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3DNear future mecha universe wips



  • StonecoldStonecold171 Posts: 0Member
    Long time no see. I like the design so far, but isn`t it leaned backward too much?
  • FreakFreak820 Posts: 4,004Member
    Nice update.
  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    thanks guys.

    The more I look at it the more I hate the shape of the "arms". I will probably redo them.

    @Stonecold, It may look a tad off balance atm because it's missing the fairly long magnetic rifles that will be at the end of the "shoulders"
  • StonecoldStonecold171 Posts: 0Member
    Well, guess, we will see this when the design will be more acomplished.
  • liam887liam887241 ViperPosts: 564Member
    looking good, best thing about going away for so long is all the new brilliant stuff when you get back!
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