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3DWarp Fighter and other ships



  • kadenkaden645 JapanPosts: 202Member

    no lcars yet, just a place holder to see how it would kinda look. The bar in the middle will have some actual buttons, and the main screen split into 3 sections.
  • kadenkaden645 JapanPosts: 202Member
    Ok last one for a while. I still have to fix the uvs a little for for the screen.
  • japetusjapetus1224 SeattlePosts: 1,113Member
    Super awesome, and love the cockpit too
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1487 CaliforniaPosts: 1,856Member
    Oh YEAH baby! =) :+1:
  • kadenkaden645 JapanPosts: 202Member

    Got the uvs where I want them, I just used the engineering lcars I made earlier and cut it up into the rough placements of things. Had some wayward bevels on the consoles that made those lines around the edge of the display, so have fixed that.

  • RekkertRekkert2289 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 2,098Member
    Looking great! Will you be including some analogue controls, or just LCARS? :)
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  • kadenkaden645 JapanPosts: 202Member
    Rekkert wrote: »
    Looking great! Will you be including some analogue controls, or just LCARS? :)

    Oh yeah, absolutely, there is more to build for the inside, Joystick and throttle controls on side arm rests, a side panel isolinear chip panel thingy as a cable junction, oh and foot rudder pedals.
    I plan to have some other LCARS or buttons in places around the cockpit for opening the canopy, or emergency actions.

    The last few months have been quite busy for work and trying to get ideas that would work for it has slowed me down, but in the last week it has come together quite nicely.
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1487 CaliforniaPosts: 1,856Member
    You must have drawn the LCARS versions (top and front) of your fighter yourself. It fits right in with the rest. Top notch buddy.
  • kadenkaden645 JapanPosts: 202Member
    Yup I did those on the engineering panel LCARS so I just copied it over. I will be remaking it later, at the moment it is just to test the panel.

    Just a quick render.
  • markmasseymarkmassey393 StaffordshirePosts: 521Member
    i'm going to start by saying that i really don't like small attack craft in star trek..

    That being said i can put that aside and say that this is a really cool looking ship really aggressive looking but sleek and elegant..

    I can't really add anything i'd just be heaping praise on you or repeating what other people have said.. i think your cockpit could do with those comfy looking con and ops style seats.. last thing you'd expect when you open the canopy on this beauty is a super plush luxurious cockpit though i know..

    Great work..
  • count23count23261 Posts: 681Member
    A "warp fighter" to me doesn't seem so much like a combat fighter but more like a fast interceptor for border patrol, customs inspections, checking a cloak detector type craft.

    I like the design, feels like it'd be something that's be part of the compliment of ships on an Akira or Prometheus class ship.

    Might i suggest however the cockpit contols should be more flight-control focused, right now it looks like you'd basically be a gamer using WASD to flight it ;)

    The Type 7 shuttle has some really well planned out "flight control" touchpad layouts.
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  • kadenkaden645 JapanPosts: 202Member
    Yeah that is basically what it is, long range patrol, recon. for situations where there isn't enough ships. You have a base station or ship in an area and send these off rather than big ships full of crew.
    Fighters work for Star Wars but not so much for Trek, so they wouldn't be used in the same way of course.

    The LCARS there now are just a test for the sizes.
    I basically pulled apart my engineering panel and pasted parts around. each side of that lower area will have the touchpad circle things. The main input is the flight stick, throttle and pedals. I haven't finished making them yet.

    This is just a test.

  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801843 Posts: 9,995Member
    The flight stick looks good. Though, it its an atypical type of control for Star Trek. That's not to say they're not used, they're just more rare. (ignoring the "Riker maneuver" here)

    In TOS, they actually maneuvered at warp in combat, but that was mainly dropped for the movies and later shows. It came up again in the episode "Peak Performance," but that was a rare exception rather than a rule. Then of course there was the Picard Maneuver, but that wasn't a typical strategy, hence it being named after him.
  • Adam WarnockAdam Warnock65 Posts: 102Member
    edited July 2020 #195
    That stick looks good. Can't wait to see you add the details.

    As for the LCARS, I think you might want to look at some airplane cockpits and control panels to get an idea of what to add. Here's a clip where someone building a custom cub is showing off his avionics panels.
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  • kadenkaden645 JapanPosts: 202Member
    edited July 2020 #196
    Thanks, the bottom parts are mostly done, just a few cuts and grip details to add, then a little shape adjustment for the top. I might have a look around for different heads too.
    Nice, yeah I have xplane11 and the tbm900 for it, I was going to get ideas from that because there isn't many buttons and dials on that plane, most of the stuff is on the garmin panels.

    And just an update on the glowy parts, still messing with them a little though.
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  • FreakFreak1073 Posts: 4,345Member
    Really Loving the work on the Cockpit!
  • kadenkaden645 JapanPosts: 202Member
    Finished the joystick, the box it is sitting on will change. Now on to the throttle.
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1487 CaliforniaPosts: 1,856Member
    Yeah I'd fly it. :+1:
  • japetusjapetus1224 SeattlePosts: 1,113Member
    Looks awesome! I want to see this baby battling some Maquis or something. PEW PEW!!
  • kadenkaden645 JapanPosts: 202Member
    Getting there, a little slow because of the heat here at the moment. I was hoping to have more done by now :(
  • kadenkaden645 JapanPosts: 202Member
    edited August 2020 #202
    Still working on it, I will thin out the buttons border frame similar to the previous picture, it is a little hard to get the scale looking just right.
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  • kadenkaden645 JapanPosts: 202Member
    edited August 2020 #203
    Started on the extra details around the controls.
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  • seanrseanr766 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 470Member
    Looking great so far.
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1487 CaliforniaPosts: 1,856Member
    Neat Graphic.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801843 Posts: 9,995Member
    Definitely liking the cockpit details. I like the mix of Star Trek style LCARs and traditional HOTAS flight controls.
  • kadenkaden645 JapanPosts: 202Member
    Isolinear chips are in, starting on some switches and the chair.
  • srspicersrspicer257 Posts: 215Member
    Cockpit looking good so far. That cockpit is large enough for a two-seater, wild weasel version.
  • FreakFreak1073 Posts: 4,345Member
    Loving this Cockpit!
  • kadenkaden645 JapanPosts: 202Member
    edited September 2020 #210
    I took a break from the fighter and blocked out a few of my ships over the weekend. I am planning to make them all pretty at some stage. Need to practice my texturing and workflow mainly.

    Ships are from left an Engineering/supply ship. I want to add yellow striping to the hull like on Lower decks to represent that.
    Ivalice Class, my small patrol ship.
    and last a carrier, it kind of has a through deck, the back bay would join to the front with lifts mainly.


    I will change the thread name so it isn't only the fighter.

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  • seanrseanr766 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 470Member
    Think you meant "through", not "threw"? Looks great. ;)
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