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Stargate Kawoosh

Mr. WildeMr. Wilde175 Posts: 21Member
edited June 11 in Finished Work #1
After years of on and off tweaking, I finalized the Kawoosh animation. It's all done in LightWave 2018 using a complex nodal displacement setup, with some post processing in After Effects.

It's the very same principle as in the breakdown video I did years ago. The secret lies in tweaking the displacement until it looks and animates like a water surface. The rest is created by reflections of a proper background image, and a luminous surface behind the event horizon.

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  • FreakFreak456 Posts: 3,468Member
    Very nice.
  • NutsyNutsy1 Posts: 13Member
    Ah kawoosh I remember you....
    Very nicely done :)

    Your wormhole also is spectacular...
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg410 CaliforniaPosts: 942Member
    I'm blown away. I wish I could do that.
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