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3DRenoir class cruiser, 28th Century

mishasiegfriedmishasiegfried144 Posts: 58Member
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Was fooling around with sub-surface division and got an idea to explore organic form and lines in starship design. This is a rough sketch version, with basic shapes blocked out and some placeholders inserted to work through. I'm trying to figure out a way to add details and such without sacrificing the ultra-futuristic vibe. I drew some inspiration from the Enterprise-J from "Enterprise" as well as some Italian sports car designs, as well as birds. It's a little off the wall, but I figured that with Disco going to the 32nd century, there is a large enough gap inbetween TNG-era and Disco that some new crazy starship shapes and ideas could do with some exploring. aotzbwfddhjc.png
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  • publiusrpubliusr371 Posts: 1,512Member
    I ADORE that aft 3/4 shot.

    Rakish to the max!
  • mishasiegfriedmishasiegfried144 Posts: 58Member
    So, I did some more research, looking at Disco's various 32nd century ships, as well as looking at more concept cars from the Italians and the Japanese. I dropped some of the organic curves in favor of a more angular approach and an ass-load of booleans (like they're going out of style!). Again, a lot of roughing in of shapes and some general material work to help me get my bearings. This also afforded me the opportunity to experiment with the detatched nacelles. For the next step, I might try some iteration of both ideas combined together some how.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann418 Posts: 1,146Member
    That's cool! I like the idea of bringing in some car style into the ship design, always felt like something that's been underutilized. Personally I find myself looking at the venting and lights, that could be useful for a detached ship like this. Having shared iconography or parts between them like that might help the design feel a bit more unified.

    But I have to say, I REALLY like the top ship, that looks gorgeous. Now that's a sports car looking ship, Tom Paris would have loved it.

  • Ael'sAel's77 FrancePosts: 66Member
    Greetings, that's an interesting design for sure.
    I'm also happy to see someone else trying 32nd Century style.
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