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Compiling plugins....

F9thCenturusF9thCenturus331 Posts: 5Member
Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Admins, if this post is in the wrong section, please delete and inbox me as to where I should post this.

I used to be fairly active years ago in model making and kitbashing, especially for the SFC games. Life got in the way and I haven't slung any polygons or verts in roughly 12 years. I'm trying to relearn from scratch.

Anyway, I was wondering if someone around these forums knows how to compile plugins for 3D Studio Max. I have the source code. The plugins are for the old SFC games, so these plugins would be importers and exporters for .mod files.

Like I said, I have the source code. However, I don't have the skills necessary to compile the plugins myself. In addition to getting back into making models, I'd like to finish up some ships I still have incomplete for the game. I was surprised when I heard there's still a small demand for new models.

I'd like to be able to directly import and export SFC ships into newer versions of Max. I have Max 9 and Max 2015. Max 5 will not work in Windows 10.

If anyone can compile the plugins, or knows someone who can, please feel free to message me.

Thanks in advanced.
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  • count23count23361 Posts: 781Member
    you might be better asking this on the discord than here. They'll have more technically adept people able to respond quicker than a forum post.
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