it has the over all versitility of a main line unit.

    @Berkut... put this in Autocad and sell it to some government percurement office. lol.

    As for a fast movement system I would wait for that upgrade as your understanding of robotics and engineereing grows so will your designs. Since your story line is in near future I would leave it out. thats what other wheeled vehicals are for. for now i would leave max speed around 30-35mph/ 48-56kph.

    Also just some food for thought, think about a limited articulated hip joint system for limited side stepping applications. As for controll i would make a it a passive thing for the computer AI to monitor and adjust accordingly I.E. the new Passive thrust vectoring system implemented in the F-22 Raptor. It is passively controlled by the Raptor AI and applied as needed and the pilot has no idea when its happening.
  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    its smaller, a person is about knee height, I had a comparison somewhere at the beginning of the thread.

    lol, I was kidding about about engineering, I wish. It can side step, both hip and ankle connections are ball joints. Yeah the controls are realistic (no neural interfaces) but largely the computer helps the pilot out a lot, same as controlling a mech in like MechWarrior or ArmoredCore games, most movement is conducted by keyboard/joysticks while aiming is conducted by the helmet (the currently selected weapons aim straight in the middle of where you look). Although it is near future I want these things to still be impressive displays on the battlefield, not just a walking tank, its meant to be a shock troop that can cut through enemy lines with ease and finish the battle quickly, thats why I wanted some speed.
  • docpricedocprice0 Posts: 0Member
    here is an idea

    Take the jump jet idea. Angle the engine exhaust port ar a more horizontal angle, add in thrust vectoring nozzles. Keep in mind, this is not for sustained flights or short jumps, but assisted burst of speed for running.

    The engines fire to assist with running speed so that there is less stress on the servo motors for the legs. the thrust vectoring comes in for terrian tracking so you have a constant level angle of thrust despite your terrain(referance M1A1 Abrams barrel track system). This is for limited distance. 80-100 kph for about 250-300 meters burst. They dont have to be huge engines since the primary motor for the movent is the main Servo motor, These secondary jet engine can be small and are only intended for assisted running.

    What do you think about that.
  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    I thought about that before, but I was wondering if it would have difficulty keeping its footing with such an extreme burst of acceleration/speed (I think with jet engines it would be going a hell of a lot more than 80 kph). I may just leave this design as is, relying on its powerful main engine for speed. And possibly incorporate some high speed systems into future designs, considering it from the start rather than an afterthought like it ended up here.
  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    soooo yeah, I kinda ended up doing the high speed mode anyways, heh. In walking mode the rear ball/wheel is locked in place. In driving mode the front toe is lifted a bit while the front ball is lowered. Both front and rear balls have 360 degree rotation so the unit can drive in any direction. The only downside being that a relatively flat/hard surface is required to drive. I'll prolly add speed assist jet engines tomorrow (for some reason when I think of that I keep remembering the coyote on rollerskates with jet engines in those roadrunner cartoons).
  • Mach CritMach Crit0 Posts: 0Member
    I really like the progress on this. The coil guns and artillery pack are most impressive. I think the legs are detailed enough. As far as greebles go, the only thing I could think to put on them aside from armor attach points would be vents and/or heatsinks in less exposed places and some sort of maintenance attach points. Tanks and other armored vehicles have these hooks and loops about them for attaching tools and supplies (although I don't see the bagged groceries type stuff on a mech). Some attach points are welded on for depot maintenance (how else do you move a leg from one part of the shop to another?). There might also be some small access ports for hydraulics and maintenance access.

    The wheels in Heavy gear always felt so silly to me. It looked like the kid at the mall with the roller heel shoes. Plus, it wouldn't work on any soft surface unless the wheels were huge by comparison (rollers without tracks? 5 or more inline but wide).

    It might be interesting to work up some spring action assist to the legs for some kind of jack rabbit distance hopping. I am thinking a capacitor charged heavy actuator that works on the hip/thigh joint and sends something to the toes. You would get a couple of good bounces for a short (say 1-3Km?) burst at a higher rate of speed. The coil packs would have to recharge and their use under heavy fire might be limited when using the coil gun (which would have a bad affect on accuracy anyway...) It might take 1 or 2 minutes to recharge the packs between jumps. This isn't for height, but for distance. Kind of the "7 league boots" .

    As far as a hot drop, the rocket assist landing would be external one shot pods that drop off when the mech flexes its legs on landing. They would be installed in the drop carrier.
  • docpricedocprice0 Posts: 0Member
    The Heavy Gear system for High speed movement is nice in theroy i didnt like the execution of it. Im more in favor for the energized spring fireing system for short distance speed runs. Then as your story line progresses and battle field data comes back you can rethink for new version. Gen 2,3,4, and so on. lol you can even take this story line to a "first contact scenario" Theese machines can be the saveing grace for the human race or you make friends with the ET's and they show you how to make them better.

    OOOOOO the possiblitys are astounding. lol.
  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    thanks for the replies guys

    @Mach Crit, yeah basically the wheels are only for roads. Its just more of a fast way to move the unit around same as modern tanks/apcs still generally move around on roads, and go through crappy terrain only if they have to or for combat. They can also be used in city terrain very effectively. Thanks for the ideas on greebles.

    @docprice, yeah this is a generation 2 unit of the EU. Basically I will have different types of experimental technologies for all the alliances. (That is if I manage to start finishing wips).
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Berkut wrote: »
    (for some reason when I think of that I keep remembering the coyote on rollerskates with jet engines in those roadrunner cartoons).

    LOL, yeah, but this one looks like he might actually hit something :D

    Good job on the meachanics there mate :thumb:
  • docpricedocprice0 Posts: 0Member

    Electromagnetic Mass Driver. PEW PEW LAZORZ.
  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    @Meph, thanks. Yeah lets hope so, lol.

    @docprice, huh? Isn't a coil gun technically an electromagnetic mass driver?
  • docpricedocprice0 Posts: 0Member
    NO you imbascial. lol idk i would have to read up on it.
  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    dude chill, whats with the attitude
  • docpricedocprice0 Posts: 0Member
    docprice wrote: »
    NO you imbascial. lol idk i would have to read up on it.

    I would like for you to take notice at the "lol" at the end of imbascial. It is in referance to me saying it with comical intentions.

    But if I offended i am sorry.
  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    Very small update today, did the basic acceleration jets. I'm also considering doing a booster module. Calculated the height too, from bottom of feet to top hardpoints (with no weapon modules installed) the mech stands at 9.5m tall.
  • docpricedocprice0 Posts: 0Member
    ^ what happend to the second toe on each foot....
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Oh! Good point. It looks like he's been toe-a-cided :eek:

    If you did it to enable the ball wheels to be inline, you could always have two front toes that come together if he's going over into 'ball-mode'
  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    heh, I decided to remove it, I think it really doesn't fit the design and besides there really isn't that much of a point to it apart from giving a little bit more surface to stand on (thought about it, unless the mech plans to jump on one foot, it doesn't really need that much side stability on each separate foot). Also yeah, it's problematic for the driving mode.
  • docpricedocprice0 Posts: 0Member
    seems alittle too unbalanced now. thats my take.
  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    Played around a bit with the texture for the chest plate. I will add the weathering/dirt after the whole unit is finished so its consistent. Also please keep in mind I'm very new to texturing so a lot of experimentation here.
  • kborakkborak1 Posts: 0Member
    I like how the texture is coming. This thing is just sharp, getting rid of the other toe, I think gave it a more Ninja look!
  • FreakFreak679 Posts: 3,851Member
    coming alone nice, I know it a bit late. but those guns still look a bit on the slim side, comparied to the rest of it.
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