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The Expanse

FreakFreak989 Posts: 4,235Member
edited October 15 in General Discussion #1

I just finished watching the fourth season of this great show and I loved every minute of it.
The only complaint I have with it, is that Amazon dropped it all in one go.

Binging is great and all, but a show like this that cost so much to make, should not be dropped in one go.
Reason I say this is that, the show was dropped a week ago and no one is talking about it. There are a could of channel on YouTube I watch that would normal put out about two to three show a week talking out and reviewing each episode.
But with the binging model, they can't do it as everyone is binging it. So by the time they have made their video, no one is talking about it.
Amazon should have realised this show weekly like Disney does with The Mandalorian, people would still be talking about it.

Enough with about that.

Anyway, if you have not seen The Expanse I recommend you do, it is one if not the Best Sci-fi shows on at the moments.
It is set a few hundred years from now. Mankind has started to colonise the Sol System but does not yet have Faster than light travels so are still stuck in our star System.

There are three different factions all looking after their own interests.
The UN, which is Earth and Lunar.
Martians: Mars who has gained independence from Earth. They are terraforming the planet so that they can leave the dooms behind and have Mars Earth like. But this will take over a hundred years to complete. As Mars has some of the best scientist known to mankind, it is also the most advanced in space travel and Military might.
Finally you have the Belter: These are Humans that live and work on asteroids and the moons of Jupiter. Almost all of them have never lived on the core worlds (Earth and Mars). They mine ice and minerals from the asteroids and moons to be sent back to the core planet. They are not citizens of Earth or Mars, but works for big corporations from those worlds and want their own independence.

The first season follows James Holden (Steven Strait) who is the executive officer of an ice hauler The Canterbury. Along with a few crewmates, Holden board a ship requesting help, while abound this they witness The Canterbury being destroyed. This throws them into a mystery that they must solve.
At the same time a Ceres police detective Josephus Miller (Thomas Jane) is sent to find a missing young woman, Julie Mao (Florence Faivre).
Unknown to Miller his case will lead him to the same mystery Holden is trying to solve.

The science for the show is spot on when it comes to Space. The ships do not have gravity plating like you see in Trek or Wars, so it all in Zero G.
There is limited gravity but this is caused by the accelerations and decelerations of the ships. To get around the ship easier, the crew where Magnetic boots.

The show is base on books by James S. A. Corey, with each season being based on one book, though they have mixed things from the following books. So season 1 is a mix of Books 1 (Leviathan Wakes) and Book 2 (Caliban's War).
I have not yet read the books but will be soon as I got the first six book recently.

With that said, if you have not seen The Expanse go and see it now, you will not regret it.
Me Personally, can't wait until season five which is currently in production.
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  • kadenkaden617 JapanPosts: 184Member
    One of my favourite shows and universes at the moment. I have read all the books so far and it is great. It is set up to be 3 trilogies, so Book 4 is the start of the second one. The last trilogy takes a bit of a departure from the usual stuff but it is still great. I am looking forward to see how they will handle the last parts if they get there in the show.

    I also can recommend the show, stick with it if you are watching it from the start. It does start slow but you will be drawn in.

  • FreakFreak989 Posts: 4,235Member
    yeah the first season is a little slow, but they are building a Universe so it make sense.
    But once the story really starts moving it great.

    I am currently half way though the first book and loving it.
    It interesting to see what they changed for the show. I understand the Earth Storyline was lifted from Book Two and put into the first season.
    (Yeah I know adaptation of books always changed when put to screen.) But it also surprising that these changes are not really major. Just small things.
  • kadenkaden617 JapanPosts: 184Member
    Some of the characters are merged together and then new ones are created in the show, but that's ok because the shows characters are pretty great.
    Yeah mostly Avasarala, she was introduced in book 2. Even season 4 has some things from book 5 and Gods of Risk. Book 4 was pretty much all on the planet.

    It is cool getting all the background stuff from the books too.
  • FreakFreak989 Posts: 4,235Member
    I finished the first book and love every moment of it.

    I am currently over half way though the Second Book. A lot more changes here for the TV show.
    But I understand why they made those changes.

    If you have not read the books I suggest that you do!
  • sorceress21sorceress21259 Posts: 562Member
    edited February 4 #6
    It is really a fantastic show, by far the best TV Scifi out there right now..My only complaint is Season 4 was like one long single episode. There wasn't a lot of movement and multiple other central plot associated tangents going on like the first 3 seasons. That being said its a minor complaint. The production design and cinematography is beautiful and the acting very well done. It's been renewed for at least two more seasons..Hope it's not two years till Season 5.
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  • FreakFreak989 Posts: 4,235Member
    I just started Reading Book 4, So I will see why season 4 is not as fast pace and have multiple plots points like the other seasons.

    While I love season 3, After reading book 3 (Second half of the season cover this book.) I can see why they did the changes they made for the show.
    Still a dam good read though.
  • FreakFreak989 Posts: 4,235Member
    edited October 15 #8
    For fans of the Expanse here is the trailer to season 5.
    The Show is set to premier on the 16 of December.

    Rumour has it that Amazon will not be dropping all episode in one go like they did with season 4, But releasing them weekly.
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  • kadenkaden617 JapanPosts: 184Member
    Yup 3 eps first up then one per week like the boys.
    Looking forward to it, book5 was a good one and sounds like season 5 will be too.
  • markmasseymarkmassey262 Posts: 396Member
    Hurray something to look forward to..... long but juicy trailer :) It's going to be a jam packed season, i'm glad they left out "some" set pieces in the trailer.... cant wait to see more amos this season.. Time to re watch the season 1-4 i think...
  • FreakFreak989 Posts: 4,235Member
    @kaden, yeah book 5 was good. I am now currently reading book 7.
    It will be interesting to see how they do the 30 years jump in the TV show if they get to.

    @markmassey. any excuse to go back and rewatch season 1 to 4 again. ;)
  • markmasseymarkmassey262 Posts: 396Member
    give jim some gray hair stick him in a fat suit.... sorted :)
  • kadenkaden617 JapanPosts: 184Member
    @Freak Yeah, I'm thinking they might just continue with only a small time skip. Save on the makeup lol
  • sorceress21sorceress21259 Posts: 562Member
    Looks like S5 will have a bit more movement then S4 did. I thought S4 was slightly disappointing. Don't get me wrong, it was still quite good but I felt the trailer hyped it up. The story got stuck on that planet and got a little boring.
  • FreakFreak989 Posts: 4,235Member
    Yeah Season 4 was a bit of a slow burner, but then so was the book.
    If Season 5 is going to be anything like the book it should be like the first two seasons.
    Really looking forward to Amos story on Earth. That was really interesting in the book and you learnt a lot about his history before leaving Earth.
  • markmasseymarkmassey262 Posts: 396Member
    i loved the slower pace of season 4.. was it season 3 that took a handbrake turn mid season?? that was quite jarring.. i wondered if the planet bound story would let it down in some way but i think its been one of my favorite seasons.. always good to see miller as a bonus.. and it felt like the characters got to breathe a little more, it was a much simpler web of stories to thread together.. i hope we get some good long scenes with amos this season.. this is kind of his time to shine.. he steals the scenes most of the time so i'm looking forward to see how he does carrying a big chunk of the story... and i'm sure we'll get some good character development... along side the running for their lives haha i still find myself morning miller tho... i wish he was still alive..
  • FreakFreak989 Posts: 4,235Member
    Yeah I liked Miller, shame we won't get to see more of Thomas Jane.
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