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AnimationTest Fire-Cylon Proving Grounds

RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
edited October 2015 in Work in Progress #1
First clip was done a few years ago.2nd clip is currently.

Notes and thoughts:

Was trying to think of doing the blasters/lasers differently...

('1. Energy weapon would not actually be visible.
('2. Likewise with the Viper would not actually launch from a bright tube into dark space in a combat capacity in any

way.But..people like it that way it seems.

-thought of trying out with Parallel Spot Lights as an actual Beam of Light from an Actual LASER.
Pulsing rapidly possibly.

-Thought of using a stetched(animated) poly(s)..similar to what I did in the Boston Spaceship video with the trail effects.

-Don't care for the bullets...Projectiles as space weapons could only hit a slow target unaware its being fired on.imho.

-Laser Bolts similar to what I have done..Using any way I can think of in C4d.

-Paticular Trails using AE import of C4d...have only done this successfully once really...So am working on a test to tinker and

test in AE with C4d.aec project file imported to AE (See New Users ? thread)....wished I knew more on AE...but I like C4d. it is

what I have learned on.

Currently am working with a Sweep Nurb with a Ring and Tracer.
--Have spent apppx 3 hrs trying to get the mats and the glow to work like they will in the video.
--a lot of that was figuring out what worked with what and how..etc...

('1 thing I learned..the Material Glow Channel in the Materials is almost meaningless to my use does not need to be on

for the Post Glow to work.
And getting all the settings in the post glow to work with the material was tedious
Using the help file system ( Rt clk item-show help) determined.
Eventually I came to an agreement with all the parameters and their interaction.

Added this same process to the Wing Tips of the Raider TOS ( by David Kerin) and new mats been working on for the mesh.
( am learning to do the mats thing now I guess....:D )

Did a lil bit of messing with the Sound Byte of the Cylon TOS Raider.

Curious if any one has any thoughts or ideas?

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  • RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
    Some more animation...slightly longer trails.


    Have another Raider in this I think I was re-skining to a Light Look.....ya know..Dark Side/Light Side kinda thing...
    did it with a couple Vipers
    I may not have been done messing with so many scenes and projects goin and the rendering is bogging it down
    actually.,,but it will catch up...:D
    See video details for more info
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